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  1. The Lizard Squad seem to be just doing it because they can. Latest report says they are now going after the TOR network too. I have no idea why Hackers would want to take that down.
  2. This is becoming standard in the Engineering field too. Most of my clients used to pay up after 30 days. Now they ask for a 60 day time frame, a couple have even asked for 90 days to pay. I'm not happy about it but I've gotta roll with it or they'll go elsewhere. This economy is running out of steam fast from everything I see.
  3. Fun Fact of the Day. My mother is a regional team manager for the HMRC and according to her the cost to collect £10 in taxes is approximately £50 in her region. So either the HMRC employees in her region are completely incompetent or this is fairly standard. Scary isn't it? The fact that she says nobody has been called in to address the issue or measures introduced to increase efficiency makes me think this could be fairly standard performance.
  4. Oh yeah, I've done a fair amount of reading on state and federal taxes. It sounds like a pain in the **** but I doubt it is all too different to what I am currently having to do over here since I am self employed. Self assessment can be a nightmare here too. I just don't want to spend the majority of my life paying for a property that I "settled" for due to lack of funds. That is the way I see it panning out if I remain here, having to live in a flat or small house in a part of town that I currently avoid if I can.
  5. Thought I'd revive this topic since I am starting to look into this. My plan is to save for the next 2 - 3 years and then possibly move. Right now North Carolina looks very appealing since the weather is not too extreme and the properties appear to be well built and to my taste. You can get some really nice 3 bedroom houses in Greensboro for around the $100K mark. The problem appears to be getting the Visa though. Seems that unless you marry an American citizen you basically have to be transferred there by an employer. Trying to get a job over there without corporate intervention looks pretty damn difficult. I've found something interesting though, apparently you can get a Visa if you buy a 50% stake in a business that employs American Citizens. I don't have any solid plans at all at this point, just playing around with ideas. One idea I've had though is to save up for the home to buy it outright. If I can then also save some money to invest in something small like a hotdog van business, pretzel cart etc... then this could be a less complicated method of getting the visa. I know quite a few Americans who I have done business with before and I think i could trust to possibly put up the cash and lend a hand with the other half of the business. So they would set up the business first and offer me 50% ownership in exchange for a cash investment. I got in contact with a guy that runs a YouTube channel focused on starting and running small businesses and he owns a hotdog van business himself. According to him his start up costs for that venture were $7500 and the income is modest but steady. So all in all I think I could probably go over with around $105K to buy the property and invest in a small business. On top of that I'm thinking an extra $10K probably to cover living expenses and to have as a rainy day pot in case my first 6 months or so are rough. I would most likely get a minimum wage job too on the side until I find my feet (if the visa allows). the challenge after all of this would be getting the Green Card, which apparently is not too difficult if you have investments and existing income over there.
  6. As a business owner, if the minimum wage goes to £8 then I am upping my prices by an almost equal percentage. Sorry, but the way I see it is they are not raising people up closer to my level but in fact taking me closer to theirs by upping the minimum wage. If they actually gave a damn about the poorest in society they would not support and promote run away property price inflation nor would they have a 20% VAT. VAT hits the poorest the hardest.
  7. True, however the growing power of the EU and their fondness for Technocracy worries me. USA has it's share of problems however at least the populace are not entirely collectivist like we have become in Europe.
  8. I'm seriously starting to think about leaving this country. This fetish for ever increasing housing costs is deep rooted in our culture now and I do not see it changing until home ownership is at some low extreme like 10% or less. When I browse US property and see 3 bedroom, well built homes on a third of an acre going for £65,000 - £75,000 in the suburbs of North Carolina, Texas, New Mexico etc I just think "WTF am I doing here?". It's the knowledge that I would be completely alone if I moved that keeps me here with friends and family. It's getting to the point though where taking the gamble is looking like a more enticing deal despite the risks and my fears. I mean I could slap a 50% deposit down and have enough left over to cover living expenses for 6 months whilst I am getting set up over there.
  9. You see less doom and gloom because people are adjusting to the "new normal". This is what things are gonna be like from here on out sadly. Look to Japan to see our future.
  10. Can our Interest rates really rise given what the ECB are now doing? I mean is this not just a vague speech to satisfy those concerned about HPI to tide us over until the election?
  11. Judging by their actions, I have come to the belief that Politicians can only look a maximum of 5 years into the future. As long as they have over a third of the population willing to vote for them over that 5 year period then that is all that matters. it's all about building a career, not serving the people. Any good that these guys do is not done for good sake but because what was beneficial for others happened to also be beneficial for themselves.
  12. Why is any of this called a "recovery"? Have we reached the point of Orwellian Double Speak?
  13. It's Government intervention that is keeping this thing going and as the math becomes more of a problem they either have to get more involved or let the free market try to find the real fair value. I'm concerned as to what lengths the Government could end up going to to stop a significant correction in prices. Ramping up inflation to try and drive up wages is one way, the other and most disturbing would be them actually buying up the houses for the people wanting to buy and raising taxes to pay the mortgages. the latter is unlikely but who knows how wild tings could get if people get desperate?
  14. How far can it all go is what I am wondering. I mean just how much credit will be loaned out to keep pushing the prices higher before the average Brit is forced to face reality? I thought my generation would be the ones to do it but since HTB came on the scene more and more people I know are jumping on board with delusions of playing the game of flipping flats for houses and houses for bigger houses the same way their parents did. The only people I know who aren't jumping in are not doing so because they see it as a scam, but because they're unemployed or working part time in a NMW job.
  15. It's bizarre that people think we are back to normal in the housing market. With an average gain of 6% last year in prices being hailed as healthy it shows that the majority are morons. At 6% per year in just 5 years the average price of a home will be £237,998. Heck in 10 years the average price will be £318,495. Who on earth can logically conclude this is healthy? Add to the fact we have huge youth unemployment, lower inflation adjusted income compared to 2002 data and lower paying service jobs replacing production jobs. Ideally we need to see interest rates rise to a high level to flush out the crap. 20% is a good target for a short period and this time let the over leveraged lenders go down the toilet where they belong. Mortgage holders who have contracts with the bad lenders can renegotiate a new mortgage at a sensible rate with whoever steps in to buy up the cheap mortgage deals. Something like wipe 30% - 40% off the original amount and peg repayments at 8% or so Interest. New buyers win because price of property has fallen and existing mortgage owners win because they get a large portion of their debt written off therefor re-selling is not dependent on flipping at a higher price than they originally paid. Even the BTL crowd can win in this scenario.
  16. I've googled this and couldn't find a definitive answer. Maybe I've missed something reading the sites as it is 3am and I'm tired but here goes. The HTB schemes offer a fixed rate for few years but then what? Does it go to variable? Do you have to renegotiate the terms? A friend of mine has jumped in on a 2 year fixed rate deal and even he doesn't know.
  17. I'm price action mainly and place a lot of my trades around support and resistance.
  18. The FTSE, DOW etc are in mania right now and are not responsive to reason. I'm waiting for a definitive top before I short either, As for the Ukraine, it will be settled via Proxy War the same way Syria is being handled. We will fund one side and the Russians the other. I suspect the Russian troops will just be occupying land previously taken by the proxy fighters in order to secure supply routes to them. The EU and US will have to be more creative in supplying their side in order to avoid direct confrontation with Russia.
  19. Comments are disabled but we can still "thumbs down" it.
  20. Will I finally have a simple way of buying silver without VAT then? The channel Island malarky is time consuming and cumbersome.
  21. I don't get why a rise in price warrants celebration as it equates to higher cost of living. You don't see many people smug when petrol/Diesel goes up, or milk, bread etc... Frustrating.
  22. University was probably the biggest mistake of my life to date. Me and my fellow classmates were brainwashed into going from about age 13. If I had recordings of the lies that were shoved down our throats about Uni I'm sure I could sue a few teachers for quite a sum of money. To cut a long story short, we were basically told that if we did not go to university we would all end up as binmen if we were lucky. More than likely we would end up living with our parents until they died or we would be homeless. I'm not exaggerating, it was well drilled into us that you HAD TO HAVE a degree of some sort otherwise you may as well throw yourself under a bus on the way home from school and save yourself from a life of despair. Teachers often mocked (sometimes even openly to their faces) the pupils who were clear they did not want to go, and instead learn a trade or just get an entry level job somewhere and work their way up. FWIW, I am doing alright now although my profession has absolutely nothing to do with what I studied. I would have been 5 years ahead had I not listened to their drivel and had the balls to try what I am doing now (something I thought about since I was about 14 or 15).
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