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  1. The 2008 crash broke your trend line though and things still continued upwards.
  2. The problem with any bank account is that unless you are getting around 10% a year then you are getting a negative yield. I think between 8 - 10% is the real inflation rate.
  3. I think the support levels go (in descending order) $26 $21 $19 $18 $17 $12 I think a bottom between $18 and $21 is most likely though. That would be a nice handle to catapult us to new highs.
  4. This has to be one of the least biased reports on Silver to come out in ages. Whilst I do like to see my wealth increase in Silver, I have to agree with the writer that it will most likely go down once more just like in 2008. Then again it could play out like that inverted head and shoulders they mention. Good to see both sides of the coin for once though. Link
  5. Gold "Struggling for Momentum" But "Still Respecting Long Term Uptrend", Investment Demand Insufficient to Compensate for Current Slow Physical Market Link
  6. "Persistent Investment Needed" to Support Gold as Indian Duty Hike "Kills Imports" Link "The WHOLESALE-MARKET gold price fell beneath last week's finish on Thursday in London, nearing its second consecutive monthly fall against all major currencies bar the Japanese Yen as US Treasuries rose with the Dollar. Italian and Spanish debt prices fell, pushing interest rates higher. Frankfurt's stock market fell for the seventh time in 9 sessions. Brent and WTI crude oil slipped to one-week lows as France again said a joint European-US release of strategic stockpiles is likely to depress prices. Losing 2.0% in February, the gold price in US Dollars fell today to $1657 per ounce, 7.0% beneath its start in March."
  7. That is another alternative. I was looking at Interactive Investors ISA packages and they offer services like that. Thing is though, with all this economic uncertainty I am not sure tying my money up for 3 years or so is a good idea. That is what is turning me towards trading. I have done some trading before in the past and did fairly well, but never with this much cash.
  8. "Interest Gap Narrows Between ISAs And Standard Accounts" Link "There are just a few days left for savers to use their Isa allowance for the current tax year, which ends on 5 April. However, savers who miss out on this year’s allowance may get almost as good a deal from an ordinary savings account according to new research by consumer group Which? Isas have traditionally offered a higher rate of interest than standard savings account because of their tax-free status. Which? now reports that the average interest rate on a cash Isa is just 0.44 per cent higher than the average standard savings rate." I've dropped my whole ISA plan, the risks don't seem worth it. Instead I am gonna try my hand at trading stocks myself. At least if I lose it is due to my own doing and not someone elses.
  9. "US Interest Rates "Should Support Gold", Euro Optimism "Misleading" with Leaders "Kidding Themselves" that Crisis Has Passed " Link "WHOLESALE MARKET gold prices dropped to below $1680 an ounce Wednesday morning – 1% down on their high for the week – after failing a day earlier to break the $1700 barrier. Silver prices drifted below $32.50 per ounce – a 2.3% drop from Tuesday's peak – while stocks and commodities traded sideways and US Treasuries ticked lower. Oil prices eased slightly after the French energy minister said France "is favorable to the suggestion" that the US and UK could release strategic oil stocks in an effort to lower the spot price of oil."
  10. I thinkmus British as a nation are pretty ignorant when it comes to financial matters. I notice that in our culture that the masses seem to want to get rid of gold for short term cash.
  11. "Gold Climbs Above 200-day Average, Bernanke "Dovish Again" while Eurozone "Still Insolvent"" Link "THE SPOT MARKET gold price traded just below $1700 an ounce for most of Tuesday morning in London – over 4% up on its low last week – before heading lower just ahead of the US markets open as the US Dollar regained some of the ground it lost on Monday following comments by Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke. The silver price rose to $33.25 per ounce – a 6.8% gain since its week's low last Thursday – before it too eased."
  12. Anyone here follow this guy on youtube? He's pretty nifty when it comes to fibbonaci TA and I find his commentary/analysis interesting. Check him out for yourself.
  13. Anyone else read the LGMR? Been one of my favourite sources of info for a while now. It's updated almost every day so it's pretty reliable. Anyway, this is the latest article. Link "Gold Gains as Fed Chairman Points to "Continued" Stimulus, Euro Leaders To Increase Bailout Firewall, But Spain "Risks Contagion" WHOLESALE MARKET gold prices jumped to $1679 an ounce ahead of Monday's US trading – up nearly 1% on last week's close – while stocks, commodities and the Euro also gained and government bond prices dipped, after Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke said the US economy still needs "continued accommodative polices" despite recent signs of improvement."
  14. My favourite is the Perth Mint Kookaburras. And out of them the 2008 is the best design IMHO.
  15. That's not really true. The Achilles Heel is the lack of Credit and the paying off of debts. If people get out of debt and stop borrowing that is when the house of cards comes tumbling down.
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