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  1. Said demographic seem to occupying most tables at restaurants every evening I walk past. Their brand new SUVs parked outside. They’ve certainly got plenty.
  2. Aren’t U.K. bar staff salaries going up to attract talent? I thought that was half the reason for Brexit— low skilled wages going up now the EU workers have left!
  3. I can't see how demand will drop. FTB demand alone will still be extremely high.
  4. FFS, if this kind of sentiment is widespread then something needs to be done. Get back to ******ing work!
  5. I have yet to see a significant new build development that doesn’t come with massive caveats regarding location: right next to a motorway, A road, airport, industrial estate, distribution centre, etc.
  6. Is it impossible for Red Rishi to extend the stamp duty deadline again??
  7. The stamp duty holiday doesn't end until July so expect May and June to be mental too.
  8. Don’t worry, the Tories are taking care of immigration (if you ignore signing the U.K. up to a trade deal that allows thousands of Indians to turn up and “look for work” for 24 months)
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