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  1. looks like many posters on this thread should visit www.nfh.org.uk my experience has been to never, ever, ever touch a house conversation flat. THE nosiest place I have ever lived. great neighbours at the moment, but i do long for a detached house where i can't hear my neighbours, and they can't hear me either.
  2. its also rather clever of the treasury to tax the bonuses in this way as both the levy and income tax will be due on the bonuses. so a bonus of 100k will net the treasury 90k. 50k from the levy and another 40k from income tax.
  3. Was once in a job that I hated, lasted exactly a month and a day so the w****r didn't get his employment agency fee back. My exact words when I resigned were, "I'm afraid that your management style and my personality are just not compatible." Translation, "You are an utter b*****d and can't I stay here a second longer without killing you". It felt good.
  4. you forget that houses are also homes. People can't just sell and move their family around at will in order to make a quick buck. For a lot of people their house is where they live, not their investment vehicle.
  5. Not madness but genius. At that age you'd be a fool to do anything other than interest only as chances are you'll be dead before you've paid it off. As for inheritance I've already told my kids that if they have anything in their inheritance it will mean that I died sooner than I had planned to.
  6. Or the resulting weak pound will result in our exports being cheaper, and a reduction in imports due to them being too expensive. The net result might be a trade surplus, which would we rather welcome.
  7. you guys really need to seek out help. the joy you take in bad news, and the way you get upset about good news is just sad. germany and france achieving some growth is a good thing.
  8. http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society...k-200908111972/
  9. Are they still there?!!!! I went to that Ikea about 2 months ago and they were living in the car park then. They seem to get around the area as they have been seen at the Sainsbury's and also in Beddington Park. Though Beddington park have now installed a bar across the parking lot so you can only fit cars in. There are easier ways of getting rid of them than applying for permission to move them on. Noise torture. Put big speakers next to them and play loud music all night and all day.
  10. A recession is a state of mind. Tell every-one that its over, they start spending again, and hence its over. Pretty simple really.
  11. Sure, here are some excerpts from the article: "Dunster, a medieval village in Exmoor, lays claim to being the first place in Britain to accept euros on a par with the pound - not a bad deal with the exchange rate hovering around 85p to a euro." "Dunster, Somerset: Made a name for itself with a 1 Euro=£1 rate" "Some shops have been offering a straight euro-for-pound exchange rate in towns like Newry and Enniskillen."
  12. Its an excellent deal! Sheesh, use your head. Take 1 pound to a money changer and get 1.10 euros. Go to the shops mentioned in the article and spend 1 euro to buy an item only costing 1 pound. Keep the 10 cents change. When you allow shoppers to buy a £10 article for only 10 euros, then its an amazing deal for the consumer.
  13. The exchange rates they are offerring on Euros seem incredibly good to me at 1 Euro = 1 Pound. At that rate you may as well go swap your pounds for Euros and spend them instead. I don't know why people get so attached to a currency. The pound is just a means of exchange. I couldn't care which currency the UK uses as long as it retains its value and is not based on imaginary wealth.
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