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  1. I would think this is a one off shock in 2022 for the "no new customer deals" rules change that came in in January. So shopping around should be flatter. We will know when people do their second 2023 renewals. Did you stick with the same insurer or try and shop around for a better deal?
  2. Will be interesting at what price level, and when, it meets the 200 WMA , currently at $21700.
  3. So you have no worries about being homeless, as us losers who just bought houses will be in trouble? These were your word's. "All these moronic fools who laughed that they'd bought houses and we were all losers are in for one f**king big shock. Try eating your houses." Like anyone else including you, those with houses will sell other assets to eat (including the house you rent) and the shelter will be the last to go. I just dont see if you think things will get so bad you will be better placed to weather the storm when you dont own a home outright. Inflation will push house prices up further like the 70's.
  4. I entered the housing market Q4 1996 , exited into cash Q3 2007, entered again Q1 2009 and also caught the brexit dip Q4 2016. I own a big house, no net mortgage, assets and a decent family income, you think i'm worried? If you think a cash savings accounts has outperformed house prices since the 1960's you must be smoking crack. We have had a high inflation period before in the 70's, 80's Family houses went from £5k to £20k then £80k within 20 years, then fell back 50% in the 90's. I expect no different now either. As before inflation will feed through to wage inflation and the current indebted will be bailed out by it. Those that don't own hard assets will be wiped out. So if you think you will afford the house you want at 2-3 times the price it is now by the end of the decade you have nothing to worry about.
  5. But you couldn't afford it, cant pass the mortgage tests. Inflation has quadrupled the price and your cash savings are worth just 25% of what they are now, Now what?
  6. I goes off to check the thermometer in our Kitchen, GCH been off since 1st week of April , 12.45am, Kitchen says 20 degrees C in the house. 2009 Newbuild , 200m2 detached 5 bed, said before but never goes below 16 degrees in with no heating on nighttime in Winter.
  7. Are Local councillors employed by the council after being elected? Or they still have to work a normal job and do the councillor bit for free?
  8. My local town highest diesel price is already back above the price it was before Rishi cut fuel duty 5p. 181.9p ltr again now.
  9. Base rates are not going above 2% in the West, so you aint ever seeing 7%-10% on Cash again before a FIAT collapse.
  10. Where will you live if your Landlord evicts you to sell the house the buy his family food? could your family last homeless? For how long?
  11. Bitcoin just took a massive dump from 2pm candle open.
  12. You were all warned years ago there will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin, not enough, even in 2009, for one whole one for every $$ Millionaire on the planet. So at $40k each, yes they are still cheap. But you can buy Satoshi's for cheap, a bit like buying pennies rather than a £50 note.
  13. Coal and Natural Gas dont need refining, Coal you dig it up , crush it, move it and burn it, Natural Gas you pipe it out of a pocket underground, pipe it and burn it, which is why oil rigs have 24/7 gas flares. No where near the energy used in creating petrol and diesel well to pump.
  14. I am not disagreeing regarding Net Zero there is a higher carbon cost to make an EV vs and ICE, that is known. I am saying over a 20 year or longer lifespan, EV's pollute way less because Natural Gas and Coal need little refining energy, get them out of the ground and to a power station and they are burned to make leccy. Again, virtually no economies expect Saudi's and others oil rich will burn unrefined oil to make leccy, far to inefficient. But ALL the energy involved in extracting, transporting, refining, and pumping Petrol and Diesel is huge. If 90% of this disappears , great. The remaining 10% for heavy plant / emergency use can remain (until oils runs out of course). Obviously oil will remain for plastics, and other uses that is clear, but if we can remove the vast majority burned as a transport fuel (including aviation) by 2050 , then this is the future and we should go for it. Moving focus on leccy generation, using fossil fuels only as backup. Basically if 90% of all the energy used in well to tank of Petrol and Diesel was just either not used at all, or diverted to charging batteries on EV's, we would all be better off for lower C02 emissions long term, and local air quality in the short term. I don't see how anyone can disagree with that logic?
  15. Yes, i have stakes in Bitcoin and Hex, and unstake and restake the Hex every 2 months, and sell the interest as income. Currently yielding 11% APY. Another 5 year stake that is 16 months old is yielding 26% APY. My Stakes BTC is earning 6% APY. All Crypto interest is paid in said Crypto, not FIAT.
  16. And you are STILL talking as if Petrol and Diesel just comes out of magic taps direct into the tanks of fuel stations and has zero energy use in it's creation. As the video i post a a week or two back. There is HUGE energy use and losses in the whole well to pump process of getting liquid fossil fuels into cars tanks. It uses huge amounts of electricity and fossil fuels. Electricity uses a lot less, gets generated at the plant, travels along wires via pylons, cables and transformers and into your EV's battery. In most cases with home charging there is ever zero energy expended in "travelling" to refuel, something impossible to avoid with ICE cars.
  17. Fine by me, i would happily see GBP/USD parity. Anyone with a big chunk of wealth in USD priced assets (like Crypto) is much happier with a weaker pound. I do 2 monthly crypto staked interest sales as extra income a a weak GBP vs USD is much better for my income.
  18. I pointed this out to my teenager daughter banging on about "cultural appropriation" , by white people from black culture. My exact words were, so when a black guy wears a 3 piece suit, a white mans style of clothing dating back to the 1800's, he is guilty of "cultural appropriation", is he not? It was the usual, "yes, but, no, but . yes but."
  19. Unless the punch kills you, no one goes to prison for punching someone in the face, common assault, especially when it's in retaliation (defence) of being attacked with an offensive weapon (walking stick). And without the person being known to you and witnesses, the chances of anything happening are slim, no CCTV in the country. I once smacked a barge owner in the face knocking him back into his barge because of a arguement over me fishing and him now wanting to stop a diesel engine he started right next to me. I then left. Was back in the same area a month later, he turned up with a copper to have me arrested. i said it wasn't me, what evidence did he have? The answer was nothing, him and the copper walked off.
  20. I don't care how old someone is, shit like that carried out on me would result in you getting a smack in the mouth.
  21. So pretty much now, Omicron is the Flu! nothing more to see here, move along.
  22. This is Terrible, at this rate the UK will be devoid of living people in just 200 years.
  23. If every family want's to go back to "the mini" for family travel , squeezed in a small economical ctiy car, that's up to them. I will stick with my 170mpg-e Tesla's with acres of space inside for 4, and everyone gets a USB-c port, if they want one!
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