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  1. I find that particularly unfair too!
  2. positive. i have got my report from them for the last 3 years. my score is currently 928 :-)
  3. have you tried online? you can normally get a report right away. i get a free copy from annualcreditreport.co.uk every year.
  4. have a look at your credit report and see if that tells you anything. there are many sites that offer that, though it may just be that C&G don't have the money to lend you and have had to come up with an answer. much easier to say that you don't match their criteria than to say that they don't have any money.
  5. Sure, but apart form interest rates (which the BOE controls) and VAT (which the government controls) the only thing to actually come down has been transport costs. And only petrol transport costs (train prices certainly rose). So in effect, the things that people actualy buy are still going up in price, so core inflation seems to be sticking.
  6. 3.0%? is that it? we've been told that inflation was going negative etc, and as far as I can tell, without the VAT cut it wouldn't have fallen at all.
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/7794882.stm
  8. I find that the best way to deal with a rude person is to be polite in the extreme. It frustrates them that you are not taking their bate and leaves them looking like idiots.
  9. I def feel a bit richer, and so long as i keep my job, i am getting richer! First off I do own a house, but I have a tracker mortgage that is getting very reasonably low at the moment. Petrol is cheaper, and other stuff seems to be getting cheaper too. Also, the house I want to upgrade to is falling faster than the value of my current house. So yes, def feeling better off, so long as I can keep my job.
  10. Hi All, I have been thinking of moving some of my savings into ZOPA and doing a spot of lending. The rates seem quite good! Has any-one had any experience of them? Cheers :-)
  11. good point about forieng workers rose. the weaker pound has just removed the big benefit of working in the UK, and so I wouldn't be suprised if a significant number of the migrant workers head back home thus freeing up the jobs and houses again.
  12. the weak pound is most likely being partly engineered by the government and the BOE as it will help us get out of the recession by reducing imports and boosting exports. the cheaper the pound the more attractive the UK becomes as a place to put factories and other manufacturing industries. software manufacturers have been sufferring under a strong pound, and it will soon make monetary sense to keep call centres in the UK than to ship them over to india. parity with the dollar is at around $1.50, so the pound is still overpriced at its current levels. we've just been used to have a rediculously overpriced currency that has been due a good correction for ages. oh yes, and it will boost the tourism industry as more foriegners will be able to afford the UK, and more local people will stay in the uk.
  13. surely its pretty obvious to all that the pound is being devalued on purpose. a cheaper pound means cheaper exports, less imports, more tourists comming in, less people leaving.... on balance it will be good for the economy overall as the pound should be more around the $1.70 level.
  14. actually manufacturing isn't dead... yet... though you can export services too you know. my company has offices all over europe and we often provide consultants for projects. now we'll be able to charge a decent rate and still be reasonably priced. it also means that off shoring for uk companies will be more expensive now so they'll be more likely to keep call centres, etc, in the UK rather than looking elsewhere.
  15. the BOE probably want a weaker pund because it will help the economy by making imports more expensive and exports cheaper. a cheap pound will help keep the UK out of recession, so as far as i am concerned this is good news.
  16. its not a bad idea, just not as good as a SIPP. by investing in a SIPP you would immediatly get 40p of growth for every 60p invested! that means that you have got 40p of cushion in case markets fall, and have a 60% return before the market even moves. keep up your ISA's, but have a look at other options too.
  17. there is an excellent article on just this topic on moneysavingexpert. a pension is simply an investment wrapper and not an investment in itself. you can invest in race horses, antiques and wine if you want to (with a SIPP). just get the terminology right and stop talking about pensions as if they are just one type of investment. also a big difference between defined contribution schemes and final salary schemes.
  18. http://www.slate.com/id/2196406/ Shock and horror! The bank mentioned in the above article is making a great profit, only gives out quality mortgages and only finances tham by taking deposits.
  19. UKIP = BNP for the middle class. the only mainstream politician who has been talking sense all along is Vince Cable, if the rest of the Lib Dems were as sensible as them they'd have my vote for sure. Pity that so many of their MPs are BTL landlords themselves (Chris Hume for example I have heard has about 9 properties). If UKIP were a proper libertarian party then maybe, but as far as i can see they are just racist middle class toffs, as opposed to the racists working class chavs who vote BNP.
  20. http://www.caglepost.com/column.aspx?c=7219&pg=1
  21. the medicine might be very bitter, but being cured of debt will be a very positive outcome.
  22. um,.... does anybody actually READ the daily express? seriously? all they ever have on their cover is princess diana and madeline mccan..... its hardly an actual newspaper now is it?
  23. Raising interest rates now would actually be highly irresponsible and cause the UK to go into a major recession. Inflation at the moment is NOT being driven by excess UK demand, so lowering that demand by sucking money out of the economy will have no effect on inlfation which is being driven by food and oil prices. If oil prices stabilise at around $150, then inflation will fall over the next year as the year-on-year comparrisons catch up with each other.
  24. any-one who has read "Black Swan" would be very careful about making such grand predicitons about the future. it wasn't so long ago that they were predicting how house prices would be 10 times average earnings by 2010. as for a recession, while it might bring about lower house prices, it will also mean less jobs. possibly your job. if you haven't got a job, no matter how cheap houses get, you aren't going to be able to buy one.
  25. I think it should be obvious to all that the reason they are doing this is because the OFT is cracking down on charging people for going overdrawn. However, this is not a charge for going overdrawn, its a charge for using a "service"... clever hey!
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