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  1. A friend and I used to go to the gym together but the local run one closed and opened a flash new one which for one reason or another we didn't like. We looked for another and David Lloyd was on the list, I read similar views and getting out of a contract is something I hold rather highly so I decided not to join. He did and it has been no end of hassle since. As for the general point, you really don't need a gym to keep fit and healthy. I lost 8 stone last year and I didn't set foot in to a gym once. It's half decent value for some people but I'm convinced the companies that do stay afloat
  2. The most amazing thing I have ever seen, wish now I had spend even longer taking it all in.
  3. Just mentioned on another thread, seriously looked in to this a couple of years ago. There are loads of options, some cheap some not so cheap. I would have been very happy living in a smaller place for a reasonable sum of money, but as you say the cost of land and planning consent makes it impossible. There were some great solutions for around £20k, not cheap but certainly affordable, but land pushed the overall cost to something similar to the price of a normal house. No point living in a small space unless it's going to be significantly cheaper.
  4. I used to car share, it was a serious pain in the neck. Did it for about 6 months then had enough, didn't help that the women I gave a lift to was an old bag with ideas above her station Just can't see it's that viable in most situations, especially coming in to town, unless you live and work near somebody else at work which is unlikely in most small to medium size business then it's just not possible.
  5. Works the other way though for the economies of scale argument, that 150g possibly cost a few pence, but spread over the cost of a million tins, soon adds up. Those Christmas tins are rarely good value, especially with stuff like peanuts, often twice the price of buying a bag of the same size.
  6. Hmm interesting, I booked a restaurant on Wednesday, 2 star Michelin in London, had totally forgotten to book it and needed to do it at short notice. First I tried to book couldn't accommodate my particular date and time but plenty of other slots within a few days of that. Second one I tried to book had loads of space. A year or two ago the second one would have been booked up months in advance. I eat out a lot in London, especially during the week, late week and weekends still reasonably busy but early week it's totally dead, again wasn't like that a year or two ago.
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