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  1. How do you cut back on you mortgage or rent payments? Apart from downsizing or moving very far away from your work to an area 1/2 the price? Which in the UK means moving every further North by at least 200 miles from where you live now. Work in Birmingham, live in North East / North West ? you cant commute for free.
  2. My DNO approval for 16kwh of batteries and extra 1.4kw of solar PV has been received now, just waiting a install date from the install company, hopefully this month.
  3. Zero reason for the majority in the UK to have any heating on in BST, once the early April cold snap passes, which it has. My GCH has been off for well over a week now.
  4. I am loving this, all the anti EV brigade who say they are crap as they can go 600 miles on a tank without stopping a full up again in 5 mins, suddenly now, cant, and have to squabble of local facebook groups and all chase who has had a delivery within a 25 mile radius. Our town, the most expensive in the area with diesel still over 175p ltr, and 180p+ several places, was the last hold out, when we ran out, real panic. I just wake up to a full tank and get on with my day, top up with free solar when i can.
  5. Actually it's pretty solid, does not really lean much in corners and in Tesla roll crash tests they could not get it to fell over on it's side, it just leans to 45 degrees, runs out of energy and gravity of the battery back stops it tipping right over and brings it back on all 4 wheels.
  6. Don't tell me Africa is going to inherit the Earth now and world power ?
  7. Nope, like my wife, they are all going EV SUV, like the Tesla Model Y , she loves it. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/tesla/model-y/first-drives/tesla-model-y-long-range-2022-uk-first-drive-review
  8. lol, it was fake, we pay max 20% CGT less our allowance, 2 of us here should know, we sold £ six figures in 2021. We pay less on our mad gainz than people with 2nd properties.
  9. You cant say bad things about Bitcoin Jesus like that. Shakes head.
  10. This is the reason that this year, for the first time in over 15 years, i had had the wife add me to her paid perks salary sacrifice Private Medical policy along with her and the kids. I never bothered wasting the money before but now im over 50 and have more aches and pains, and we have more disposable income, i thought it wise to have a private option as back up. The deduction has jumped £75 over the £25 she paid for her an 2 kids, so now about £100 for the whole family, less with tax and NI savings. I have no plans to queue for years with the unwashed if i need anything urgent and debilitating, or life threatening, just go private at no cost.
  11. My Kids Gen Z and Gen Alpha both own mid 4 figures in Crypto, from Gen X Dad, me, Both are very aware it is money, and both also have Mid 4 figures in equities in Child ISA's too from Grandad, a Boomer.
  12. You can withdraw up to 25% tax free, i assume that 25% is set on the total value of the SIPP on the date of the 1st ever withdrawal. Not sure what happens if the SIPP then doubles in value 1 year later so your 25% is now only 12.5% in £££ terms? @scottbeard ?
  13. Cracked it, great wife and 2 nice kids, one of each sex, no mortgage, 2 Tesla's , Big 5 bed detached village house in the S/E worth £600k+, £5-6k p/m net income , six figure stash of crypto assets, SIPP with £225k of assets in it, semi retired, full time working wife not getting under my feet at home every day. Pretty content. Will be better when my home battery storage system is installed so my leccy bills are actually less than they were in 2019, oh, and i finish reflooring 2 of bathrooms, i'm a slow worker and this is week 3.
  14. Dont tell @Peter Hun , VW are going to overtake Tesla in Worldwide EV sales, errr, soon, apparently.
  15. Not for EV's , 39315 new ones added to the roads in March 22 , 16% of all new cars , and 13000 of those were Tesla's , with the Model Y the best selling car in March 2022 @ 6464 , and that's a £55k car!!! This is a 79% increase on March 2021.
  16. links please , i love reading about women having a good bitch and moan at each other. Hilarious.
  17. I am Sole Trader, self employed, i do no PAYE work, i am my own business as such selling goods and services to industry, i dont deal the public. I have traded little since covid as i was shielding during lockdowns, so 2020/21 and 2021/22 will both be loss making years.
  18. No not paid into the SIPP since 2018. Could do but i'm not 55 yet so cant get it out again soon, and can clear my Mortgage in June 2023 when the fix ends. The point of the disposal was to clear the mortgage asap, 10% 2021, 10% 2022 , remainder 2023 after fix expires so no big penalties. I'm not investing this £15k, just leaving it sitting in HL as cash, taking the government top up, and reducing my CGT bill.
  19. There is zero requirement to "earn" a salary to pay into a private Pension, even Pensioners can pay into a private pension and get relief if they wish!! and the Income from Interest, is classed and "taxed" as income. There will be thousands of people living of "assets" who dont work , and pay into a pension. I just logged into HL , went to the pay in section, put in a debit card details and whacked £15k in. Got the message that they would get the gross up £3750 from HMRC in a few weeks time. All they care about is you don't pay in over the lifetime allowance in place these days. I always put my S/T business mileage through my SA rather than claim it back as i go, it will be offset against my "income" , so it should i believe be set off against the £25k income from interest. So that should be taxed as £25000 - £5750 mileage claimed. As far as HMRC is concerned "income" is taxed as income, where it comes from does not matter, Sole trader business earnings (or losses) , bank or asset interest, pension drawdown, BTL income , it's all lump and taxed as "income". So my "income should be taxed on £19250 , and less it my S/T business makes a loss. If i manage to post a £2250 trading loss, then my gross taxable income is further reduced to £17000. So my net taxable income is just £4430 , for Income tax wouldn't be £2,5k , but only £886. When you are not PAYE it's a "Game" to offset as much as allowable against gross earnings to make the net taxable "Income" as small as possible". Accountant has not done my rear end business accounts until next month though, so i'm unsure how much of a loss i actually made yet.
  20. Oooo , oohh, Can i play this game, try me? See if you can find any wild inconsistency's in my mutterings for over decade, could be fun. A lot of reading to be done tough.
  21. Who knows, i could have sold all my Crypto for over £1.5m at the peak last September and had a very very big tax bill, lots of FIAT devaluing at 20% p/a, and No liquid crypto ☹️ Still would have had my bitcoin and Eth in my SIPP though. 😁
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