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  1. I would. Much better that UKIP get recast as a pro-Brexit alternative for traditional Labour voters, than a serious alternative for natural small c conservatives.
  2. I used to go there occasionally around then.
  3. How about a bit of London centric hard acid techno? Star Power - Nothing can save us, London. (Truelove remix) A&E Dept - The Rabbit's name was...
  4. But the next election is not that far away and it's up to the leave voters to reconstitute Parliament then. The Conservatives will be aware there's either a landslide or electoral evisceration, depending on how they handle this.
  5. That's like having the second best hand in poker. Frustrating, but best to let it go.
  6. It could be a good thing, putting a motion before Parliament is absolutely the right thing legally. However, it was unambiguously stated in the Tory manifesto that the referendum result would be considered binding, so any Tory rebels on the vote should be immediately deselected, and a snap election held if there is no longer a working majority. It should be an electoral landslide on that basis. Time to clear out the politicians who don't respect manifesto pledges or the will of the people.
  7. The majority do not need to riot in a democracy. There's a comfortable electoral victory votes in the Brexit voters. And the sheer scale of engagement in the referendum poll means that serious numbers of people consider it the defining issue.
  8. In Russia's case, the somewhat arbitrary sanctions imposed on their use of dollars by the USA has highlighted the need for an alternate monetary base. Not exactly mysterious.
  9. Seeing as the SNP have said they are not going to push for another independence referendum for Scotland, they should push for one for England. I imagine there would be a fair amount of support for ditching Scotland and Northern Ireland (and Wales).
  10. Lefties justify their policy prescriptions simply on the basis of good intention.Righties justify their policy prescriptions with expected outcomes based on false equivalents or cherry picked statistics.
  11. Ever increasing regulation coupled with ever increasing government directed spending. It's a single agenda for both parties, but hardly "free market" agenda.
  12. I hope poor Natalie Bennett doesn't have one of those colds that make you forget policy rather than produce mucus, again.
  13. Not only is it 25 mins on the train to Waterloo, it's also: half an hour by car to Heathrow and an excellent bus service half an hour by car to Gatwick convenient access to A3, M3, M25 and arguably M4 Add in the below average levels of crime and the above average performance of schools and there are good reasons to see it as an attractive balance of factors. £400,000 for a flat is insane, but you can get a perfectly decent flat for £200,000 and only 5 minutes walk from the station (which is still pretty mental).
  14. Handy for the Chelsea training ground.
  15. How many cars do the government produce? Really they just take the extra money from "Henry Fords workers" so they cannot buy the cars, breaking the virtuous circle.
  16. I don't see why the telegraph specifically point to the two places most closely associated with UKIP for this article.
  17. It's been a really, really, really long time since the mormons allowed polygamy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mormonism_and_polygamy
  18. A tax free, leveraged bet on future inflation that has fantastic utility and social status value thrown in. A bet that has paid out handsomely every time for them and everyone they know.
  19. Are the price falls partly because they've found a way of pumping more air and water into the food? Whenever I buy bacon from a supermarket it seems to shrink even more. These days it shrinks down to about a quarter of its "in the pack" size. Bacon from the butchers shrinks a little bit, but supermarket bacon disappears like a magic trick.
  20. Maybe it's that your budget isn't increasing at the same pace as (the frankly ludicrous) asking prices?
  21. Still contained within "assets" rather than retail goods. It'll only really emerge as a problem when there's a shortage of some basic goods. The low oil price may, ironically, bring it on ironically if it leads to catastrophic political problems in the middle east and excessive shuttering of high cost oil projects elsewhere (and throw in another banking crisis).
  22. It's not immaterial, it pushes down borrowing costs, allowing bubbles to blow. People say it's just "pushing on a string" but Facebook has a market cap of over $200 billion on profits massaged to $791 million and a highly risky future. Where's the inflation? Here:
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