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  1. More cutbacks. Lower wages. Fewer motgages. More tenants. More rent. More good times. Fandabidosy.......
  2. Tatty, Your right, at 10.15am I'll still be lounging while deciding what to do tomorrow................ Truth hurt? Leave 15 minutes early for the office as they have forcast heavy rain Come on people. Your slacking in your replies You lost for words (or an argument?)
  3. CL, Am doing it daily. Last bought for £69 sold for £86 with no work. Completing tomorrow. Next £255k bought for £194k paperwork pending with buyer at £214k. Why oh why should I reveal ANYTHING to justify my argument. It will be WAY, WAY harder for YOU to justify YOUR position.
  4. Tatty (good name - sums you up) & Bandwagon, If you have an agrgument that is valid, please post. The only reson that I may be strange to you is because I am not currently pressing my shirt in readiness for my 8 hours at the office tomorrow. Please, strange, expand. if you can. Dont miss the bus tomorrow It sums this and a lot of other boards up. One line replies from one line losers. Sorry, but it seems true. Nothing to say - nothing to give. http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0...1979205-2774045 may help
  5. Most of you people seem to base your assessments of what is happening as a whole by focusing on odd towns south of Birmingham. Retail has and will slow because people are'nt borrowing as much against their houses. The fact that you people have to highlight this to underline your arguments of a HPC makes me wonder whether anyone on here is truly in a position to comment.......................................?
  6. Rassclot! The top 3 percentages are BA, MA & PHD. Thats a great result. What I'd like to know is this: ________________________________________________________________________________________ How many of the above work from home with hours to suit their needs? How many of the above work less than 30 hours per week? How many of the above earn £40k + How many of these take their kids to the park 5 days out of 7? _________________________________________________________________________________________ In my limited property related experience my graduates freinds are usually: ten a penny, working like pigs, blinkered, non risk takers and happy to work loads for other people for peanuts.
  7. Well what a refreshing change. Rather than being ridiculed and deleted immediately by the powers that be as was the last post,a bit of level headed and two sided debate has ensued. [ Moderator: I have investigated the alleged deletion of your post and can inform you it was not deleted. ] One thing that my post has made me realise is that there are a lot of people out there that need a "crash" purely to be in a position to afford to buy a property. Although aware of this fact, I've never really considered it properly. To me, this would stand as a valid argument & I hope that things move in your favour. The fact that I and many other will stand to make money from the correction is an added bonus. But, there are also people on here judging from comments that feel that anyone that speculates on property whether in a falling or a rising market is a wrongun and is just making money at the expense of others. This isn't right. To answer you all,one by one: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Losing Faith "Register your online banking details right now and let US make the most of these exciting opportunities for YOU..." Thanks very much for the kind offer but I would never trust my money to someone that only considers the negative side of the market. _________________________________________________________________________________________ right_freds_dead "its a non question post, just silly childish goading. dont respond to it.(oh no. ive responded to it myself..) This post has been edited by right_freds_dead: Today, 01:33 PM Why not respond to it. Why is it just silly childish goading? If it's because you need a crash to be in a position to afford a property then sorry, but thats life. If it is because you can't accept the fact that there are people that will make cash regardless, then tough. And it's a good avatar wasted. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Bart of Darkness Well done. Really funny. My wife was in bits when I told her. Keep it up........... _________________________________________________________________________________________ Jeff Ross Bravo. Priceless. Keep on keeping on. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Losing Faith Total Crap Posts - Brilliant. Nearly fell of the sofa. Well done. Brilliant _________________________________________________________________________________________ theChuz "There are oppotunities almost everywhere, even oppotunities for bankrupcy, oppotunities for a debt burdernd life, oppotunities for a negative outcome when you dont know what your doing" If you don't know what your doing then yes theChuz, you'll lose money. But why be so negative? Bankrupcy, debt burdernd life, for a negative outcome. This comment could relate to ANY market that you are involved in. If you can not assess and balance the risk for whatever you are doing then you should stay employed. Good luck. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Maynard Valid point. I'm sorry that currently things arent good for what you want to do. Things are to change and you and I wil be laughing _________________________________________________________________________________________ right_freds_dead We all work. Just some smarter than others. Don't understand your post but I'm sure that it's funny for those in the know. _________________________________________________________________________________________ zoid Good point. But why does no one react when people make a mint from utility providers that have increased their prices by over 30% over the past couple of years? _________________________________________________________________________________________ the end is nigh & right_freds_dead Remember, slip, slap, slop..... _________________________________________________________________________________________ dom Grow up...... _________________________________________________________________________________________ apom "They will drop" - good news for FTB on here & good news for me - Win win _________________________________________________________________________________________ karhu "The cleverest investors are those who know when to enter and more importantly WHEN TO EXIT. The sheep will be left to pick up the pieces" - a MASSIVE generalisation. The whole point that you miss is that ALL of the div investors are rushing to leave the market. This means loads of BMV properties to flip but more importantly, due to the lack of rental properties, voids are reducing to next to nothing. Result. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Si1 Your post is fantastically blinkered and sums up the general feeling of most of the non FTB posters on this site. Thank you. "Err, 'market conditions' is a term for whether the market is profitable or not, no? So you've contradicted yourself by saying that even if the market may be loss-making, then there's profit to be made. Err, no. It would be a good idea to keep your money in a BETTER market, ie be relatively property-short, in such circumstances. This is why some here and in other forums are debating the relative merits of foreign currency, cash, bonds, gold etc." Err, no. Sorry but your really silly. Silly, silly, silly. When has market conditions related soley to whether the market is profitable or not? I may be financially better rewarded for having my money in other markets but why invest in markets I know nothing about? As you seem to do? If you can't argue eloquently then please do not. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Converted Lurker Your right. The floor IS mine. To start, lets NOT use your figures. Lets assume a + £20k per 1\4 year profit after costs. Thats one property sold every 3 months. Piece of p**s at the right price. These are properties bought BMV - to insult your intelligence. Why are you so paranoid. Are you worried about your IQ? There is ho HAS. Only if you believe that properties HAVE been made. But then youll always be lagging behind. Is that you? CL, who cares what your industry contact tells you? the fact that you rely on second hand info ( £650k over 5 properties or £130k per place - Nice) Either you are a fool or your adviser and his clients are fools. Either way, you lose. Most of my people paid £30k for a place and are getting 13%. Good luck............. _________________________________________________________________________________________ teddyboy There WILL be profit to be made short & long term. Dont believe the neg heads. "You are buying a deflating commodity" - as you do with a car. LOTS of my pals have made ££££ dealing in 2nd hand cars. Nothing fits all markets in all circumstances. Cheers for the positive vote. Yes I can make a profit in the current market ________________________________________________________________________________________ So there you go. Seems like a split between those that want a crash to afford a house and those that want a crash to prove that they know they are right. For those looking to buy. Sorry. I hope the coming correction puts you in a position to buy. For all those market speculators that "know best" and like to post the fact on here. You lose. Though you may well be right that there will be a crash, I, unlike you, will still make loads of money rather than posting on here. The property market is multi faceted whatever the timescale. The pro's will stilll make loads by doing next to nothing. I know it greives you "hands on" investors but hey, thats life. Anyway, good luck to you FTB, stay bitter to you "no money in property investors". CRASH you win - CRASH I win - It hurts SO good...........
  8. Still cant admit it can you guys. Be adults. Admit there are opportunities EVERYWHERE.
  9. Guys, My other post seems to have dissappeared into the ether? All I was trying to say was that while you guys keep discussing the facts about the Coming HPC, there are lots, and lots of people that are and will continue to make a nice living from property during the ups and the downs. I thought that most on here were adults, able to look objectively at both sides of the argument and realise that the topic is not as cut and dried as it may first appear. You can keep on, and on, and on discussing the negative aspects of the coming crash but what positives are there in that apart from telling your mates i told you so. So, discuss away chaps, just wanted to open your eyes to the highly profitable world of property WHATEVER the market conditions. You cannot call yourselves objective investors if you cannot admit that there is money to be made in all markets at all times. Again, have a good day at the office and enjoy your hour lunch break. Maynard et al, leave this post where it is to stimulate some objective discussion.
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