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  1. This is the result of an education system that turns it's nose up at tradesmen and physical labour and tells each and every student irregardless of ability that they are super special and can achieve anything. "Get a degree in any subject at all and you will be on the path to enlightenment and riches" they tell you between the age of 12 - 21. When 90% graduates enter the job market and discover they would have been better off becoming a Plumber then the same people that told them all that BS in school turn around and say "You should be rich, the fact that you are not is because of Capitalism! We must burn the system to the ground and take what is rightfully ours!". This was my experience anyway after graduating in 2011 after being in education since 1994.
  2. They got the Student vote along with the Single Mother vote which both make up a huge block up here. Most people 30+ I know round here though have abandoned them for a multitude of reasons. I'm in my twenties and know a fair number of students who also regret their votes, most admitting they only voted for "free" stuff. A lot of Remainers I know have turned to Leavers too which has an effect. Most of them said they voted to remain in for cheap holidays abroad and so they wouldn't have to hassle with VISAs.
  3. Lesser of evils. I have no love at all for the Tories but I know where Socialism leads and that is far worse.
  4. I think the odds of a premature GE depend on whether Back Bench Tories can successfully rouse the Party into declaring May to be unsuitable as Party Leader. If that occurs I can see another GE with Reese-Mogg running as the Tory Leader and winning the GE. I think the Media have severely underestimated the loss of followers on the Labour side due to the Anti-Semitism claims as well as various other public blunders. Most people I know don't like the Tories but they are really growing to despise Labour due to the claims I mentioned and the move farther Left. Growing up in the North East everyone I knew was Labour, now I'd say it's about half which is a huge change given this area has been a stronghold for decades. They are losing their core base and will continue to do so unless they change course.
  5. It'll become a Welfare City and fewer and fewer businesses will operate from there. With crime on the rise there parts of it look set to become like a South American Favela, moped gangs and all.
  6. 20 years old and still doesn't know what it wants to be or whether it can get by without others propping it up. The Euro is the Typical Millennial.
  7. The chap who gave that time frame reckoned it would be an adequate amount of time to study the effects it had on the market and broader economy in general.
  8. I think it is clear what this suggestion is for and to whom it is aimed at truly benefiting. Give a young person £10K and they are likely to either: A.) Use it as a mortgage deposit (thus keeping asking prices high) B.) Buy a new Car (Keeping the Auto industry going through their current lending crisis) To think that this is in anyway aimed at the welfare of young people is simply naive. This is an indirect stimulus package aimed at keeping those who have skewed the economy afloat for a few more years until they can find another means of kicking the can down the road.
  9. Last night at the Pub I got into a discussion and someone suggested such a thing. I am personally undecided on the issue but would be interested to see what others thoughts would be on the matter.
  10. If the result of the Referendum is not respected I will be out on the streets demanding change. I haven't taken to the streets since the Iraq war but I will do it again if Parliament do not honour the Leave vote. I don't care if I get attacked by masked ANTI-FA types, get branded an Anti-Immigration racist, a "Little Englander" or any of the other titles they throw around to try and shame us into silence. I will not take any deal other than complete severence from the EU. I see the Iceberg in the not too far distance, the referendum result is our lifeboat and I'll be damned if anyone tells me I am not getting on it.
  11. Kids aren't as active as they used to be, the rise of affordable electronic entertainment and the Internet has made a huge contribution to obesity I'm sure. Kids used to go outside to play Army, now they just load up Call of Duty and send their friends who are online a game invite. I'd like to see a survey where fat kids and their parents are asked what their day to day activities are. I doubt many of these fat kids are out there climbing trees or playing football etc. I was a kid that grew up in the 90's, we ate all kinds of sugary crap on a day to day basis. The reason me and my friends and family didn't get fat is we were running around like animals, riding our BMX's, skateboarding, building tree houses and dens etc. I live between 2 childrens parks that when I was young were full of activity all the time, now they are pretty much abandoned despite the council keeping everything up to date. The only time I see lots of kids there is on unusually hot sunny days and I suspect that is mostly because the parents want to get out and catch a tan.
  12. The more you have to pay for a roof over your head, be it mortgage payments or rent, the less you have to spend on other things. The housing bubble has killed more small businesses and Pubs I bet than any other factor over the past 10 years. The Housing Bubble has created a very frugal generation, the only extravagant purchases nowadays are probably upgrading your phone at an added cost of an extra £5 per month on your contract.
  13. Money is a product of labour, printing money does not produce labour. That is the real be all end all of it. The only people that actually benefit from money printing are those who are in the business of making money from money alone.
  14. People are scared that if they dont act now then it will become too costly for them to get on the property ladder or into the BTL market down the line. That is my theory anyway.
  15. To tell the truth I have thought about living in a "Trailer" considering I have the money to buy one outright which would allow me to start building up some serious savings. The trouble is we live in a very snobby society when it comes to housing and I'm not sure how people would take it. One scenario that keeps running in my mind is trying to pull a bird. I mean how would they react if i took them back to what is basically a caravan? I imagine people may start to label me a "Gypo" and such too. You may think that people may not be as shunning and mocking as I may think, but you'd be surprised how people react when you fall outside of the norm. One example that was a lesson to me is back in my early 20's I decided to get a wild hairstyle, just a spur of the moment "f*ck it" type of thing. I got Liberty Spikes and died them bright red. I lost half of my friends over night and would get abuse from random strangers out in public, everything from sly comments to people actually squaring up wanting a fight. It was a real eye opener as to how people really are.
  16. I studied Economics at Stanford University. Must say it was VERY dry and it was there that I realized just how messed up the system is. I recall the semester focused on Bonds and calculating yields, the formula for the 30 year doesn't actually work, it breaks halfway. The solution used by Economists is to take the middle part of the equation and alter the number which came out at 2.XXXXX to a round 3 so that the algorithm could continue generating a yield. Complete lunacy, I would describe Economics, at least at the Academic level, a religion based around Politicized Mathematics.
  17. Fund Managers I know pull the rug out when they spot a better deal. it will all crash when the better deal for the big money is no longer what the majority are already invested in. All these reasons people apply are just stories to make sense of what happened. It really is as cold as that, they dump the overpriced investments and put the money into things that are undervalued in comparison, there is no narrative to it. If you don't get out before that well it's a case of "tough luck".
  18. Read a book called "The Grand Chessboard" written by Zbigniew Brzezinski. In that book he discussed the need for the USA to fund a European Super State in order to put pressure on Russia to halt them moving into Eurasia and getting access to all the resources in that region. Rough estimates are that Eurasia holds 75% of the worlds natural resources, whoever owns that land will control the world. But his proposed way of creating a Super State in Europe was to start it off as just a trade agreement and then once interdependence is established push forward with centralizing political power and then forming a European Army to combat Russia if they try to move into Eurasian territory.
  19. I don't see the Greeks affecting Gold that much to be honest. I think the move in Gold will come when the USA is no longer seen as the king of safe havens. If or when that happens I have no idea at the moment.
  20. Even at 2 or 3 Billion that is crazy! And I thought the last guy that did my garage roof was a Cowboy Builder lol!
  21. Hang on - SIX BILLION POUNDS!?!?!! Are they rebuilding the House of Parliament out of solid Platinum or something? Whoever booked these workmen could do with going on "Don't get Done, Get Dom".
  22. They want to push everyone onto the Cryptos so all transactions can be tracked. The problem with the Cryptos is the blockchain, the blockchains will get to the size where they cannot be downloaded on retail hard drives and so the blockchain will have to be centralized by someone with the storage and processing power.
  23. The problem with the NHS is that it has too much overhead in the form of Managers and Advisers. For every Nurse there are 8 managers above them according to one report I read a while back. Get rid of the least useful managers and stop all this advisory outsourcing nonsense. I have an Aunt that is pulling in £2K per month working an average of 20 hours per week as a "Stop Smoking Adviser" for the NHS. The job consists of her dropping off leaflets at pubs, shops, community centers etc and then when someone calls her personal number forwarding them on to their local NHS stop smoking clinic. It's a racket, cut out these middlemen.
  24. The supply issues will not present themselves for at least 30 years IMO. That is assuming we are not mining the ocean floor or the antarctic by then. To be honest though, you don't wanna be buying PMs due to possible shortages down the line, you wanna buy it as a fear trade to capitalize on the fears of others.
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