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  1. Perhaps the depreciation of sterling has resulted in a few of their loans (likely in SGD) entering negative equity. Could it be that the "overseas wealthy cash buyer" types flooding into London property were actually buyers with mortgages arranged back home?
  2. I wonder if it's just a slap on the wrist or if it could actually turn into something significant. e.g. refusal to allow the UK to renew Trident or economic sanctions. There was another article which is closely related: according to China's richest man, the UK is a great place to invest due to its lack of scrutiny. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-31838296
  3. Actually, they mention it on the website now. Were the figures reversed it'd be the top business story for sure! As it's negative it's just nestled under "other" stories.
  4. Chances of the BBC reporting this? I've actually been considering buying some FOXT as a hedge against another surge in prices.
  5. The "new measures" will be an entirely predictable 5x cap on lending for owner-occupier mortgages above 500k. Any actual enforcement will probably be delayed until next May. No help for FTBers.
  6. They have to list at higher and higher prices on rightmove. If they don't then the asking price index will go flat - or even start to fall. Public expectation of a crash has increased significantly: a drop in average asking prices on rightmove may be all that's needed to trigger the chain reaction of price falls necessary to make it happen.
  7. It wouldn't suprise me if they bring this in at some point. Free access to pension pots for all - on the condition that they're used only for house purchases.
  8. A top won't be allowed to happen in London yet. Potential further props to keep the market high: Allow all people access to pension pots now (regardless of age). Reintroduction of MIRAS for owner occupier mortgages. HTB3 - Reduced deposit requirements, increased maximum loan. Taxpayer backed of course. Multi generation mortgages (100 year term anyone?)
  9. This is very common - I also know several who have done this: and others who intend to do the same in the near future.
  10. Hate to say it, but when we are gaining hope from a mate of a mate down the pub, things aren't going too well here in HPC land! Thanks to Osbrown, we're more likely to see GBP/USD parity than a house price crash. Possibly both...
  11. I don't think that Putin is likely to be influenced by any of the West's "forward guidance". We won't do anything and he knows it.
  12. I suspect many foreign buyers appear to be cash buyers because the mortgages are arranged in their state of origin. All we see here in the UK is the cash. It wouldn't surprise me at all if what you suggest is also happening!
  13. Graduated in 2003. Plan A was to move to London, save up and buy a small flat with the girlfriend and see how things went from there. 11 years on, we've saved lots, we're now married. However, we've not bought any housing: the prices just seem so out of proportion with everything else. It seems so much more worthwhile to spend the money on more interesting things. For example, I obtained my Private Pilot's licence during 2009/2010 for a fraction of the "typical first time buyer's deposit" in London. Plan B: move to Malaysia (where my wife is from) and live mortgage-free. It's somewhat ironic
  14. Crazy: so liar loans are still alive and kicking in London thanks to 'hooky' mortgage advisors?
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