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  1. I think you may have taken this slightly the wrong way - when I say lack of nurture, I mean simply through direct parent/child contact. A large proportion of kids at that nursery were there from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Quite a few parents had asked the owner to open on a Saturday morning! Great for the child's interpersonal skills, but not so good for the problems highlighted in the initial few posts. Also bear in mind that child care is a minimum wage shithouse of a job, my girlfriends colleagues were the type that I struggled to believe could provide intellectual stimulation for a child, nevermind an adult. Or to put it simply - the kind of bad parenting that manefests itself in mental illness (depression, self-harm, eating disorders etc. etc.) rather than a healthy bit of ram raiding or scrumping for cars. Excuse the extreme exageration there but it's all I could think of to separate the two
  2. Wow, wish I'd managed to find an apprenticeship when I finished school! I'm 26, Transport Planner (Engineering Consultancy), £23k, living with single parent (inter generational batchelor pad ), single. Can only afford rough ex LA estate in dodgy areas that are too far to cycle to work from (my no 1 criteria!).
  3. It's a fair point, but unfortunately biology gets in the way for most of us and the natural desire to reproduce rules over many (myself included).
  4. Same here - particularly the news items with that same picture in the background over and over again: Street with for sale boards at every house. Don't know WTF he was watching - Hollyoaks didn't exist then!! On a side note - parents both public sector workers (teaching and Probation), and no close family affected so it was never picked up on through adults at home.
  5. I certainly do - my sister in law has to work p/t, and they bought in '99!! On re-reading my post, I was not clear at all. I think that this problem is currently not a huge one, but rather something about to rear it's head over the next ten years or so - FTB couples wanting to start a family and hvaing bought a house since 2000/2001 is probably still a tiny demographic. However it is one that can only grow to much a bigger proportion and will be a continuing legacy even after any HP correction. One of the long list of the negative "side effects" of HPI that will hurt people far more than any financial measure. It is exactly this reason that I am determined that when I buy, it will be entirely on my own salary without any reliance on a second income. Fortunately, I don't have unrealistic aspirations and currently live in Birmingham so it should be possible in the event of 20-30% real term falls
  6. Well, the HPC argument cherry got popped round at my brothers last night as he looks (albeit casually) for another house. His situation: He's 29 and a chef - earns less than £20k with no prospects of any wage increases (morelikely to take a drop if he moves). Bought a 3 bed semi with g/f back in 1999 for £46k and spent another £20k (of our mom's money!) doing it up as it was a wreck. His (now) wife works part time in an insurance company call centre for peanuts whilst mother-in-law looks after two children (3 and 10 months). Wife is demanding, constantly looking at houses/holidays etc. They want to move up the ladder as the 3rd bedroom won't be big enough for the baby when he needs a full size bed, the fact that this won't be for another 5 years doesn't seem to dampen their justification. I gave the full spiel to him last night citing our childhood house as an example as it has just come on the market (£30k less than in 2004 I might add). He is adamant that despite the fact that he has been witnessing falls in our area, prices will not go down much further..... why? "They just won't, the government won't allow it!" Another thing - I explained that our entire generation had that opinion due to the fact that we were kids when the last crash was happening. "There was a crash? Oh, I didn't know that" He's not the sharpest tool in the shed, and neither is his wife, but this just blew me away - and they want to add another £40k onto their existing mortgage, when they live hand-to-mouth as it is (albeit overpaying the mortgage £100 a month). His wife won't be working full-time for at least another 6-7 years and has little earning potential anyway. I now understand the frustration despite the fact that he seemed to absorb some of the information I was putting infront of him.
  7. This is one of my bug-bears; the article says it best - "why bother having children?" An early girlfriend of mine worked at a nursery - I saw the toddlers crying because they didn't want to leave the nursery nurses (aka surrogate mothers) each evening. All the parents were BMW/Merc driving professionals. This was back in 1999/2000 so I think that the link in with house prices is loose at the moment but no doubt a ripple effect will be felt in the future as the double income mortgages have no doubt got many 20 & 30 somethings on an inflated housing 'ladder'. Personally, I liken the situation to consumer debt - the reason to keep working and keep borrowing is the 'want it all now' attitude. "Hmmm, shall I nurture my children or stunt their emotional development by shipping them off to a nursery for 50 hours a week and get that new X5?......"
  8. How's about an even simpler one: No house prices in CPI - genuine inflation not targeted.
  9. If only one company goes bankrupt in the next few years... please, let it be Garrington home finders.
  10. Have to agree there - it'll be those who bought before 2000 and have a massive £30-40k of loans. Need to leave these guys alone - who else is going to be buying things?!
  11. Good question - who will actually take the hit from defaulting on loans/bankrupcy? I presume it is mostly the banks, their multi billion £ profits might actually take a hit over the next few years!
  12. This will no doubt be something of a repeat issue over the next few years given the current and predicted rises in repo's. Even prior to the stage that Mags is at - how do you find out about reposessions coming onto the market before they get sold off? WTF?! Reposessed on the 2001 £80k mortgage?
  13. I have the ultimate antidote to such conversion - unfortunately it involves about 20 minutes probing about why I'm vegan. Makes me appreciate though, that my family are fairly open to hearing such views, possibly because it doesn't affect them at all - mostly OO or bought prior to 2000 and no BTL's.
  14. Sorry, it was just a joke - one I like to aim at my BB father: "why buy a house when I can just wait for you to pop your clogs?"
  15. Stop your moaning - just wait for them to start popping their clogs and we'll inherit it all eventually. It may take another 30 or 40 years but that's how we'll 'aspire' to owning the assets of our parents generation
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