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  1. I have friends in the trades and they say similar things. That's one of the reasons I won't dismiss it as quite a serious issue for some.
  2. I know what your saying, both sides in this debate can make some seriously bad arguments.
  3. I said that to you during one of your threads of hysteria. The reason I don't think you BNP-ish types should be banned from posting is that sometimes you make valid points - I seem to remember you offering help on debt issues for instance. And immigration does have economic effects so it is relevant. Just wish you'd all tone it down a bit, if I want to read the Daily Mail I'll go read the webpage or just punch myself in the face a few times.
  4. You've convinced me. I've got my spiked bat where do I find these immigants? Your hysterical rubbish isn't helping the debate.
  5. Me neither mine's a Finn
  6. You have your weird little fantasies about the right "solution" and I'll have mine.
  7. "92.1%, black 2%, Indian 1.8%, Pakistani 1.3%, mixed 1.2%, other 1.6%" With these numbers I suggest you push for a mass mixed ethnicity love in - the resulting babies after few generations will be mostly light skinned if that is what worries you. Might even get rid of some of their filthy foreign habits. With their crazy customs and passports ................. Baggsie Jamelia, Connie Huq and that violinist girl - Vanessa something
  8. Most politians are twats male or female. Just watch question time for some weekly examples.
  9. again. Let's hope he read things wrong huh? I thought the "pause" in hikes he seems to be after was possibly to help out sensitive assests such as houses but apparently they are going to "pause and assess" Oops. My mistake. It is kind of to help housing. Or is that the other way around - falling house prices help curb growth? EDIT [i guess it's the rising mortage payments (that are concomitant with falling house prices if affordability is stretched to a limit) that reduce growth.] "There will be a housing-related slowdown, and it's right around the corner,'' said Maury Harris, chief U.S. economist at UBS Securities LLC in Stamford, Connecticut. ``It will be large enough to quash inflation fears'' that might prompt the Fed to keep raising rates, he said in an interview last week. UBS expects this week's increase to be the last this year."
  10. US economy firing on all cylinders: data Not anything sensational by any means but seems to back up what was said before - Bernanke would like more freedom to be able to play with the rates but might find himself unable to do so with an apparently strengthening economy (as well as all the other issues)
  11. Should be in my avatar if it's updated.
  12. Also something I'm enjoying about being back home (it's a labradoodle though so feel a bit of a ponce when out walking him)
  13. Was at number 2 but that came to an end a few weeks ago so number 1 until I can find something that I feel is an ok deal (or until it becomes unbearable - it's not actually that bad TBH).
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