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  1. After just returning from a 4 day / 3 night long weekend in "luxury accommodation" (posh shallet , 40" TV, ensuite toilet, toilet shower, microwave, gas hob, dishwasher, usb plugs everywhere") that cost £988 for 3 nights for 2 adults and 2 kids, with additional on site (90% of activities was a paid extra) and local spending on food and activities , we got through a total of £1500 adding meals and travel costs for 2 cars. £500 a day for crap, i didnt even have more than 2 pints of San miguel a day @ £5 pint, no one came to make the beds of tidy up, terrible. Thing is it also rained 30% of the time during the day, and it was patchy sun when that was out. I was so disgusting with the whole UK cost of a mini break to EU level ( i dont want to cook, drive or shop for food i want my **** wiped). So last night we had a fook it moment and dropped £5600 for 14 days of 5 star luxury in Gran Canaria , All inclusive, 200m from the beach, with plenty on in hotel kids activities free. Add in £500 for teen age kid out a 4 return covid PCR tests and £120 for airport parking, so about £6200 so far, but all the food, booze and sun we can handle. Anyone else feel that to uk holiday in proper EU luxury you will need to sell a kidney , and to have a UK holiday on par with luxury EU cost you have to have a sub par everything "busmans" holiday where you have to do almost everything, and still be crap weather too?
  2. Your school down the end of a muddy track in a village then? Or is this a "coffee morning Mummy" "want", rather than "need". My answer to my wife would be, if you are 100% paying for it yourself, have what you want, if i'm involved, you will have what "we" want, if i'm 100% paying for it, you will have what i give you.
  3. Was the 4 year old TMS P with free Supercharging cheaper than a new TM3 P ?
  4. Not really. will just cause delays, want a good price, you have to wait. Was talking to the owner of a local tackle shop Thursday while buying 2 pints of mixed maggots, he told me stock is an issue and Shimano , a big maker of fishing reels and equipment are quoting 6-8 weeks before any more UK stock comes in because they wont ship until they container is 100% full of orders due to cost, no more 1/2 or 1/4 full containers ever 1-2 weeks. I noticed things i put on "email me when in stock" on Angling Direct in January have only just come into stock 8 months later. Price didn't matter (unless 2nd hand off ebay) you could buy new for any fishing shop in the country that sold online, the brands and items i wanted was sold out everywhere. So just had to wait.
  5. Cant see how, 2 weeks since freedom day 19th July and daily covid infections only 22k, and 7 day average has dropped 68k , down 27%. Me thinks Covid is hitting a vaccination wall and running out of sensible adults to infect, the nutters would have us believe everything should be rising across the board, it's not.
  6. Simple maths on the per m2 cost of the flooring, how much flooring can fit in a full 40ft container? if it's only 3000m2 or 20,000m2 , will have a big effect on price, if 2 Million m2 , not so much. I used to work for a company in 2007-9 that imported about 20000m of hydraulic hose of various sizes 1/4" to 1" in a full 40ft container, average price about $2.5 a metre. A jump from $3k to $20k for a container would have a big effect on the cost per sale unit (1 metre). Retail trade counter margins about 70% , van breakdown margins about 250% , OEM margins 20-30%. If it was M6 x 20 bolts, and a 40ft container held 50m of the things, then the cost per unit (each) aint so much when retail margins are in the several 100% .
  7. I couldn't reply last week, was on the naughty step, can now. I put 0.3 BTC into Nexo few months back, converted a small amount of BTC (0.03) into nexo tolken to get platinum rates, Nexo holding up well, 0.03 BTC worth $1154 , nexo tolkens worth $910. I took an £1800 drawdown loan and stake the rest every month on a 1 month basis for extra interest. The interest i get in BTC and nexo bonus shares more than offsets the interest charged on the GBP FIAT drawdown loan, so so far it has been interest free and i have not paid a penny back. But this is chicken feed compared to Hex i bought late May. I spent $195k buying 3.4m Hex at around $0.058, $0.059. I have been staking it ever 30/31 days and getting 12%-14% p/a for one months stake, 1%+ per month, in HEX not FIAT. But........................ 1st month i sold the interest in late June Hex had risen to $0.075 , and i got £1820 FIAT for my HEX interest, HEX-USDC-GBP . Then last week end my 2nd 30 day stake on 29th July and Hex had risen to $0.135 , almost £0.10, so i sold the interest and and 7k hex capital for £3800. Took £1800 as income and staked £2000 into USDC for Pulse sacrifice , so got a $2900 Pulsechain sacrifice for when the mainnet goes live in the next few weeks. Have now restaked 3.3333m HEX until 29th August and at current price £0.0965 am on target to get about £3250 from selling Hex interest come the months end. It gets even better. That $195k into Hex late May is now worth about $465k according to staker app , and when Pulsechain fork of Ethereum goes live mainnet in the next few months, not only will i get 10,000 pulse for every $1 i sacrificed, about 29m Pulse, pulsechain will also have a copy of my 3.3333m eth Hex (e-hex) called p-hex. So i will have ; 29m Pulse that start at $0.00 value (cost $2900) 3.3333m Hex (eHex) worth $465k that cost $195k 3.3333m eHex that also start at $0.00 value, cost me nothing, freemium. If either p-hex or Pulse make small gainz in $ price 1 year after trading starts, it will make £££££ gainz on top of my BTC / Ethereum bags, Looking good. 😉
  8. Same car, different badges and bumpers. Both RHD made on the same USA production line, but the Vauxhall Version imported badgeless and bumperless and those bits were added in the UK. Mechanic's 100% identical. Less then 150 RHD Volts in the UK so super rare, and holding it's value like crazy, still worth £6k with zero warranty left and 115k miles, £34k new, only paid £17k with 14k miles in 2014. Congestion charge free and ULEZ compliant too, but we hardly use that. As there are 10'000s of LHD Volts in the USA with 99% identical mechanics to UK RHD specialist parts are super cheap to import from the USA with shipping via RockAuto.com or Ebay , and shares basic running gear steering, brakes, suspension with the 2012 Vauxhall Astra, (GM Delta platform?) Also, as they fitted a 16kwh battery pack, and only 10kwh is useable, despite being charged and exhausted at least twice a day weekdays and once weekends, it still has the same 30-40 mile EV range it had from new. Zero range loss in 115k miles. I worked out not long ago when i self serviced it for the first time out of warranty that the 1.4 petrol engine generator on the Atkinson cycle had only done a max of 25k miles driven out of 105k total. Awesome car, totally overengineered and bound to become a valuable future classic in 20 years time. One in the USA did 500k miles and was still going, full 10kwh EV range, when the owner sold it to a Canadian EV specialist as their loner car.
  9. I was "silenced" until today, now just moderated for a spat on the covid thread. Still no issues with me getting money into Kraken via Nationwide Flex or out of Kraken via First Direct (HSBC) or Halifax. And we are talking figures from £1800, £2000, to £3800 in the last 50 days.
  10. Just got back from a new forest mini break last night, was on the naughty step with zero posts allowed, they have now moved me up to moderator approval, guess they are missing controversial content big time! We have a 2018 Nissan Leaf 40kw on lease until March 2022 @ £400 pcm (25k miles p/a) and a fully paid 2012 Chevy Volt EREV , 115k miles , bought for £17k loan in 2014 and finished the loan last November, running it is money for old rope now. Took both the the new forest 220 mile round trip, fully charging the Volt using the campsite leccy via 3 pin EVSE over 8 hrs every night gave use an average MPG of 75 for the trip combined leccy and petrol use. Also have a SORN 2008 Honda Civic 2.2 CDTI ES on the drive, which has now not lost a penny in value since the Nissan Arrived in 2018. When the Nissan goes we are in the market for a Tesla model Y LR with performance upgrade in 2022/23 , whenever they bring it for sale over here. That will be financed on a 10 year secured loan backed by my £500k+ of Crypto wealth. If no Tesla Model Y by next April will put the Honda back on the road until the Tesla arrives.
  11. Even at £200, most of the worlds families could not afford to buy a dog to eat. Chicken is much cheaper.
  12. Yes, best buy Bitcoin now, protect your wealth from inflation.
  13. If they don't panic sell they will be the smartest people you know come Xmas 2021, and the richest come 2025.
  14. Yes, i regret not buying "more" houses in the Brexit vote crash, after June 2016 , got a lovely £44k discount from the April 2016 price in August 2016, and zero competition. You makes your own luck, i say.
  15. @jiltedjen says you is dumb as you didn't buy that holiday when BTC was above $50k like he did , and that holiday will cost 10 x more in a few months as BTC will drop so low you'll be able to DCA back 2 BTC in 2 1/2 years for just £200 quid a month.
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