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  1. Only seen 2 myself. That nutter and then a woman carrying a large bag of laundry on her head from the laundromat a few years ago
  2. I've said it before in another thread, in which i was told to stop whining and sell my ipad if I need money, but "this is a depression for people my age". A good friend of mine killed himself in November after struggling for work for over several years. I watched him slowly withdraw from social interaction, apply for more and more menial jobs and then finally give up. I see other people I know starting to follow the same path, I honestly fear I may have to go to another funeral or two next year as some are so miserable with life.
  3. I went out round my local bars on Xmas Eve. In past years it was full of young people, I would be bumping into people from school, college etc in every bar and have a catch up and a good time. I only bumped into one guy I knew last night, and he had to borrow cash from his mam to go out with his girlfriend since he got laid off last month. The bars were busy, but not anywhere near the level they were a year or two ago. In the past it took 20 - 30 mins to get served. The longest I waited was about 2 minutes if that. I'd say the average age of the people out was around 45, in the past this group were the minority. I don't know who the Government are trying to fool with their statistics. This is a Depression for everyone my age, it's not often I meet someone who is happy with life at the moment. It's hand to mouth. Make enough to pay the rent (or not as most can't afford to move out that I know), keep the heating off and drown sorrows in cheap off license/supermarket alcohol watching some crap on the freeview.
  4. A bit far out I know but has anyone considered this? I have no idea what the final cost would be but the actual building itself seems quite cheap relative to traditional housing here in the UK. Here is one site I was looking at > http://www.mountainlodgehomes.co.uk/#/prices-designs/4546460209 Is this possible in this nation or is it only really suitable elsewhere?
  5. People lose money because either the Exchange gets hacked, they leave their coins in an online wallet or they do not backup and encrypt their offline wallets properly. The steps you have to take to remain secure until a proper regulated number of exchanges appear is: 1.) Use the exchanges to buy or sell, then withdraw any funds ASAP. 2.) Do not use online/cloud wallets 3.) Install your offline wallet onto a USB device and back it up onto other USB devices. Treat these devices like you would a home safe 4.) Only ever plug in your USB devices to do a transaction, never leave them connected when not in use.
  6. I'm sure if you went back in time and told people that we use paper as money in the future many would laugh at you. The main criticisms of BTC are what is wrong with it currently. Too many are looking at it as a finished product/system, which it is not. Once regulated exchanges are established many of these problems will vanish.
  7. Transactions were designed to be done in Satoshis, not entire Bitcoins. FWIW 1 BTC has to hit around $2,000,000 for volatility to drop to that of a typical Forex currency pair.
  8. I'm not a fan of Bensham personally, too many non-english or poor english speaking immigrants there now. Not to mention I had a gun pulled on me about 8 or 9 years ago on Rectory Road, some black kid reckoned I knew some guy who'd stolen money from him. Low Fell is the best area but it is still overpriced as many people my parents age bought around the peak of the bubble. i know a fair amount of people who are depending on their property maintaining or going up in value in order to retire in some comfort. The Sherrif hill area has some decen tproperty at more reasonable prices. Problem is some of the streets are home to some nasty scum. I've got friends who live there though and it seems the type of place where if you keep out of peoples business you won't get any bother. Don't go in any of the local pubs though, very rough places. The Three Tuns is the only decent bar, never any trouble and get some great bands in. Last week was the UK Subs. Good pub for pulling girls I might add too.
  9. Bear market rally until it can hold above $1350 for a few months I'd say. There was indeed a rush to cover Shorts, I was lucky to get out with just a £50 loss since I moved my Stop to the entry. I got my physical stack and I'm just waiting for some confirmation as to which way it wants to go. We're either set for another tumble to $1050 - $1150 or we get propelled to $1500 - $1600 IMO. I'm considering going both long and short out of the money in GLD options right now. The volatility building should make probability of profit quite high. Worst case scenario would be sideways for the rest of the year but I think it looks unlikely. DYODD and tread carefully, this is a potential game changer what happens in the next 2 months.
  10. Well turns out I was right in the first place. I managed to get another Short in when I saw it rally. Didn't quite get the top but managed to get in pretty near at $1290. It could overshoot to $1350 but it won't last long.
  11. I've went Short again at $1250. My hopes ofa bounce to the $1300 range are dwindling. A Drop to $1050 looks more likely to happen first. I'll hold my Short until then, adding on the way down the same as I did on the last big dip. At $1050 I will go Long if it cna form a base there.
  12. I wish my younger brother and his GF could see it. They're having a kid and are about to put in a bid for a 2 bedroom terraced house. Asking price is £154,995 I told him to offer £80K. It's not exactly in the nicest part of town either.
  13. People cheer prices up because they have been conditioned to believe that the price of their home is representative of tehir wealth. Everyone wants their wealth to increase.
  14. Ah, someone else who sees it. I am playing the 76 playout right now. You can see in other threads that I have been shorting for a while as I see $1050 coming then a run to stupid prices. I covered my short at $1250, went long at $1200 and I'm gonna go Short again in teh $1300 range. At $1050 I will go long again.
  15. Thank you. It dipped a bit lower than expected but bounced pretty fast. I'll wait and see if it rises back to the $1300 range before placing another big Short trade.
  16. MY plan is to split the profits 3 ways. 1/3rd into Gold Sovereigns, 1/3rd into XAU to speculate and the final 1/3rd to just sit around as cash should I find something I want to buy/invest in.
  17. What's wrong with only paying the amount of tax you have to? It's an accountants job to make sure you only pay the minimal requirement. With a Government that wastes tax money on a grand scale why would anyone want to contribute more than they have to? If it is legal then what are they complaining about? There is a witchhunt on those who are pro wealth and pro independence right now and it has been building for a long time. The masses want their free stuff on the back of those who make the most. I say if you aren't happy with what you earn go and improve or learn a new skill to get a better income. If you're unhappy about the amount you pay in tax go self employed and use the legal system of claiming back expenses. This is what I did, it was hard at first but it was worth it. Much better than sitting around being a miserable sod complaining all the time and venting jealousy adn hatred for those better off than myself.
  18. I placed my short weeks ago as I see it falling to $1250, then bouncing a little then going to $1050. I'm shorting this accordingly and will wait for signs of a bottom at or aroud $1050 before I go Long again.
  19. I'm a Day Trader, I used to trade Commodities exclusively but moved into Forex last year. Had great success with shorting the JPY and the Precious Metals. NAtural gas has been pretty good to me too but it rarely gives me an entry signal for my method compared to other instruments. Anyone else do this for a living?
  20. I have some experience with UAF and they fall into 2 groups. There are the low level members who are just trendies looking for a cause, the upper tier are totalitarian radical nutters. They used to hang around the local concert halls and recruit young people there. I was approached and out of curiousity took them up on their offer. I went to a few meetings as I was fascinated by their thoughts and opinions. I stopped going after a few meetings as I determined that these lot were nothing but trouble. I'm quite sure the head of the branch was a sociopath too, one of the most hate filled people I have ever met. He had a fascination with violence and had a collection of videos on various hard drives and DVDs of things such as executions, murders, torture etc. You know the type of nasty things that go viral on the net from time to time? Yeah, all that kind of stuff, very creepy indeed. 2 years ago there was a planned EDL march through my town center. The leaders of the local UAF meeting spent about 2 or 3 weeks talking about ways to either provoke the EDL into violence or to frame them for various crimes on the day of the march. The things they talked about extended as far as terrorism. I don't know how they get away with it.I don't know what went down the day of the march, I left the moment they began talking about petrol bombs etc. I try to warn anyone who brings them up about them from now on.
  21. You could be right. Well, if it recovers and starts a new up leg I have the physical to ride that move out. If not, I can short the s**t out of it and still make dough. By keeping a diversified portfolio and always having cash at hand you have options. If you go all in on something though and it turns against you there ain't anything you can do.
  22. I have a big Short on Gold right now. I am looking for a crash to $1050 before we bottom. I am also long the USD/JPY, have a look at that pair as major resistance has been broken.
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