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  1. We opted to keep our six year old home schooled, as we have 3 high risk people living in the house, and as School now is not really proper school, maybe to African standards!! They are in every other week, and only 4 days. So 4 days a fortnight out of what used to be 10 days.
  2. Do you not have Paypal????? That has KYC too? You also have to link it to a credit card or bank account. I recently had to send two forms of id and proof of address to Paypal as I accept payments for my business with it.
  3. But the prepaid card will be in your name? You cant just go to Tesco's and pick up a pre paid credit card with no name and ask them to "top it up" with a wadge of cash. You have to apply for it with FYC just like any other financial instrument. Cash or Crypto, only two ways to obtain goods free of KYC.
  4. You are already been watched, on a database, you own Gold. future enemy of the state. every purchase you make is reported to big brother.
  5. Ears, the Chinese know ears are like fingerprints, each one it unique to a single person and mappable with "Ear ID" regcognition software. Hong Kong rioters knew this last year and had to ensure their ears were covered along with nose and mouth. Once they map your ears and log it to you, you are knackered unless you go out in full head covering, then the authorites just ban full head coverings. Either way you are knicked and sent to a gulag.
  6. Have you ever watched video of a few Orca's playing with a nearly dead seal? Tossing it about with their tail fins? The Seals are the "95%" of Bitcoin traders, who apparently make more gainz than Hodlers. The Orca's...…………..obviously Whales! lol.
  7. Has been said several times before the 2020 Halving, but will we see Bitcoin at four figures ever again? I think maybe not.
  8. You misunderstand, I am saying GS is buying BTC "away" from exchanges, Over The Counter. So private transactions. Any Exchange purchases of Grayscale would rocket the price due to liquidity drain. I would sell mine OTC for +20% on spot, then immediately go on exchange and buy it again. lol.
  9. Even measured from cycle low crash to cycle low crash, it still has outperformed everything else for 10 years. 2015 low $300 , 2018 low , $3500.
  10. Funny that, they have no way to make money on Bitcoin so don't recommend it. G.S. Client...……."Can I buy Bitcoin via G.S. or a managed physical Bitcoin Tracker Fund, I want G.S. to gaurentee the custodial risk. G.S. Errrrr………….No. So we don't recommend it. G.S. Client ………… Hmmm JPM seem to have a crypto trading desk, and Grayscale have a huge tracker fund, are you sure I shouldn't have exposure? G.S. Well if you must absolutely no more than 1% of your net worth. G.S. Clent . Ok great, but you cant provide any services? G.S "No". G.S Client - "ok I going to invest 1% into the Grayscale Bitcoin tracker fund." G.S." Bugger, well here is our advice fee $$$$$" G.S. Clent, "but you advised me not to buy it, so stick you fee where the sun don't shine" . G.S. "****!"
  11. USA will go to war before they a return to the gold standard, because, China secretly has of 20k tons, and Fort Knox has less than 1000 tons. Which is why the wont let anyone do an audit of 50 years.
  12. You think too small, that's always your trouble. When Bitcoin makes me a 1%, I will lobby to commoditise drinking water, and air. don't pay up, your access is cut. Then you will know who is pulling the strings as you die of thirst or gasping to breath.
  13. So there are only two assets now? Houses and Bitcoin!
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