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  1. And thanks to Crypto, a few of us here now live this life, eh @MonsieurCopperCrutch
  2. And every one said Hex was a scam, and it's still working flawlessly and Still up 2.5 x from where i bought it 12 months ago, despite the general crypto bloodbath. And paying 11% pcm in Hex interest for 2 month stakes, more for longer.
  3. What if you have £3k pcm of disposable income as "fat" you could cut. that 2/3rds you usually spend on life's luxuries?
  4. Something to do with Blackrock borrowing 25000 BTC from Gemini Exchange and doing an OTC deal for $UST with it then dumping it all and crashing the market for Luna and buying back their BTC cheap, pocketing the difference. Mark manipulation basically by the old masters of Hedge Funds playing with the weak hands of the Crypto Fish.
  5. @longgone probably bought a big bag of it, seems to happen to most of his great Crypto investments.
  6. Low taxes in general, and lower on unearned income than earned income. And no "envy" taxes on those doing ok. Millionaires are not rich these days.
  7. My last Bitcoin buy for me was around $12k on 2020 , as i sold 2 in 2021 that is 2 of my 2013 @ $400 ones gone, so the remainder average is somewhere around $2000 each. time for the noobie weak hand clearout again and wait for 2025 to roll around. Mortgage free now with no plans to sell before £1m BTC 2029 , might buy the dip if when we touch the 200 WMA low enough.
  8. So why is gold down and has given up all it's gains since Mid Feb?
  9. I don't think so, remember i cashed out £300k last year and now am mortgage free, 2025 will come around soon enough, i have no need to sell any more Crypto. I may even buy the dip if we get to the 200 WMA. You have to be prepared to ride the pullbacks in a Crypto Winter. It will go where it goes but I wont be selling anymore now until way past $100k .
  10. That's a pretty tough ask becasue bitcoin has never fallen back below a previous ATH , which was $20k in 2017, and has never closed a week below the 200 WMA, which is close to $22k now. Just HODL on, i have no need to sell any for many years now.
  11. I have been earning 11-12%+ in Crypto since 2019, why would i going into FIAT being inflated away at 5% ?
  12. 13 months of fix left on a 14 year remaining mortgage, paid off 10% last year, will pay off 10% this year, the remaining mortgage will be cleared after June 2023 when the fix expires and zero early payment penalties. Then we decide do we take out a new mortgage but in a proper offset mortgage account and just leave the cash there so zero interest payments until we spend / use some.
  13. I would think this is a one off shock in 2022 for the "no new customer deals" rules change that came in in January. So shopping around should be flatter. We will know when people do their second 2023 renewals. Did you stick with the same insurer or try and shop around for a better deal?
  14. Will be interesting at what price level, and when, it meets the 200 WMA , currently at $21700.
  15. So you have no worries about being homeless, as us losers who just bought houses will be in trouble? These were your word's. "All these moronic fools who laughed that they'd bought houses and we were all losers are in for one f**king big shock. Try eating your houses." Like anyone else including you, those with houses will sell other assets to eat (including the house you rent) and the shelter will be the last to go. I just dont see if you think things will get so bad you will be better placed to weather the storm when you dont own a home outright. Inflation will push house prices up further like the 70's.
  16. I entered the housing market Q4 1996 , exited into cash Q3 2007, entered again Q1 2009 and also caught the brexit dip Q4 2016. I own a big house, no net mortgage, assets and a decent family income, you think i'm worried? If you think a cash savings accounts has outperformed house prices since the 1960's you must be smoking crack. We have had a high inflation period before in the 70's, 80's Family houses went from £5k to £20k then £80k within 20 years, then fell back 50% in the 90's. I expect no different now either. As before inflation will feed through to wage inflation and the current indebted will be bailed out by it. Those that don't own hard assets will be wiped out. So if you think you will afford the house you want at 2-3 times the price it is now by the end of the decade you have nothing to worry about.
  17. But you couldn't afford it, cant pass the mortgage tests. Inflation has quadrupled the price and your cash savings are worth just 25% of what they are now, Now what?
  18. I goes off to check the thermometer in our Kitchen, GCH been off since 1st week of April , 12.45am, Kitchen says 20 degrees C in the house. 2009 Newbuild , 200m2 detached 5 bed, said before but never goes below 16 degrees in with no heating on nighttime in Winter.
  19. Are Local councillors employed by the council after being elected? Or they still have to work a normal job and do the councillor bit for free?
  20. My local town highest diesel price is already back above the price it was before Rishi cut fuel duty 5p. 181.9p ltr again now.
  21. Base rates are not going above 2% in the West, so you aint ever seeing 7%-10% on Cash again before a FIAT collapse.
  22. Where will you live if your Landlord evicts you to sell the house the buy his family food? could your family last homeless? For how long?
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