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  1. Everytime when the letting agents notify me of an inspection, they word the letter with this sentence.... "I will call on {date and time} and will use our spare key to obtain access. However, if you would like to be at the property this is fine." Do they have the right to do this? This has been bugging me for somewhile now. They dictate the date and time and I'm always having to have the day off. I understood that they can only enter in cases of emergency. Thanks.
  2. I would do Malaysia. Have a look at Nusajaya in Johor, Malaysia. Comutable to Singapore.
  3. At a recent meet the managers forum at Victoria station I suggested that a good way to increase seating for the over crowded trains is to scrap first class seating giving 10 seats for standard class in a 3 coach train and a total of 40 in a 12 coach formation. I told them that Chiltern Railways did just that a few years back and they had proper first class seats. Also there will be no priority revenue inspection for first class. Simple.
  4. I've been living in Hove for the last 18 months and I can see a downturn in shops. Take George Street for instance, noticed that yet another charity shop as taken up a long term vacant shop. I've lost count the number of charity shops in that street alone. And.. with a recession on why are my favourite eating places putting up their prices. I now refuse to eat in some of them. I had to accept a 5% cut in wages and they put the prices up.
  5. I was watching it with the missus and I said "Give 456 the yob's, little sh*ts, druggies, gangs..." . Problem solved.
  6. I don't understand this increase. If the revenue earned is less then shouldn't the incentive be to reduce the cost so that more people will apply. My idea would be to issue a passport to every British national at cost and then reduce the operation of the passport agency.
  7. Last HYS post Tuesday, 2 September, 2008, 14:38 GMT 15:38 UK DEBATE STATUS Total comments: 1637 Published comments: 889 Rejected comments: 16 Moderation queue: 732
  8. Sinnott-Green independent agents in Hove, shop empty this morning. Gone overnight.
  9. Hodsons Estate Agents in Bicester, Oxon. no longer trading since yesterday. There usual 4 page spread in local rag missing. My LL got our place up for sale with them and tonight there was 2 letters from EA's asking to move to them.
  10. I've not been to Telford, but if the new Wrexham and Shropshire Railway is anthing to go by, it's alway's looks quite empty en-route to/from London.
  11. My diamond landlord (rent privately) wants to drop the rent by £25 in order to keep me on. Unfortunatley got to move so he will now have to look for suitable tenants as nice as me. Works both ways.
  12. I usually google for the reviews of the type of goods I want then google for the best price and buy on-line. Usually next day delivery. Last item I bought were some Sennheiser CX300 earphones. Shop price £39.99 Amazon £13.99. No brainer. In fact such good price I bought an extra 2. Great for cancelling out noise on flights BTW.
  13. Detached house, opposite Rogiet Pub, school behind.
  14. Had family that lived in Station Road. Now the view is the toll area for the bridge.
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