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  1. Was once in a job that I hated, lasted exactly a month and a day so the w****r didn't get his employment agency fee back.

    My exact words when I resigned were, "I'm afraid that your management style and my personality are just not compatible."

    Translation, "You are an utter b*****d and can't I stay here a second longer without killing you".

    It felt good.

  2. Family friend with delusions of grandeur and over inflated sense of entitlement wants to purchase gaudy "executive lifestyle" trophy, four bed, three bathroom new build home for himself and wife. Life insurance is £100 p/m. The guy has a modest pension and works part time in Sainsbury's.


    Not madness but genius.

    At that age you'd be a fool to do anything other than interest only as chances are you'll be dead before you've paid it off.

    As for inheritance I've already told my kids that if they have anything in their inheritance it will mean that I died sooner than I had planned to.

  3. If the UK left interest rates at 0.5% but other countries increased theirs we would suffer from a lack of investment and inflation would rise as we are a net importer. Then interest rates would have to rise. So it isn't just in our hands is it?

    Or the resulting weak pound will result in our exports being cheaper, and a reduction in imports due to them being too expensive. The net result might be a trade surplus, which would we rather welcome.

  4. I went to Ikea on Friday 07/08/09 and there were gypsies(people of other living requirements) in the Ikea car park. There were several large and quite long fairly static looking caravans with astroturf out the front. They could roll out the astroturf and set it all up for one day but it looked semi-permanent to me.

    I can't imagine how a private company would allow this.

    Do these people work at Ikea?

    Does the manager get a kickback? is he/she to scared to report them?

    Can Ikea do nothing about it?

    Just curious if anybody knows anything about this sort of thing. Has anyone seen anything else like this?

    Has it come to this where ordinary non-gypsy folk have to live in IKEA car park?

    Are they still there?!!!!

    I went to that Ikea about 2 months ago and they were living in the car park then.

    They seem to get around the area as they have been seen at the Sainsbury's and also in Beddington Park. Though Beddington park have now installed a bar across the parking lot so you can only fit cars in.

    There are easier ways of getting rid of them than applying for permission to move them on. Noise torture. Put big speakers next to them and play loud music all night and all day.

  5. Can you provide an actual example of a shop which offers the same price in Euro and £ for the same article please?

    The article is very vague.

    I bet that those few shops who actually offer that type of deal bumped up their prices by at leat 20% in £ terms, in order to attract Euro tourists who don't know any better :lol:

    Sure, here are some excerpts from the article:

    "Dunster, a medieval village in Exmoor, lays claim to being the first place in Britain to accept euros on a par with the pound - not a bad deal with the exchange rate hovering around 85p to a euro."

    "Dunster, Somerset: Made a name for itself with a 1 Euro=£1 rate"

    "Some shops have been offering a straight euro-for-pound exchange rate in towns like Newry and Enniskillen."

  6. A pound will buy you about 1.10 euros at a high street bank or airport at the moment, and so this strikes me as anything but a good deal.

    As others have pointed out, many retail outlets accept multiple currencies, the ones in airports being widespread examples. But if you pay in anything other than the local currency in such places, expect to pay over the odds for currency conversion.

    Its an excellent deal! Sheesh, use your head.

    Take 1 pound to a money changer and get 1.10 euros. Go to the shops mentioned in the article and spend 1 euro to buy an item only costing 1 pound. Keep the 10 cents change.

    When you allow shoppers to buy a £10 article for only 10 euros, then its an amazing deal for the consumer.

  7. The exchange rates they are offerring on Euros seem incredibly good to me at 1 Euro = 1 Pound.

    At that rate you may as well go swap your pounds for Euros and spend them instead.

    I don't know why people get so attached to a currency. The pound is just a means of exchange. I couldn't care which currency the UK uses as long as it retains its value and is not based on imaginary wealth.

  8. Japanese people are efficient, hard workers or so I've heard. Combined with a large industrial base and a culture of spending money there is a large middle class because businessmen and high earners like to spend their money on products and services which trickles down through the economy.

    For all the faults of Japanese society, I do admit it's productive and efficient at capitalism, much like Chinese society is proving now on a much larger scale.

    Edit: Average income of manufacturing worker is apparantly 28,800 pounds according to a website I found, yet service type jobs earn much lower. I wonder how much manufacturing jobs would pay in the UK?

    They also have no concept of a work life balance. As the older generation is retiring the woman have no idea what to do with these strange men in their house. They have spent their whole lives with their husbands practically living at work.

    That sounds really sad to me.

    I work so that I can have a life, but it seems to me as though in Japanese culture you you have a life so that you can work.

  9. I found this particularly interesting:

    Now let's see, a country that has a big creditor position, a production capacity too big for its own people to absorb, and that therefore is loaning money to other countries to get recycled back into a trade surplus... might that remind you of any country today? (Hint: A Inch). Now, I'm ashamed to admit that until I saw that item it hadn't occurred to me that while the current situation might bear some resemblance to 1930, the countries might have to be shuffled around to really make things correspond - the flash of insight was blinding! Well, if China now is us then, then who then are we now? Let's see ... proud owner of the world's reserve currency franchise ... running sizable merchandise trade deficits ... I think I got it! (Hint: Baring Attire). OK, but then who now is Germany then? Let's see ... huge outstanding debts, postponing dealing with them as long as possible through a series of temporary gimmicks, government reaching a state of deadlock... got it! (Hint: Facial Iron)

    Hmm ... that isn't exactly encouraging when it comes to what happens next ... although, on the bright side, at least in the case of California the consequences of having a strange looking Austrian in charge haven't been anywhere near as drastic this time ...

  10. I'm on a 0.45% tracker at the moment and am using the extra cash to boost my savings.

    When interest rates go up I can always use the savings to pay down the mortgage, but as long as I get a better interest rate on my savings it just makes sense.

    Also, you never know what the future may hold and I'd rather have the cash at hand.

    Though I did use 1 months cash to buy myself a nifty macbook B)

  11. Would any-one really want to fly on a plane where the pilot hasn't been paid?

    Just imagine a pilot with a mortgage and a family, wondering how he is going to make it through the next few months, getting more and more depressed behind the flight controls and deciding to end it all.

    I want my pilot to be well paid and happy, or not flying.

  12. would you have done anything about house price inflation if you were flipping between a handful of houses, renovating them for free and getting to keep the profit without paying CGT?

    not voting achieves nothing though, vote for some-one else if you have a problem with your current MP. By not voting all that happens is the same lot get in over and over.

    if you feel strongly enough, get behind an independant MP that will answer directly to his/her constituents instead of a party leader.

  13. Rightmove said there seemed to be buyer interest in properties priced at around 25 percent below peak levels, and that sellers who initially overpriced their homes risked heavier losses later.

    This has happenned in my area. Prices peaked at £200,000 on my road. A few houses went on the market at 180 then 170 and finally at 150 they sold. And they sold rapidly after hitting 150k.

    One house went on the market on the Friday at 150k and was sold on the monday.

  14. I largely agree - my one caveat (and I write from ignorance) is that, if you have a mortgage for £75000 on a house that cost £100000 (and you put up the other £25000), doesn't the bank start behaving in a rather unpleasant fashion when you house's value drops below £75000?

    So, my caveat is that the banks also need to recognise that a house is a home, and not some ATM as well. As long as you pay your mortgage, the "value" of your house should not be a factor.

    I agree. If I can afford to pay a mortgage at 4 times my salary, and I have a very secure job, and an excellent credit score, I don't see why the equity in my house should exclude me from getting a good mortgage.

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