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  1. The baliff's turned up today, and repossesed our neighbours house. All their furniture was on the street. She was in tears and the kids were crying. Apparently, they bought their house 2 years ago for around £800,000 and it's now worth only around £500k. They're mortgaged up to the hilt and can't afford the payments anymore. It's all really quite sad.
  2. I know the area I think its near to a pig farm which smells quite bad.
  3. Well done on selling your house. I hope it goes through. Please ignore all these pr***s trying to give you a hard time. They're a bunch of nobodys goiong nowhere and should be on a forum called "icantaffordahousesoimgoingtomoanaboutitontheinternet.com"
  4. Did anyone see this Daily Express headline yesterday? What do you think, it's been a while since they've been banging this drum.
  5. However according to Nationwide the long term trend in HPI over 50 years is only 2.4% pa! What! What simpleton said that No one can believe that surely. 25 years ago we were all supposed to drive round in a spacecraft and eat pills for dinner.
  6. What a gorgeous house, wish we could get something like that round here. Good luck I hope you get it and are happy there!!
  7. Price per sq ft. Work out the net internal area, from inner skin of external wall to inner skin of external wall including all stairs and halls etc. With a room in the roof work out the internal area in which you can stand ie with a height of 2.4m. Add it all together and devide by the price. Its nothing to do with the amount of land
  8. But my point is this. Everyone on this site has one thing in common. They all want to BUY and OWN a house. How many years do you think this site can keep going if a house price crash doesn't happen? How long will you wait? It isn't happening this year - there's only 8 weeks left, it didn't happen last year. If it doesn't happen next year then will you buy? The year after?
  9. What is this forum and website trying to achieve? Are the members merely trying to talk down the housing market because they can't afford their own property. I'm a housebuilder and developer. We've just finished 7 houses in Hemel Hempstead and they all sold for the asking price in 4 months - no incentives whatsoever. We've just bought another site for 24 in Ampthill and we've noticed a lot of sales and activity in this area also. I suggest that you all get out there and buy the property of your dreams and enjoy it, it beats living with your mum!
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