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  1. this was my thought , trust no one , your neighbours going to have your petrol while you sleep , Be afraid ! aliens are coming ! Galloways really working for mi5 ! be very afraid.....need more fuel .....Need to get to work so i can earn Nothing but maintain Our great System of slavery and debt relief. We are finally seeing just how Myopic and Lemming like the masses are and how ruthless the ' Parasite ' is.
  2. i thought the Liberal stepford wife won best ' toe the party line and protect my job and show no form of self thought or belief ' award. The girl looks like she may well be clockwork. She seemed more pointless than any other Mp i have ever watched. I expect she performed flagilation on the tory witch shortly after the show as it looked like they were between them getting ready for that. Alex sayle seemed muted but i guess the whole idea he couldnt be bothered to answer half the questions was a statement in itself , it finished on a very good note about the falklands with him suggesting '
  3. i wonder if they will remove the 100% rise in petrol sales from the figures for this quarter ? the whole game these politicians are now playing with the Unthinking is pathetic but i guess if your a lemming then youyr deserve to be lead off the cliff someday .
  4. i love they way this kind of thought is viewed as ' conspiracy ' .What are we say there is never deception in politics ? that they dont play voters and consumers like rats on wheels and work us ? we are puppets the lot of us . Whats telling about this ' manufacturered ' panic is that cameron and osbourne are very very quiet on the whole thing , no comments at all , at a time when petrol stations are selling out nationwide and people are blocking roads to get fuel which IS happening wheres the leadership saying please stop panic buying ? NONE .........that speaks volumns.....this was totally
  5. yeah same as in cornwall which to be honest is propped up alot by outside buyers now.Its quite bad down here although as always you wont hear that from anyone in the business.certain areas down here are dead water where selling goes and rents are like insane.Even with the Boe and government drives to just fix the system and extend loans its look very delicate here , theres just no stable incomes for most and prices are ' fixated ' by idiots in property who will die before they ever sell at the ' mentally ' percieved price.
  6. i'm in the south west and down here its lockdown , theres people who will never sell and who have had property on the market for over 4 years as i keep a note of alot of local property and its not just low end properties its the £300,000 /400,000 + stuff .Very little is selling and from what ive been told nothing sells unless the seller is desperate and takes that low offer.I can name over 50 properties down here which have been for sale for over 3 years and at prices they will never sell for. Psychosis is rife and the fixation on an asking price could go on for decades i feel.
  7. It just takes a bit of determined intervention by government. It just takes a change to the rules of the game. thats the plan , they will keep offering '# new financial products in order to maintain the housing market , new mechanisms to protect it.New incentives , new ways to create fear and panic and then they will offer the safety mechanisms to new borrowers ,they will lend money and also offer you full cover against reposession by them.They will become lender and savouir . I think the whole things about rewriting the laws of economics and making up new ways to alter and conceal , m
  8. cant you just tell them your a cash buyer ? and tell them if they dont arrange a viewing you will visit the house and speak to the owner and tell him your refusing viewings. My advice is simple. Trats these Ea c............nts like animals as they are and keep them in their place . The problem with Ea'is 2 fold. 1. / they are spineless and afraid , its why they are so greedy 2. / they fear more than anything jobloss and loss of sales. Use your will and make them afraid. Personally i found when dealing with them as soon as you talk down to them they then become like a servant back
  9. I know personally someone who signed 6 months a few weeks back and now the house sold and now he is being told ' we would prefer you leave now ' and ' the new owner is starting to demand access and when he mentioned his legal rights as you all mentioned to ' quiet ' the agent stated that didnt matter and just made threats of financial costs etc etc and said they would fight him in court. The bottom line is simple where i sit , its getting Way more Ruthless than it ever was and its getting messy , lies are being told to buyers and, potential tenants and everyone is being played for idiots
  10. From what i have seen at first hand this is a very typical Ea story They say this to make you more desperate. I was told this by over 10 agents and all of them have unrented homes on their books for upto 6 months now after saying the said homes were showing Massive interest. I think unless its a really good price and a desirable home its not going to attract bidding and i think its just another Ea lie in order to ramp up the feeling they have something you Really want and max out their profit margins. What more do you expect from backward sub humans.( estate agents )
  11. well the rich and ' already housed and rich ' dont wnat to many minions moving locally , just enough to do their gardening etc ! they wont be able to get parked in Marks and sparks hayle if all these new people move in . What fascinates me is how people can still believe the Myth that Labour , tory and liberal are different. They re ONE party and all governed by the same people. And thats why nothing ever changes for anyone but the rich who get richer. Stop voting
  12. The increases in dependance on Housing benefit are a direct result of the Buy to let inflation and the hyped housing markets.Its a knockdown effect. The economy thrives for a while and then we see the real cost . The truth is most wages dont meet rental pricing and house pricing which itself is set by facists and greedy humans. Housing benefit inflation is due to the greed of the very people buying property and not the tenants. What i see now is a situation where in real terms we have TAX payers basically paying the mortgages of the rich and greedy via benefits and its the fault of greed
  13. DO NOT RENT THESE. i totally agree , i signed a 6 month contract from a guy a while back and then when the house sold in 1 month on the cheap he tried to get me out with pressure ( no cash offer ) and just acted like a a facist. Home owners and estate agents will always want it their way , what benefits them is god and the entire lot of them seem to view tenants as lower forms of life.Its surprising how bads its now got in that department. I spoke to an agent today who said not they have so many houses that wont sell for over 3 years that they are recommending all owners rent until they
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