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  1. £9 in my home counties town , £6.80 large cod , £2.20 small chips. Always add £1.50 small mushy peas too. usually share it with my eldest kid as its to much for me in one sitting.
  2. Had 4.2kw of PV Solar since 2019 , last of the Fit installs buy about 7 weeks , very very happy with it and knowing every daytime KWH self consumed saves me 30p kwh AND generates me 6p kwh in FIT / Deemed export payments really helps. This last week daytime i have been daily running a 2.8kw pool heater 8am -3pm for little cost, keeps the kids super happy they have a 27 degrees pool to jump in and out of all day and i am using 95% of the solar generation. Just need by extra PV and batteries install ordered in Feb to be done, but anyone with money is trying to do the same so getting supply is a waiting game.
  3. In theory correct. Although every new EV on the road is constant demand destruction that increase's all remain costs on the remaining ICE cars until the tipping point reaches a COVID like level of loss of sales then (and a while before then) there will have to be lots of jobs cuts and refinery closures etc in that industry bring the prices at pumps down a lot, but that wont happen until somewhere between 2035 and 2045.
  4. Simple answer to that, Oil and Gas is priced globally in $ USD and the last 3-4 months GBP/USD has been it's weakest ever , as low as £1.18. Currently £1.21 , so we are seeing 20% + higher prices vs the USD price due to a weaker currency. Always amazes me people cant see this. I you look at the GBP price of oil from 2008 you will see in 2022 we have been paying the highest prices EVER for a barrel of oil.
  5. And yet loads on here who ignored Hex and could have claimed for free as bitcoin holders back in 2019 when i did gave away 10000x ganiz, The recent lows were in 1 month ago and the price has gone up 100% since then. Like all Crypto still linked to where Bitcoin goes though. Like everything in life DYOR.
  6. They will afford it by using less, just like the mid 70's and before GCH became affordable and popular for all. I plan to use 50% less gas winter 22/23 vs 21/22 and 70% less than winters 2019/20 , 20/21 when winter heating was on 24/7 due to being stuck with the in laws.
  7. Done my estimates for this winter, we used £500 of GAS for gch, water and cooking Nov-March 2021/22 before the April rise. GCH is off April to October. With an 80% rise in Gas from April price and a doubling of the standing charge, we are looking at £1900 this 5 month winter, without any further rise in January. So we will be using much less as the heating was on 18 hrs a day last winter. Now it will only be on 9 hrs to help mitigate silly spends. And hot water is being switched to overnight cheap EV leccy @ 7.5p kwh as gas will be 13p kwh. Also have upped our energy DD from £200 pcm summer to £300 pcm now the start creating a buffer.
  8. Nope. If the bank goes into liquidation the next day, Poof, your moneys gone and you have to beg the Government to give you back up to £85k of it. Deposit £1m, you get £85k and feel grateful.
  9. Back to the 70's. We did this all the time, my dad and uncle with a axe and bow saw, me in tow, drive the car into the woods, hand process fallen trees / logs, then axe split them in the back yard. Cost my Dads mate a finger once due to my little sister about 3 at the time wandring near him while he has splitting logs, looked over his shoulder to see where she was while still chopping, Whoomp, finger gone.
  10. Once you deposit it in a Bank it's no longer your Money. You gave it to the bank. You own an IOU on a bank ledger in your name. Not you your bank, not your cash, Not your keys, not your coins. Crypto is the answer, self custody of your money and assets.
  11. Thing is it's only the bottom 30% of the income distribution that are really suffering, and they get almost 100% of their income from the other 70% who are fed up with paying for them. As Mark Blyth said "We dont care what happens to you, you are now something to be policed, your now something to have your behaviours changed". This winter my home energy bills will rise from £200 pcm now , £120 pcm last winter, to £500pcm. It's annoying yes and cuts will be made in other area's and energy consumption will be less. But when we need it we will heave both heating and eating as we always have for the last 20 years as a family. I will still vote Tory as every other party will want to rob me blind to pay for the feckless.
  12. Labour Government in 1976, i was there terrible drought, much worse that the Tory caused one now. Why couldn't they solve it back then? Or..... was it something to do with the weather? Hmmmmm. And every time i pass the HS2 sites i marvel and the tens of thousands on Navi's with pick axes building that thing for hundreds of miles, great for full employment.
  13. Have not been following this but it's good news when it happens.
  14. I you bought back in 2011 you have done well, plenty of HPI since then. Our last move up to the last house in 2016 during Brexit mini crash after June vote was our last. and HPI gains have been good the last 6 years too. Now pretty much mortgage free thanks to Crypto so just living life.
  15. No, i can only say what i am invested in, launched or yet to be launched. Bitcoin, Ethereum , Hex , all launched, PulseChain and PulseX yet to go live.
  16. Notice since we have come back up $7k from $17k lows they have all scurried back under rocks again to hide? I still think we need a capitualtion wick to $10k In Q3/Q4 2022 but hope we dont.
  17. Was more pubs in the UK 1400-1900 before GCH or leccy heating was a thing, people seems to have flocked there to eat and drink back then, even in Winter. I love our village pub in winter with the log fires roaring. Toasty.
  18. There will be plenty of new projects doing 100 x-1000x , people just need to research and find them. Bitcoin still has at least a 50 x in by 2029. Personally looking forward to the next Tesla stock spilt.
  19. But it doesn't matter, is the last house of our personal ladder of 3 purchases (with 2 rentals in between). We will retire here and downsize one day, if the market falls a lot and not recover in say 30 years time then we will trade down to whatever at that point. I have no concerns of the rise and fall in the price of my house anymore and we no longer need LTV .
  20. My Octopus Go beta EV leccy contract is fixed until end March 2023, 30p kwh day, 7.5p kwh night, 25p standing charge. Gas is variable though so that will shoot up from 7.2p kwh.
  21. Fixed and capped mortgages were both on the table when i bought my 1st house in 1996 in my late 20's. Ended up with a 7% Halifax variable cashback PEP mortgage i seem to remember.
  22. Hey COV , my installer is still unable to get my 2 x 8.2kwh + 2 3.0 inv Giv-Energy system to install. Had a call Monday and they have the batteries now and no invertors. He suggest we look at other brands. Any pointers how we can get hold of Growatt Systems? Also i was in disagreement with him that i thought Ritchie had mad all "renewables" vat free recently including stand alone battery storage, my supplier says it still needs to be bundled with a green energy item (Solar PV / Heat Pump etc) to get 0% vat. I really really want the install finished by October price cap, i started in Feb and thought it would be done by now.
  23. Got the Tesla's payments covered, got a net zero mortgage now remember. Plus they are not really losing value, did a recent WBAC/ Carwow / motorway etc runs and the Y we can get more than we paid for it after 5 months and 8k miles and the 3 we can get £50k for it after 8 months and 9500 miles, we only paid £52k and what it owes will be around £45k now. Want to buy the 3 now new from Tesla? 9 month wait and £61k , exact same car, just slightly bigger battery. All's good, should have bought the right Crypto as we advised over several years rather than sitting in cash losing money. 2% max while inflation is 13% must be a killer.
  24. You will be evited and living on the streets, I have the remaining balance of my £212k mortgage as cash in a few savings accounts waiting for my 5 year fix to end in June 2023, when i shall be clearing it in full. I shall be in a mortgage free £700k house under 55 years old just living life. Renting is a mugs game, how do you propose to pay the market rent from your small state pension once you turn 67 ? You plan to try and keep working until you die?
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