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  1. Writing in the Times, Anatole Kaletsky suggests house prices could continue rising despite a worsening UK economy. It's because of excess savings in the developing economies:
  2. Peveril Homes is distributing flyers for its St Laurence Gardens conversion at Belper. Headline: 1 bed apartment was £128,950.. now £109,950.
  3. There are 20 properties advertised in the window of Halifax EA in Matlock. 6 out of the 20 are marked "new price". The other EAs seem to be a little more coy about reductions. The phrase 'offers in the region of xxx' is very common though. Driving round the area, I don't see many Sold signs. My gut feeling is that sales have tailed off, but there are still plenty of properties coming on to the market. More properties are appearing 'for sale by auction'; that may also tell you something.
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