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  1. Rural or local please ? The INSEE are issuing press releases saying enquiries at estate agents are thru the roof is why I ask ..
  2. @OP You are right to be puzzled, since it is not only the political class which talks past the subject but also their familiars in the media.
  3. Had to log in to reply to this - With all due respect, smart investors are still in (german - all time high on the dax yesterday btw / euro) stox since everything else is way too illiquid and as for buying property in London at the current rates .. thanks for lulz. Did you mean to write oil btw ? You must be a financial advisor, I take it ? :-))
  4. ATEP is a mansion tax and the Tories have brought that in, so clearly Osborne has had the Treasury working on property taxes for some time. Seems like the easiest way to fill the hole in the public finances would be via a property tax or three, so the hope that the 'conservatives' would refrain from taxing property as the UK sinks further into the swamp is looking less like denial and more like delusion.
  5. It's fairly easy to see where he (or rather Crosby) is coming from. After having encouraged people to splurge on a renewed housing boom (that looks to have petered out already) the people who have recently bought (native and foreign) need their hands holding to make sure they don't all sell up before the a) election and the cgt on foreigners uk property comes into effect. Many tories remember that Bojo was elected in a reaction to the plunging forecasts for london house prices in early 2008 and don't want Miliband to benefit from 'middle-class discontent'.
  6. It would seem as if Axelrod has found his feet and is starting to move the pieces around the board. He knows Labour are not going to romp home in the charisma dept. He also knows there is a good chance of the economy improving as the election draws nearer. He is therefore left with punching below the gut (personal smears / attacks / gimmicks) or abandoning the 'political' (i.e. ideological) high gound to shamelessly buy votes. Clearly he has chosen to start with the latter since coffin-dodgers all over the country will applaud this measure and it will draw back some of the reactionaries from UKIP, who have now blown it by publicising their aim of cutting the top rate of tax. Say what you like about the tactics, Axelrod's clearly very good at his job
  7. These will be larger than the space allocated in hostels to those new to the benefits system (single mothers, etc.), and has better facilities than the one-room (with bathroom - down the hall / on the ground floor / outside )that is the limit of what is available through the benefits system since the recent reforms.
  8. Sooner or later, someone in politics will wake up to this issue and say that there shouldn't be benefits of any description for those that can afford to live in London, if only because the rest of the country is subsidising them.
  9. I think the average price will go down (as in the top end, i.e.Knightsbridge / Mayfair, will have fewer new massive deals due to recent global stability, so therefore fewer high numbers dragging up the average), but the median price will go up very slightly as HtB kicks in. An interest rate change would negate the above though, obv.
  10. "The school board in Anchorage, Alaska, for example, is counting on inflation to keep a lid on teachers’ wages. Retailers including Costco and Walmart are hoping for higher inflation to increase profits." Everyone wants to put their prices up, but nobody wants to pay higher wages. How is inflation going to be stoked without giving people more money ? Oh yeah, easy credit.
  11. It is quite likely that the previous upward trend in property prices may well have come about because of demographics (children of baby boomers (Gen.X) entering relationships, having children and thereby buying property (i.e. a secure roof over their heads relative to renting)) en masse, and likely will be responsible for a marked downtrend as well (fewer number of children per couple (on average) leading to a lower demand for houses with 4 or more bedrooms combined with the general winding down of Gen.X fertility ). Unfortunately these demographics (as well as elevated prices) may also impact on transaction numbers since increased cost and fewer children per couple also means fewer people changing property as often as previously. Help to buy should bring transaction numbers up somewhat as those outside the south-east are likely to be able to get out of negative equity and anyone (who has held on to an asset with negative equity for any noticeable period of time) will be able to understand the desire to get shot of said asset as soon as it 'goes green'. Interesting times, but I see anywhere that isn't within cycling distance of a London underground station (due to the wages available ) declining in value for at least 5 years.
  12. The economic collapses you are referring to generally didn't result in a flocking to gold as a currency, but dollars or the currency of a neighbouring country that still had some semblance of normality. The average human in our modern-day hyper-connected world only becomes aware of the price of precious metals when they are buying jewellery and whilst it will always have some residual 'emotional attachment' value the thinking behind the ramping of this asset class is generally that of those that have experienced war (and the need to smuggle large amounts of wealth out of a country in easily portable form). If the dollar implodes (and their monetary policy does seem somewhat self-destructive when looked at thru a historians' eyes), the euro or the yuan will take over, not gold or silver.
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