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  1. Good luck, i don't think returns will be amazing, but if you don't see 100% gain with 5 years o would be shocked. If you dont, it shows Gold is well and truely fiddled, there will have been $5 trillion printed by then.
  2. Uh huh. 4 years minimum in bitcoin will make you more return than 30 years in Gold. £2k in 2013/14, now worth £215k. I too only invest, bought gold and gold miners in 2010, return so far is not even single figures in over a decade.
  3. But no one did this, not one person, because no one knew Doge would have a sudden take off. 31% down today, was 36% down at the low. as soon a the charts start showing a week on week loss, more selling, month on month loss, even more selling. Even on it's worst co-ordinated fud days, BTC has never dropped 30% + in one day.
  4. Alts drop as BTC rises, Alts rise when BTC consolidates, Alts crash after BTC, once the Alt holders realise BTC isn't having just a pullback, it's crashing (a weekly close below the 21 Weekly EMA usually), and the crash way harder. In 2018/19 every Alt lost 95%+ of it 2018 high value.
  5. I will say that's it, it will bleed off 80% of its gainz now between now and Xmas, then crash 90% from there when Bitcoin crashes.
  6. Good luck staying poor, 8% is a 4hr chart move in Bitcoin. I will make you a bet, money in bitcoin now will massively outperform Gold by Xmas 21.
  7. BEV wipe out all these costs. Nothing but tyres to replace, wheel bearings and CV joints at high miles (100kish). Brakes last 10 x ICE. Every other cost is not there.
  8. You clearly have learned nothing about inflationary currencies destroying their value. Dog can never maintain its market cap through coin inflation alone.
  9. They should quickly offer their ex neighbours £500 for the swimming pool and land below it. Take it or leave it.
  10. A few weeks now, hardly worth the breath, I have booked a family meal for 7 at the local Beefeater on the 23rd. Happy days.
  11. Seems pretty obvious to me, in Dec 2020 we had the breakout from the 2017 ATH, the market shot up (as we said it would), by mid Feb it had overreached. Since then it has been moving sideways, slightly up ($58k-$65k) , which has given the Alts a chance to catch up, and over extend, as money flows from impatient retail, BTC-ALTS. In June it will take off again, and the process will reverse a bit, lots of Alts will sell off, BTC will rise another 100% by late August, then pause again.
  12. In a bull run, pretty much, and bill runs last 18 months, from halving to following year end.
  13. So what that means is in just 16 years in power Labour managed to spunk the wealth created by 84 years of good fiscal policy and saving done by the Conservatives. Well done, hope you stay out of power you idiots.
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