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  1. It is odd that so many “new” posters have turned up fairly recently, or not?
  2. Totally agree. There’s going to be a lot of job losses— maybe then they will finally twig that not thinking things through at the ballot station has consequences.
  3. The vast majority of Leave voters I know are not poor, far from it in many cases, and do not suffer from any of the aforementioned problems.
  4. I think your definition of the term "vast majority" differs from most. Also, can you please point us to the documents outlining this EU bailout, 18 post amigo?
  5. HappyGuy's stays are getting shorter and shorter. Can't believe it was a Tufton St paid troll?
  6. I just don't understand how these mental London prices exist. What sort of jobs do these owners have? Surely, if they are that specialist they can remote work for a large part of the week? I just don't get it.
  7. FFS, so millions are going to be able to sit in the summer sun, drinking beer, and scratching their balls in their back garden. Makes me sick.
  8. So are we allowed to travel to the coast for a few hours or what?
  9. Does anyone still think that our glorious PM was really ever showing anything more than mild symptoms?
  10. Children can get a lot out of the interaction with other small children and the activities a day care can offer. Do you have kids?
  11. 100% skiving off; just so happens that the 14 day quarantine covers most of the shit-storm coming to the UK over the next fortnight.
  12. Got to laugh— plenty of frothing at the mouth anti-socialists I know of are suddenly very keen on this free “stay at home holiday” money. When the chips are down everyone is very quickly a socialist! Wankers.
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