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  1. Try not paying your rent and see where you will be in under 12 months or less. I wont be where you are living now.
  2. It's a bit like Bitcoin will be back to zero, soon.
  3. You watch how quickly they will come down again in 12 months time once a depression is spreading, both USA and EU / UK. back to under 1% by the end of 2023. Total currency collapse of the USD system is the only way out, anyone without assets wiped out financially.
  4. Good on him (them), i'm busy booking a late 2 week holiday in Cape Town for last 2 weeks of October, up to £12k so far with flights, Holiday house in the best part of town (very white and wealthy near the beach), and Car hire. We cant all be doom mongers, some of us need to keep the economy going, say thanks if you work for Expedia or booking.com, i'm helping keep you in a job during these hard times. This is in leu of a family summer holiday now btw, not made of money!! Actually saving 2 weeks of crazy Gas and leccy prices going then too, every little helps.
  5. Quantum computers gonna be winning the Powerball a lot then by 2025, lol.
  6. Minimum wage is £9.50 age 23 and over. @ 37.5 hrs full time that' s £18525 gross per person. assuming standard 1257L tax allowance each that's £1378.75 net each a month plus and tax credit top ups if they are due any, plus child benefit of 145pcm for 2 kids under 18. So net income would be £2902.50 -plus and tax credit top ups. £1200 is a tough ask as the old rule of thumb was never let your rent or mortgage be more than 20-25% of you net income for a comfortable life. £1200 would be about 41.5% of income for rent. If £1200 was saw 25% of their net income and they say they cant afford it it's because they have underpaid market rent for years and spent it all, or have under employed themselves. Sob story, they will find a way or move.
  7. Back to Cape town this time like in 2012 , we will rent a nice house on the beach. last time in 2017 we were in White River 2 hrs north of joberg. My Wife's long term friend came to stay with us recently for 2 1/2 weeks, she announce now her kid is and adult she is looking to move to the UK, she sees no future in SA.
  8. They need to wait until after October, we are going back for a big major birthday bash for my wife with the kids for 2 weeks.
  9. What site is that?, be interesting to do a comparison.
  10. If they bought in for a few thousand in the 60's 70's and have a fixed income and no mortgage and the "bills" seriously destroy your spare income then yes, people will be forced to sell if they want heating and energy on 24/7 in Winter.
  11. Really? our energy bills are currently 4% ish of our net monthly income, was 2% last year, it it doubles this winter which i guess it will despite us using GCH less than last winter it will still only be 8% of net income, and on par with our current monthly food bill. Many families will just have less savings / disposable spending.
  12. My advice move to a well off 98% white area, like I did.
  13. Inflation needs to remain YOY at 10%+ for at least 24 months before they really start to hike rates, we have not even had 6 months yet. Inflation will level off by next April to anew higher priced world were wages need to catch up with costs.
  14. I thought you couldn't be US President twice? Or is it cant ever do more than two terms. Has any other US president ever been voted in twice with a different president in between?
  15. It's ok, some of us have Crypto parachutes, with the reserve shute still undeployed.
  16. Posted this a few times in the past, this outlines it all about the Euro / Germany / Brexit / Scottish Independence etc.
  17. They will raise IR a bit, but you will need multi year high inflation 10% and above like the 1970's to get base rates back to 5% +. Now if we enter hyperinflation territiory of 50% + YOY then that's different. The cost of energy spike will pass through by April 2023 and YOY inflation will start to drop back. Prices wont though, you will still have 50p kwh leccy and 20p kwh Gas and £2 ltr Petrol and diesel and 20% + food prices on 2021 , just the "rate" of inflation growth will fall back. Then there will be a period of stagflation as wage rises slowly catch up to price rises, just like the 70's / 80's. I started a profession in 1988 in a small company and never saw an annual pay rise below 8% until 2001. Over a decade of 8% rises as wages caught up with inflation.
  18. Wait what, your tap is linked directly to the Buxton Spring? Cool.
  19. Perfect for 2-3 EV's, future proofed house. Hence strong demand. The right family could knock off £500 pcm for the car running costs within 6 months of moving in.
  20. Time of use demand based Tariffs. Octopus who i am with have been running trials for 6 months. 3pm-7pm leccy is very expensive on this trial if mostly generated by gas. You need smart meters though. So i can see those of use with smart meters and big home storage batteries that can buy and store at cheap times and self supply at peak times will see bills go down a lot. The poor are shit out of luck though.
  21. Terrible idea, 75% fewer cars with the remaing 25% being 99% BEV much better solution. Everyone else ebikes. Back to the 1920's. I am already seeking cloth cap companies to invest in.
  22. Well as they have "already" sold in Q2, and in secret, as it's only now come out in their Q2 accounts, it cant dump the price anymore, which is good news. A bogey man out of the frame. I still think we will get a capitualtion wick under $17k sometime in 2022 though. We shall see.
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