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  1. Supermarkets seem to have just increased the price of everything by 10-15%. Seems a bit dodgy to me. Vegetables are still dirt cheap, though.
  2. Why does it get you so excited and hot under the collar? It’s all a bit of an odd reaction tbh.
  3. Keir Starmer is clearly a better proposition as PM than Boris Johnson. What sort of mentalist thinks otherwise?
  4. Our kids are a long way off uni but I said to my partner, as it stands we will have to foot the bill. I’m not having them paying these outrageous interest rates. The Tories— the party of social mobility
  5. How long do you have your heating on for per day? That seems impressively low!
  6. My smart meter does not make pretty reading and I’m confident our household has representative energy usage. Let’s see if prices really do go up in October once the majority of the population have finally woken up to what is happening to their discretionary income. The Tories are in big trouble.
  7. It’s a shame she has made a few questionable comments regarding race, otherwise you would like her a lot more than you do now.
  8. With the April price rises and tax rises households are going to see their discretionary income hammered. I agree with the above, I just can’t see how the gov can allow another 50%+ energy price hike come October.
  9. Everything seems up at least 10%, but mostly I’m working increase out at 15-20%!
  10. High street coffee shops were packed this morning where I am. I had to give up trying to get served in any of them and go to Greggs instead! People aren’t counting the pennies just yet..
  11. Pensioners can go back to being poor like they were in the 50s and 60s
  12. Same here. Renting is just not an option.
  13. I can second the “nothing for sale” remark. Based on my search all that’s available is overpriced dross. If you’re lucky you might get a decent probate house come up.
  14. Do you have some examples of this, from say the past 3 months? Because I haven’t noticed anything along those lines…
  15. In what way do Labour continue to alienate their core voters?
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