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  1. What a bunch of Boomer tuncs. Above all else I want Brexit cancelled to see these entitled tossers spontaneously combust on mass.
  2. It was created because of what the working man had gone through during WW2. Since then, usually with the help of the Tories, there has been consistent chipping away at the NHS by lobbyists and companies looking to make big bucks that a US style privatisation would bring.
  3. It did, and we saw what a terrible idea it was.
  4. Funniest claim I’ve read in ages.
  5. Probably best we leave the Dutch, Germans and Scandinavians to make the rules anyway given the state of the average U.K. politician.
  6. It would be worth joining the Euro just to see the effect it would have on the crowd you refer to.
  7. I thought the HB ban for 18-21 year olds was axed?
  8. In my field of work I’ve noticed a correlation between females in higher roles and height too. I certainly don’t think it is a male only phenomenon.
  9. btl_hater

    Do they know it's Christmas?

    Compared to this time last year I’m seeing a lot more “sales” promotional emails dropping into my inbox the past week.
  10. We can always just pay for the drinks and leave the restaurant.
  11. Remain would win but by a similarly fine margin as leave last time.
  12. On another thread you were slagging people off for buying iPhones and other cliched millennial-associated products.

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