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  1. No, the 1970's house was single skin brick 2 up 2 down 1800's farm workers terrace, with outside toilet and no bathroom until the mid 70's. My house is a modern 5 bed brick a block and lots of insulation detached house.
  2. Launch it, fork the Bitcoin network, give it a new ticker, see how you get on. Best not look how Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV have performed against Bitcoin since 2017/18, and they had BIG chucks of miners hashpower.
  3. FFS standing charges are still not even 50p a day. lets say you had both Gas and leccy , and they abolished SC. So you are now saving £7 a week, £30 a month. This is going to cure your energy bill problem? Hey make the SC £2 a day and reduce energy to 1p kwh, i'm fine with that.
  4. Urrrm, you know they will jail you for non payment of tax right? Ah they cant jail us all. True, but they stop ALL your benefits at a flick of a switch and enforce it with bullets. It's called the FIAT money money system. Again, they can change the law so evictions for non payment of rent can be done in 7 days without a court order, and they will. Just use less and pay your energy bills, take 2nd / 3rd job, whatever. Us mortgage holding earners who get zero tax credits and a net payers of everything are fed up, we just have to "cut back" when bills rise, so should everyone else.
  5. That's what kills the price always, people having to sell due to leverage, margin calls needing cash etc, adding to those that panic as they cant bare to be underwater for 30 seconds so make zero gainz as they are impatient.
  6. So they change the law that you can be cut off for energy for non payment without a court order, within 7 days, and like now, only reconnected with fitment of a pre payment meter. There is 1 reason ALL energy is on prepayment in South Africa, if it was on credit in arrears no one would pay the bills. All you will end up with is a bit like low interest loans and best credit card deals, only those that dont need it will be given credit accounts for energy. Everyone else will be on coins and prepay top up RFID cards. Dont pay up front, No energy. Don't think this can happen? Yeesh. People need to learn life isn't about luxuries unless you can afford it, Booze, fags, drugs, holidays, takeaway foods, subscription TV. Basic food, shelter, internet, freeview TV and pay the bloody energy bills, only use what you can afford.
  7. It's really simple, set a budget and stick to it by using less energy. My energy bills have doubled since April, so i use less, they will go up a big chunk in October, so i will use even less this Winter relative to last and at least 50% less compared to the winter in 2020/21. The wife has already been warned she will be provided a double leccy blanket for her study to put on her office chair for days she works from home, and in winter weekdays GCH heating will be off 8am-4pm and 11pm to 5am, Weekends heating will be off 12am-6am. 2020/21 Heating was on 24/7 in Winter October to March. Will it still be 1000% more comfortable than the house i lived in as a young kid, no GCH, just open open fire in the living room. Hell yes.
  8. For sure cost a lot more to fill ours, i takes about 8000 ltrs every Late spring may when i empty it,clean it an refill it. Also cost me about £30 so far since 00:30 Sunday morning to heat it up from 20 degrees to 30 degrees and maintain 30 degrees so it's refreshingly cool but not "Chilly".
  9. Yep, back to the 70;s when i was a kid, main heating in one room only, the living room, kids off to bed with lots of blankets, socks, thick wollen PJ's and a hot water bottle.
  10. Said it before, no one anywhere has a "right" to food, shelter or cheap heat. To do so they would have to pass laws forcing unlimited taxation on anyone working. If they did, great, i would just tell me wife to give up work and we would kick back and let our as well off neighbours pay for us to do nothing knowing we could run out heating 24/7 and bitch and moan about the free food we are given.
  11. that would be nice, 42 degrees in the Garden with a hot air wind that feels like Dubai does when you go for a walk outside of your Aircon hotel, my North facing study downstairs is the coolest room in the house and that's 32 degrees. Thank god we have a modest pool with a mice 30 degree water temp, the kids and i have spent a lot of the last 3 days it it but today is the hottest for sure, we were in the pool by 10am.
  12. All value for things like this are sentiment based, end of.
  13. FFS if you can afford a holiday abroad at all you dont need the £650 cost of living payment at all. really boils my piss this does. That payment should go straight into you your account with you energy supplier to pay down debt / give a buffer for this winter.
  14. I never understand why LL like this since 1999 have never actively done selling down the portfolio to release the equity and pay off mortgages on the older houses so more become mortgage free? Surely 10 houses mortgage free @ £520 pcm is way better income after costs that 46 leveraged? 5 houses sold at net equity after CGT of £20k a house could clear the mortgage on 1 house of £100k if bought 1999 / early 2000's.
  15. Yes takes a rare breed of solar PV , Home battery, Heat pump , mega insulation home owning EV owner to fully understand TCO.
  16. It does, My detached house was built in 2009, never drops below 16 degrees inside with heating off when it's below freezing out in winter and today it's now 40 degrees outside and 27 deg in the house.
  17. Thermometer on the south facing patio, currently 34 degrees in the sun. my study north side of the house 24 degrees.
  18. Exactly what we do. Good old fashioned ceramic butter dish, might need 10 seconds on defrost in the microwave on a winters morning. Might need to use the fridge for it next few days though.
  19. How big is it? £1.75 form 250g slated or unsalted butter in Aldi, we always do salted.
  20. Zero, unless they go through correct channels and have skills we require.
  21. There is no basic right to shelter or work, or food, anywhere in the world i know of. If there is i will go there and do nothing and let those forced by law to support me, support me, even if they hate me and dont want to pay for me to do nothing.
  22. Have friends staying over from SA atm , they are suffering this last week and they get 40 degrees in summer all the time. Lots of other places get a "dry" heat. We get a much more humid heat which at 30 degrees + is very draining, especially over 20 degrees at night.
  23. Was a very hot summer, remember it well, dried up rivers and ressies, collecting water in buckets from a queue at standpipes, had to share a bath with younger siblings once a week. Didn't rain from June until early September after we went back to school. Covid Summer 2020 was pretty close.
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