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  1. I think its going to be the one property, oh dear look at that credit card bill, oh dear my mortgage payment has doubled and why is my supermarket bill so expensive crowd that will get drowned in this next phase, I'd like to think you'd be right (damn them greedy BTLs) but I think its the (Nu Labour (I want to save the environment)) man on the street that is going to get it over the next six months as the banks will wash there hands, the BTLers or at least the smart ones who bought early enough will ride into the sunset, profits intact.
  2. Now he's trying to destroy the so called independence as well with his partner in crime
  3. Unbelievable The following items appeared on the Reuters screen earlier today (January 8, 2008): • 12:09 08Jan2008 RTRS-UK'S BROWN SAYS BY THE END OF THE YEAR BELIEVES INFLATION WILL BE AROUND 2 PCT • 12:31 08Jan2008 RTRS-UK'S DARLING SAYS WILL DECIDE ON REAPPOINTMENT OF BOE GOVERNOR IN NEXT FEW WEEKS • 12:35 08Jan2008 RTRS-UK'S DARLING SAYS POSITION OF STABILITY IN ECONOMY HAS GIVEN BOE MPC ROOM FOR MANOEUVRE I could not believe my eyes. Are they mad or are the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer really trying to nobble the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England
  4. I work for an investment bank in a team risking financial derivatives, job security: I would say quite good as risk is quite hot in the City this credit crunch season.
  5. They do fall into the higher tax bracket since house improvements are classed by the IR as property development and not property investment, one way around this is to shelter the property(ies) inside a property company, no 40% income tax incurred
  6. Seldge More monkey talk from yourself I see £800 you jackarse, so you downloaded some stats from google on the AIM market, wow, still doesn't change anything you still talk complete crap. Whats your position on this site then sledge sold your pidly little house and waiting for a crash or a FTB complaining about getting his foot on the ladder. ;-)
  7. Sledge hold million plus share holdings in muliple companies, What do you mean by that? >> if i only traded a few shares why would I be bothered about CGT, Hello, Earth calling sledge
  8. Sledge I knew you wouldn't reply with anything reasonable since your full of crap, you know nothing about investment do you?, like your quip about Gold earlier, empty words, I ask again then what do you know about AIM investment, please don't reply with more hollow empty headed rhetoric like "Enough said!"
  9. Sledge What are you talking about, please enlighten me >> "Thats not trading though" I trade FTSE100, 350 and AIM what in your opinion is trading?. I hold million plus share holdings in muliple companies and like your first post you seem to have little clue what you are talking about. Please enlighten me on what you consider trading. I hope your approach to housing investment is better than your knowledge of FSTE/COMEX/FOREX
  10. Sledge Mainly AIM stocks, better for lowering CGT exposure since there is a nice little tax loophole that says if you hold an AIM stock for more than two years the attraction of CGT is lowered from 40% in my case to just 10%. Wish the same was true of houses :-(
  11. BBB I usually post on ADVFN traders forums, not too much on this web site Regards Lorian
  12. Sledge on the point of the stock market, and you having some sixth sense for an imminent fall in the markets (mid 2000), anyone outside the retail buyers buying a few British Airways shares knew it was coming (retail herd). I incidentally cleared out of stocks into property in Nov 99 and re-entered into the markets in Mar 2003. I still hold most of the property though as my current tenants don’t have any desperate desire to give notice and seem happy to sign long leases. Indecently your comment about gold, I didn’t get what your point was, gold currently stands fractionally below it highest po
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