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  1. But it's the Millenials who are now inheriting all the boomers / early Gen X wealth. You have another 30 years before Gen Z and Gen Alpha come into big money.
  2. It's ok, the victim was a greedy boomer. Nothing to see here .
  3. Never seen Fresh Blackcurrents for sale, Ribena buy 95% of the UK crop. If you can buy them how much is a 250g pot? times that buy 4. Also as "small berries" they must be very labour intensive to harvest by hand, i would be sure this was mechanised in a commercial setting. Blackcurrants 125g / Riverford Here is an answer, £2.30 for 125g, so £18.40kg. At your hand pick rate 125g would cost £1.67 in labour @ £20 hr. Minimum Wage is £9.50 hr now so they cant cost less than £0.79p labour if hand picked at 1.5kg / HR.
  4. Turn up with a gang of burley men, break down door, throw occupants out kicking and screaming crying on the street with their stuff, fix door while this is being done, occupy the house. Or watch the house, wait for them to leave, for some reason, then break in and change the locks, put their stuff on the street, then occupy the house. Probably a better route and the first route would involve the police and assault charges.
  5. Not for a price. I would pick fruit and Veg for £20 hr, 9am-4pm, Monday to Friday no issues.
  6. Terrible, God bless being an independent nation and "Trusts" .
  7. I heard they went bust because of the price caps. So now Frances high energy bills will been socialised via taxpayer money. I wonder where the axe of these tax increases will fall, and on whom?
  8. You, or anyone else have no right to cheap energy, shelter, heat, food or clean water. End Of. Ponder that when your bills come in this Winter. To be given that EVERYONE ELSE would be forced to pay for those that didn't want to provide for themselves, once the majority decide it's not worth the effort to be productive as "other" are forced to provide for them, it becomes easier and easier for the minority productive to agree the majority unproductive and not needed and Genocide of them is a better option. So what you want will never happen politically, get a loan, and sort your own energy and insulation problems.
  9. You really believe that? a 4% decline in PV Panel generation efficiency per year? So do we have any evidence of all the Panels fitted in 2010 are now all producing 48% less leccy on a clear sunny day in June than in 2010? Should my 2019 panels not be producing 12% less now in 2022? How strange they produce the exact same 3.68kw peak 11am-1pm on a clear sunny day in Summer. Or are you suggesting in 2030 all 2010 panels that were fine in 2029 will immediately drop 80% in their generation ability the next year once 20 year old. Why did my Italian panel maker give a 25 year warranty then? Seems daft.
  10. All they need is a Hot water bottle and leccy blanket each for winter, dress warm indoors too, like we did in the 70's. I never had GCH as a young child, just one open coal fire in the 1800's single brick terraced house.
  11. OneCoin was never a Crypto, it was a scam, didn't even have a blockchain, so couldn't be listed on any exchanges etc. You could buy into it, but there was zero exit route. Want to know the story listen to the 2019 Podcast "The Missing CryptoQueen" on BBC Sounds app. I wasn't even a Ponzi, the lucky ones can exit a Ponzi ahead. This was a pure selling fresh air scam.
  12. All good, as mentioned last year on the Bitcoin thread i sold £300k of my holdings in October 21, the remainder has dropped though, but that's the nature of Crypto.
  13. Same reason you didnt buy at $400, sell at $20k in 2016/17, then buy again at $3000 in 2018, sell at $14k in 2019, buy at $4k in Covid dip 2020 and sell at $69k in 2021. Why not? It's obvious these levels were going to happen right Captain Hindsight?
  14. I doubt they are a big percentage of the global hashpower, pretty sure BTC will just shrug and carry on.
  15. 1919 was the time to buy then., just after the end of WW1. Typical, I wasn't born for another 50 years.
  16. So glad we got into our final house in 2016, cheap. Have not had a valuation since and the neighbours 3 identical houses have not sold either, we set the benchmark price in 2016. We are not selling so don't care really, will be 20-30 years before we think about downsizing, if still alive.
  17. Another reason for big pullbacks, when the price drops a lot miners also add fuel to the fire dumping the market to pay bills / loans.
  18. I have a Bullionvault account, still with some Gold dust in it from 2009. I i bought 100 ozs of gold from the i would get a spot price plus spread. If i pay a fee, they will make physical delivery. there fore the paper spot price is the Gold price.
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