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  1. I know in the UK Beef per kg is 3- 4 x the price of Chicken, not so in SA, Beef is cheaper per KG than Chicken.
  2. Now i'm pretty certain you are Autistic, as you seem in capable of emphatic thinking. That coffee probably cost 25p , where are we will pay £4. And trust me, i have seen villages in Kenya where they live in mud huts with no wired leccy in the village yet every fooker has a Smartphone. You obviously never travel out of 1st World destinations, if out of the UK. In South Africa last time i went in 2017, a big juicy Steak Dinner in a Spur was cheaper locally than a chicken dish on the menu, and 1/3rd of the cost in GBP that you would pay in a UK Beefeater. All prices adjust to local income
  3. So people overpay £25k-£35k+ to save £12750 in Stamp Duty? The only "winners" in this are those that had already exchanged, or had a rock solid SSTC and chain the day the Stamp duty free offer was announced. EVERYONE else paid at least twice over the savings they made in stamp duty. Still, as someone in the final family home, happy to except the increase in equity, maybe up to £650k now from £600k in 2019.
  4. I so hope it's up to new ATH, even if it takes 4 months, i much more prefer doing a "Jiltedjen" as a verb to mean a fook up. 🤣 But...............if we go down to $20k-$10k and have to wait until 2025 to reach a new ATH, i would accept a new "Bitcoin Market Genius" verbage!! 🤔
  5. Far to many rallies even in a Bitcoin bear market to short it, let alone in a buill market pullback. They were warned. Idiots.
  6. Yet again i have to state, bloody no one gives a flying fook about Covid "infections". what everyone is worried about is deaths, then hospitalisations. They are very few, deaths still cant get to 100 a week FFS, 2 months + the "Indian" variant has been a mass death bogeyman. TBH i wouldn't be surprised now if @Arpeggio couldn't pull up UK data now that shows more Adults are dieing of vaccination related blood clots and complications per day / week that Covid 19 infections!!! How many cases of "common colds" every winter and "hayfever" eveery summer? Do we give a shit? No, becau
  7. As someone who met a South African immigrant in 2003 , who had arrived in 2002, on an ancestrial visa, and who when i married and had our 1st kid was still on a SA passport, not yet acheived leave to remain stamp, etc, this is all true. Until her ILTR was passed in 2008 ( 2 years after kid no 1 and 1 year after marraige) , she was walking on eggshells regarding not getting to sick, staying in workl, having a clean bank account, no criminal record. After 2013 when she became a UK Citizen, she finally started to relax, so we had kid no, 2 in 2014!
  8. Makes Bitcoin energy use and Blockchain storage space seem reasonable, does it not?
  9. My wife is South African, she yearns for a really poor section of UK society, so she can employ her "Auntie" for peanuts who goes home to a corregated sheet shack in the townships. Wont ever happened in the UK, to cold, and they would need to scrap minimum wage laws and benefits so poor people started getting hungry and less lazy. No worky, no eatie.
  10. But......................Boomers and Gen X get off our arses and vote in power those that will protect our wealth. Millenials and Gen Z (Zoomers) not so much.
  11. Hex made another new ATH this weekend, $0.088 , i bought a massive stake just over 2 weeks ago @ $0.0585, a month ago it was $0.0661 , 2 months ago $0.019 , 3 months ago under a $ penny. Just sayin.
  12. Almost certainly wait under the stamp duty extension expiry and furlough ends, that is when the SWHTF for the economy and house market. Just park the dream until Q4, we will know by then. and if BTC is suddenly over $130 you don't have to do a jiltedjen, cash out 100% , you can just cash out 50% and keep the dream of wealth alive for 2025.
  13. JJ missed the top by $10k , sold @ $55k, it reached $65k less than 6 week later. He wasn't claiming to be the smartest man in the room then, i wonder why.
  14. Cool, i love the movie "Children of Men" , its one of my favourite science fiction movie about TEOTWAWKI .
  15. Ever notice none of these magnetic tests on arms are done with an metal item of equal weight but low surface area like a table knife? They always use a mobile phone or a spoon (2 x wide contact points). 100% gaurentee you if you at the same time live swapped any of those large surface are items for a tableknife, the magnet effect would "disappear" in a vertical plain and the person would have to lean and 30-45 degrees to get the "magnet" to stick the tableknife to their skin. Total ********.
  16. Well , from the Hex origin eth address he is sitting on a massive bag of Eth from the Hex adoption amplifier, but, it's never been touched and it has no baring to the Hex price performance (Unless RH uses it to buy Hex, then it is only good news!) Also, i have been following RH for 3-4 years on youtube, and he is a pretty deep guy, and very intelligent, espacially about Crypto. He called the BTC top in April on Coinbase IPO, and was right. He also had been right about hex's performance in a bear market, it has an amazing chart and has been making gainz and new ath this past month when p
  17. Isnt property rights of ownership something to important to be put on something like a workflow database engine that can be "urr-hum" , "Edited" by an Admin? At will, or coerced / forced by government / bad actors. With Blockchain there is no dispute, ever, until a new entry of transfer of title after death of the previous owner to a new one.
  18. Look into Hex, doing very well in this mini bear market, and you can earn a great yield staking it for short to medium terms, even after Eth gas fees, which have dropped a lot.
  19. Could be. 🙄 , but from my experience it's no more a ponzi than Bitcoin, which is in aint one, and it's interesting that when the Crypto market falls like the regular markets, everyone goes looking for yield. No i have 3 stakes running, and they are producing the following yield . big 31 day stake 12.13% p/a (0.0333% a day!!!! most saving accounts and cash ISA now pay this p/a in £ GBP) medium 1 year stake 15.34% medium 5 year stake 25.55%
  20. One Crypto is not playing by the rules, seems to have delinked from BTC, and is more linked to USD, is an Eth ERC20 and has also shrugged off ETH's huge USD drop and has made new ATH against BTC and the USD in the last month. is up 1500 x since 2019 launch. I did tell everyone, it's designed ground up to perform in a bear market. I have a significant weighting in it from when BTC was $39284 a few weeks ago. And it's ignored by all media, the majority of YouTube influencers, and rigged market cap charting companies and exchanges, so it trades mostly on defi against USDC, but it can b
  21. Why are traditional market crashes and HPC suddenly aligned with Bitcoin halving cycles and bulls runs the following year? Next halving 2024, next bull run 2025. ?
  22. No different to current crypto secured fintech loans, max LTV is 50%, so want to borrow £10k against Bitcoin, you need to deposit £20k of BTC as security (100%). If you boorow the full 50% LTV and the price of Bitcoin drops, you have to deposit more BTC until back to 50% vs fiat drawdown you have taken, otherwise they start selling you Bitcoin to reduce your FIAT drawdown exposure. They are doing great business, even with the recent 50% drop in BTC price.
  23. Dude, read page 1 of this thread in 2013, guess who is on it? Sitting on over £250k of Bitcoin and Crypto, was £450k @ $65k BTC. My total buy in 2013-2020 is under £20k. I'm really not worried and six figure gainz can come an go the next few years, i'm immune. The fall from on value of my crypto pot from £103k in December 2017 to £18k in December 2018 hit me far harder emotionally, but i just went through it with the belief BTC is going to $1m+ in my lifetime. 4th major correction for me now (50%+) and i'm never stronger, but then i know, even with an 85% drop from $65k i would still
  24. Nope it's super easy, barely an inconvenience , just ignore cases and look at the "deaths per day / weekly 7 day average and if the are low, say not in the 100 per day, 700 p/w, all is good open up. Plebs dying (who are vaccinated) , lock down. Anti vaxxers fook em to play Russian roulette, i'm not willing to shield them anymore. Sooo.............. last 7 days, 7500 new cases 24hr / 42000 7 day, ignore. Deaths 24hr 6, 7 day deaths, 66. And what's not to bet 70% of these deaths are older antivaxxers, but they wont publish that simple breakdown, probably because it's seen as "racist" , (
  25. Bitcoin closed above the 21 DMA yesterday for the first time in weeks, which is nice. testing it as support today. S2F not broken, we will have repeat of 2013 market, cant say how i know, but all i always needs is time. 😉 Check back in December for six figure $ BTC prices. i guess it's also possible for S2F to undershoot rather than overshoot.
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