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  1. OneCoin was never a Crypto, it was a scam, didn't even have a blockchain, so couldn't be listed on any exchanges etc. You could buy into it, but there was zero exit route. Want to know the story listen to the 2019 Podcast "The Missing CryptoQueen" on BBC Sounds app. I wasn't even a Ponzi, the lucky ones can exit a Ponzi ahead. This was a pure selling fresh air scam.
  2. All good, as mentioned last year on the Bitcoin thread i sold £300k of my holdings in October 21, the remainder has dropped though, but that's the nature of Crypto.
  3. Same reason you didnt buy at $400, sell at $20k in 2016/17, then buy again at $3000 in 2018, sell at $14k in 2019, buy at $4k in Covid dip 2020 and sell at $69k in 2021. Why not? It's obvious these levels were going to happen right Captain Hindsight?
  4. I doubt they are a big percentage of the global hashpower, pretty sure BTC will just shrug and carry on.
  5. 1919 was the time to buy then., just after the end of WW1. Typical, I wasn't born for another 50 years.
  6. So glad we got into our final house in 2016, cheap. Have not had a valuation since and the neighbours 3 identical houses have not sold either, we set the benchmark price in 2016. We are not selling so don't care really, will be 20-30 years before we think about downsizing, if still alive.
  7. Another reason for big pullbacks, when the price drops a lot miners also add fuel to the fire dumping the market to pay bills / loans.
  8. I have a Bullionvault account, still with some Gold dust in it from 2009. I i bought 100 ozs of gold from the i would get a spot price plus spread. If i pay a fee, they will make physical delivery. there fore the paper spot price is the Gold price.
  9. The difficulty adjusts roughly every 2 weeks to produce a block every 10 mins. lots of miners switch off, after 2 weeks the difficulty drops a chunk so the remaining miners are produce a block every 10 mins again. Basically yes, is network hashpower dropped back to 2010 levels you could then mine full 6.25 BTC blocks Solo on a modern laptop.
  10. If miners take equipment offline, the difficulty adjusts down, so BTC becomes easier to mine. From 2009 to 2011 BTC could be mined on a bog standard laptop of that era just using the CPU, the difficulty was so low. 50 BTC a block. Now they have to spend millions is ASICS to get 14 BTC a day. At a guess if Bitcoin got below $9000 , they would be mining say 30 BTC a day rather than 14 with the same ASIC's and same total energy / running costs. Energy and ASIC costs are the big factor here, if the ASICS are paid for, then they should be fine unless their leccy costs go through the roof as BTC is dropping in price. That will really cripple any BTC mining operation.
  11. And no mention of EV's, my family is still fueling from "free" to 2p a mile max. £2 ltr just make me smile.
  12. Great, that's a completly stock model M3 , zero options, mine has paint, wheels and interior upgrades, and that is selling for £500 more than i paid for mine. Looking good.
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