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  1. Why did they “have to”? Genuine question.
  2. Well that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever
  3. The Tory voting Boomers need to die off in sufficient numbers. We are decades away from a turning point.
  4. Hard to disagree with this sentiment. If anyone can explain how non U.K.-resident foreign nationals being allowed to buy up our housing is a good thing for the average U.K. worker then I’m all ears.
  5. I presume the Tax Payers Alliance are kicking up a big stink about this?
  6. Good you mention that as I was about to start blaming the Tory government that’s been in power for the past decade.
  7. This, paired with an unbelievable swell of retiring Boomers with far too little skin in the game and too much time on their hands leaves me very despondent about the future.
  8. The second point will never happen in any great numbers. Most MPs are "from money".
  9. Just to add more info regarding OOWB on the continent. In the Netherlands, for each year you have worked in the past, you get 1 month unemployment benefit at 70% of your last salary. For example, work 6 years, get 6 months unemployment benefit as a safety net (and after this is used up you go onto lower state benefits). It does not matter how much you have in liquid/illiquid assets either- you have a right to that 70% past salary. This is how it should be in the UK.
  10. Given that you are not uneducated, could you please outline what you perceived as the benefits of leaving the EU at the time of voting Leave? Cheers
  11. How does this work scheme work, though? Does a business have to be prevented from trading due to government restrictions like a pub or restaurant, or can any random business claim it?
  12. Yeah I’m sure that’s the path they’ll choose! 😂
  13. Do HMRC actually go after any large groups of law breakers? Most landlords still get away without declaring their rental income.
  14. Some individuals are making the most of the Covid crisis.
  15. Home owning Boomers who voted for them won’t care about this policy, though? I don’t know what the Tories would have to do to stop the vast majority of Boomers voting for them?
  16. If your employees do low skilled work then fair enough
  17. Depends if they can find people with the relevant skills? That’s not always a sure thing.
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