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  1. Its a conversation, between knowledgeable guys in world finance. And Peter Schiff videos are not aimed to scare people and selling Gold?
  2. A different view, that basically explains, if we let inflation rip, or try to wind back into deflation, both will end in disaster, and only one game in town to protect yourself fully.
  3. Maybe someone expressed a wish to by a nice plot of land to build a house on, to raise a family, that is a 99.9999% White Caucasian area, does anyone know anywhere and have any for sale. Then they where put upon for being racist by the libtards, when just expressing their wants.
  4. Ledger Nano S can hold about 6 different crypto’s at once. Buy direct, not from a reseller. It’s what Mons and I and several others use.
  5. Not a bad plan if executed soon, that would catch the majority of this 2021 bull run, plus the 2025 and 2029 bull runs. Anywhere from 50x to 100x would be my estimate.
  6. Hmmmm. She is what we call in jolly old England.......... A Fruitcake!!
  7. Silver up to $27.60 so far, from $24.50 at the time of this post. Meanwhile, in proper "increasing" store of value land. Bitcoin up from $19150 to $42100 in the same period. You must have missed that in the charts somehow, (was obvious to me, hence i continued to HODL) , otherwise you would have traded it.
  8. Another Tea leaf reader. short term (weeks) who cares, worst is we will retest the 21 WMA, $22k -$25k, but unlikely without very bad news / co-ordinated FUD. Medium term (Spring) we will set a new ATH above $50k. USA $2 Trillion stimulas start, mid to long term (Summer to Xmas 2021) , we will notch up $10k every six weeks with a pull back and be above six figures by December 31st at the latest. 2nd Stimulas USA and wordwide will be in full effect in bitcoin June onwards, just like the March/ April stimulus didn't kick in in crypto until Sept/ oct 2020. And your Tea leaf predictions a
  9. Any altcoins i dont hold or approve of are shitcoins. Nothing Wrong With ETH, or LTC. But something like Cardarno is not going to improve the world. But all Alts hang off Bitcoins shirttails. Fact.
  10. It's in the plans, need to finish the mountain of Xmas fayre still in the house. Wife went a bit nuts this year. If it where just the wife and i, much more healthy and exciting food would be cooked, with kids, well, a green phobia like most, teenager is maturing slowly, youngest autistic kids a nightmare, plain everything. And i do all the cooking so i try and keep it simple. Plus i have "forced" "in laws living with me as they are feckless South Africa losers, coming on 2 years in spring, so i am kind of not minding my health or general messyness in life as a "control" mechanism as it
  11. The market always finds a way. Stupid high charges are huge motivator to find alternatives. Well done. Seems like short term anti brexit remainer FUD. will most likely be all quiet on the western front come 2022.
  12. Looks Like Ethereum is looking to break out to new ATH. I hold several times ETH than my BTC holdings, $5k or $10k ETH would make me very happy and bring me to 50% cash out day much quicker. Now imagine you where a certain HPC Grump / Skeptic who recently sold a load of ETH as Bitcoin was "Crashing" a few weeks ago. Only to see ETH back to ATH and looking to break above. Oh Dear, Mr.HUN. Forever the expert on everything. 🙄
  13. I could see my self using this once Bitcoin is 7 figures, and i can commit "some" to generate £2k a month income. But this is all quite new and i would want to see steady well known players in the market for a few years to feel secure. How do they explain their business model works? How do they generate income on your deposited Bitcoin? Do they loan it out for a fee to Shorters?
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