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  1. Gold Hovers After Touching New Highs, Gold Allocation "Part of Diversified Portfolio" says Pimco link "WHOLESALE gold prices hovered in a tight range just below $1780 an ounce for most of Tuesday morning in London, just below a new 2012 spot market high touched yesterday following comments from US Federal Reserve policymakers. Silver prices traded just below $35 per ounce, close to seven-month highs, while stocks and the Euro ticked higher despite warnings that Spain is underestimating the amount of recapitalization its banks need. Commodities were broadly flat, with copper showing some strength, while major government bond prices fell. A day earlier, Dollar gold prices touched a new 2012 high at $17971 per ounce during Monday's US session, while the gold price in Euros set a fresh all-time record at €44,583 per kilo (€1386 per ounce). "The gains were prompted by Fed President Evans' comments that the quantitative easing measures adopted [by the Fed last month] did not go far enough," reckon analysts at Commerzbank. "On top of this, Fed Chairman Bernanke expressed concern about weak economic growth, making additional bond purchases a possibility... In a climate of ultra-loose monetary policies and the relentless Eurozone debt crisis, demand for gold as a store of value and alternative currency is likely to remain strong." "We believe investors should consider allocating gold and other precious metals to a diversified investment portfolio," say analysts Nicholas Johnson and Mihir Worah at world's largest bond fund Pimco. "
  2. "Now, a modern day version of JP Morgan is telling the world, “Gold is a currency.” That’s what $120 billion hedge fund manager Ray Dalio said recently about the yellow metal. Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, doesn’t give many interviews. So, I find it very telling that when he does speak, he says, “It’s not sensible not to own gold.” When asked if he owned gold, he quickly replies, “Oh yeah, I do,” and said people should have “10%” in their portfolios." Link
  3. Gold ETFs Set New Record, Bullion Prices "Should Break Higher After Consolidation Period" Link "It looks to me like we've got a short period of consolidation," says Standard Chartered analyst Daniel Smith. "[We'll see] maybe a month of sideways trading possibly and then generally trending higher in the next six months to a year."
  4. "Gold Uptrend Intact" as Bullion Sentiment "Buoyed by Inflation Fears" Link "Heading into the weekend, spot gold would make its fifth straight weekly gain if it closes above $1770 per ounce later today, while gold in Euros remained within 1% of last year's all-time high this morning. "The large uptrend is still intact, and it is positive that gold has been able to hold onto recent gains," says the latest technical analysis note from bullion bank Scotia Mocatta. "The long-term inflation outlook...is keeping gold sentiment buoyed," says one trader in Shanghai, referring to last week's Federal Reserve decision to begin open-ended quantitative easing. "
  5. "Inflation Risks Higher" After Fed Launches QE3, Analysts See Gold Hitting $1850-$1900 Link "WHOLESALE MARKET gold bullion prices held above $1770 an ounce for most of Friday morning's London trading, near their six-month highs hit after the US Federal Reserve announced a third round of quantitative easing (QE3) yesterday, leading to warnings that the risk of inflation has risen. "After the move [gold bullion] had, not just yesterday, but over the last two or three weeks I think it would be natural to look for a period of consolidation," says Credit Suisse analyst Tom Kendall in London. "But certainly going into the back end of this year, I would be looking for gold to be getting towards at least the $1850 level." "
  6. What I mean't was that when they pegged to the Euro we pretty much knew it was over for the Swiss. Their safe haven alure has been lost entirely which is what made them a global player. It was teh last nail in the coffin.
  7. We knew problems were gonna arise when they pegged the value fo the Swis Franc to the Euro didn't we? Link
  8. Gold Report - Jackson Hole Puts Gold on Hold, But New US Money-Printing "Not Yet Priced In" Link "Bullion trading is still quite light with the market awaiting [Friday's] Jackson Hole symposium," says one London market-maker in a note. "Players on the precious metal markets already appear to be exercising restraint ahead of the annual [central-banking] conference this weekend," agrees Commerzbank's commodities team in Frankfurt. But "the currently very brisk levels of investment demand should prevent any serious fall in gold prices," they add."
  9. Silver Smashes First Major Resistance Point, Moves On To Sideways Consolidation Link Now we just need to hold this range for a while. I don't want to see this turn into another pump & dump.
  10. Good to see the bullish sentiment slowly returning Link "The break above resistance from $1624 to $1629 is bullish," say technical analysts at bullion bank Scotia Mocatta. "This area should now provide some support." "Add this to Romney's claim that he would not reappoint [Fed chairman] Bernanke after his current term expires in January 2014 and we can see that a Republican victory could give the market some reasons for concern,"
  11. Thats a great movie, though vewry dated now. Perhaps tehy should remake it.
  12. "More people are lying about the state of their finances in an attempt to take out mortgages for homes which are beyond their reach, a study has found." Link "Nearly a quarter of mortgage fraud is due to people inflating their incomes." How is lying about your income going to benefit you in the long run? Surely you are going to just put yourself under increased strain to pay the bills? Imbeciles.
  13. Possibly. I'm thinking it could hit around $10 per share.
  14. Facebook's First Big Investor, Peter Thiel, Cashes Out Link "The stock sales, made at per-share prices that ranged from $19.27 to $20.69, took Thiel's total Facebook cash-out to just over $1 billion. " Not bad for him, must have been pretty bad being forced to sit and watch the price fall though due to hos crappy agreement with facebook.
  15. Shows that either Central Banks are worried about currencies or see the price of the Metal as a bargain. Either way it's good for Gold holders.
  16. "Gold remains trapped in a range where it has been for two-and-a-half months," says a note from bullion bank Scotia Mocatta. Data published by the World Gold Council Thursday show that global gold demand between April and June was down on the same period last year, although central banks were buying gold in record quantities. Link
  17. "Over in India, traditionally the world's biggest gold buying nation, imports of gold bullion in 2012 could be down 30% compared to last year, according to Bombay Bullion Association president Prithviraj Kothari. "Demand is very dull even though the festive season is just days away," says Kothari. "Even jewelers are opting to keep lower inventory," adds one dealer in Mumbai. "They are worried about slowing rural demand due to a drought." " Link
  18. I imagine it happens everywhere. jsut some places will be worse than others.
  19. Gold Seeks "Foothold Above $1600", China Stimulus "Likely to be Positive for Gold" Link "Gold seems to have gotten a foothold above the $1600 level and seems to be relatively stable," says Robin Bhar at Societe Generale "It's still showing this correlation to riskier assets. We've seen a bit of a rally in the oil market and equities, and gold has kept a par with those moves."
  20. So they cut wages, increased number of unemployed and part time workers and are now baffled that they are reciveing fewer tax reciepts?
  21. "Greece's unemployment rate rose to a record 23.1% in May, as the country struggles through a fifth year of recession." Link
  22. Likelihood "Remains High" for Central Bank Stimulus, CFTC "Set to Drop Silver Investigation" Link Question regarding the dropped investigation is will the decision result in more faith in the metals or are most investors mainly bullish due to the belief that it was suppressed? Time will tell I suppose.
  23. "It's been a waiting game for Silver investors and now the time has arrived for a breakout to occur. Both the much talked about Pennant formation and the lesser talked about Descending Triangle come to their close very soon." Link
  24. "Which? chief executive Peter Vicary-Smith said: “These latest figures from the banks show that PPI is now on course to become the biggest consumer financial scandal of all time, exceeding pensions mis-selling and the endowment mortgage scandal." Link How many people do you know who were affected by this? I personally know quite a few and they are getting some pretty good compensation ( one person is getting over £7K ).
  25. Gold Investors "Waiting for Signal", ECB Could Enter Markets "With Overwhelming Force" Link "For gold investors it is not only Euro policy uncertainty that has created headwinds for the yellow metal," says Citi, "but also ongoing uncertainty regarding the possibility of QE3 [a third round of Fed quantitative easing]." On the gold futures and options markets, the difference between bullish and bearish positions held by noncommercial Comex traders – known as the speculative net long – fell 15% in the week to last Tuesday, figures published late Friday by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission show. "This week's change was largely the result of a massive unwinding of longs," says Marc Ground, commodities strategist at Standard Bank. "We maintain that overall positioning in gold remains weak, and we are skeptical about the sustainability of any gold rallies over the short term, especially as it appears that QE hopes are once again raised ahead of this week's FOMC meeting." "Investors are playing the waiting game, looking for the signal to get back in," adds a note from UBS.
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