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  1. I'm going by past personal experience. Last house I sold (many years ago now) was down in west Wales on a headland with great sea views . But I was desperate to sell and had only had a small number of viewings. A couple from London came to see it (I think as a second home for themselves......media and well off) . She soon said to me that they wanted to deal direct with me (and me like an idiot thought it was because we were getting on so well !!). I was desperate to sell this place; it was 90 mins from the office, a trial to maintain etc. and they had sensed my desperation and wanted to is
  2. I've an old mate that lives in Walmer. What's it generally like as a place to live ? Chavsville, boomersville, or a genteel blend of the great and the good. Thanks.
  3. I worked in C'church for 6 months last year . Many positive things, clean air and water you can drink, essentially chavless as far as I could see. Great scenery and a small population so lots of space to breath . Generally an honest and decent people with a wide ethical streak (as rare as the Javan Rhino these days). I was offered a permanent job and had to think long and hard about it. BUT it's a long long way to anywhere and frankly the blandness (I don't like it but I can't think of a better word) of the place would quickly have led me into deep depression I think. But if you are in the
  4. that I'm tempted to ring the guy at CTF and gloat. I'm not saying that I would have bought the place, but I was interested and he was not only foolish , but professionally inept to turn me away on the basis that the sale was almost complete. (He should have known better than to count chickens at his age). We put so much trust in these so called professionals when all the evidence shows they really don't deserve it . Couple of months back, I viewed a property down west . The vendor at a funeral and no EA either as it was a Saturday (??). Later that night the vendor phoned and we chatted and
  5. Good solid, well built and well designed house with (looks like) the original windows. Only problem , but possibly a big one , would be road noise . To be honest, on the "Dumb Dawsons" scale of insane valuations this is not, IMPO the best example , since with hard negotiating you might get it for 285-300K . I tend to think that the valuers and principals at Dawsons are commercially aware, canny but always looking to push the boundaries to the limit. GCP are different , they have no limits, for that shower I would recommend doubling the medication.
  6. Without a doubt you're right. I've been out in the sun for far too long!
  7. I've made the mistake of printing off Westcliffe and staring for increasing periods at the photos and thinking how pleasant it would be with the cliff walks and all on your doorstep. Then I imagine that they might come down from 900K to 800K and maybe 800K is, at a stretch, justifiable for this very special location. Then I think maybe I've been out here too long and perhaps some worm or parasite has worked it's way into my bloodstream and is burrowing into my brain and affecting my reasoning ability and undermining my ability to think clearly. A caravan in Burry Port would give me views ju
  8. Nope. This is a repo and before they were prepared to submit your offer to the bank they wanted proof of funds. So if you were making a cash offer the EA wanted to see the $ sitting in your A/C. I suspect that if you were buying with BS money the EA would want confirmation of agreement before advising the vendors of the offer. (bank) So this situation is confusing in that however the purchase was being made the money must have been available before the offer was submitted by the EA. Very strange.
  9. Nah. All you guys have put me off Gower now. And that bitch in the car park didn't help . Still like the geography it's the increasing philistinism down there that's the problem. But because it's a market and an area that I knew so well I'll continue to use it as a gauge.
  10. What a nobhed . If he had taken the time to get off his ring and meet me down there , instead of gloating about me being too late and gone already and don't waste your time etc etc then I could indeed consider making an offer now. What's more annoying is the fact that when I actually drove past this place I quite liked the look of it. So be it. Lots of other places out there ; they may not yet be desperate but that day is approaching . Cash still king.
  11. I suppose I'm guilty of a certain poetic licence; there are many people out there who would laugh at my comment about beating and refer to the Healey classic about "being savaged by a dead sheep". That being said ,there are too many parents whose complete lack of control (and lack of respect for other people )has produced little selfish, nasty monsters who will undoubtedly grow into 6ft sociopaths 10 yrs down the line because of parental neglect and stupidity. These kids need to be taught rights and wrongs now not when the dye is cast . I recall at age 11 coming off the school yard late af
  12. Get my ex-wife to sort him out ; she'd make mince meat of him.
  13. When I see some spoilt, footstamping, screaming kid yelling, "I want , I want , I want....." at the top of his voice and I see the confused and despairing look of defeat on his mother's face, I have thought, on more than one occasion, that I would like to take over the parenting for 10 minutes. And I can state categorically it would not be with the intention of rationalising with the little angel . I got it at home (occasionally) and at school (more frequently) and it works very well.
  14. There was an article in the DT today about kids in pubs and how the parents are surprised when others do not necessarily find their noisy and unruly brats either amusing or endearing (why is everyone expected to be in awe at their ability to breed and their superhuman, supertalented, offspring .... it can't be too difficult if you look at the most successful at it ). So now you can't smoke in pubs but you can take in your 3 kids to take over the place with their noisy foot-stamping tantrums and annoying attention seeking activities. It's bad enough that you are made to feel an oddity or some
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