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  1. You could argue that we've already had our massive bout of inflation over the last 20 years or so, despite what the ONS would have us believe. Through ever increasing mortgages, the newly created money has funnelled its way into the housing market. If and when house prices take a tumble then that cash will manifest itself somewhere else. However, if house prices stay where they are or continue rising in real terms, then we may have to accept that this is the new normal. As you all know, the real winners are those who already own property and who sell or have recently sold for cash. Could
  2. Employment in the banking sector probably peaked in the 1990s. Since back office processing was centralised and voucher processing was automated 20 years ago banks have shed thousands of staff. Online banking is now taking the place of call centres and branches. We will see a a lot more job losses and branch closures across the industry over the next few years. Job losses in the sector could largely be the result of computerisation and the way we are now able to manage our finances online rather than for reasons connected with the wider economy. What I can never understand is why large comp
  3. The hilarious thing is, the CEO is blaming the fall in sales on people having MORE money in their pockets and eating out instead! I think Sainsbury's is up s*** creek just like Tesco is. In my recent experience they are more expensive than Tesco and tend to have less footfall. For some strange reason Andover in Hampshire (one of my local towns) has two medium sized Sainsbury's within a mile of each other which are both usually empty, even at supposedly busy times. Why they don't combine the stores into one decent sized supermarket is beyond me, and having mentioned it to the staff they don
  4. I can't use 6th gear unless I'm doing over 55mph so that wouldn't be me! But unless I'm in a hurry I take it easy... saves on brake and tyre wear too.
  5. The way 9 out of 10 people drive you'd think petrol was free. I wonder how much it will have to go up before they stop driving like tw*ts? Sorry if I sound like an old man, but seriously most car drivers appear to have no idea how much fuel they use by accelerating hard (especially up hills) and how much they waste by continually braking because they are too close to the car in front.
  6. My money's on Mothercare. Passed by their Exeter store on the Thursday before Christmas and it was totally devoid of customers. Always a sure sign that a retailer is struggling.
  7. Hovis owner Premier Foods are over a billion pounds in debt. Holy cow. Will they soon be brown bread? They now produce a wholemeal version of the Seed Sensations loaf which I have to say is really tasty. £1.49 a loaf but it lasts me all week.
  8. Just an anecdotal for you. I booked a table Friday night at the Bangkok Brasserie in Winchester had to wait until 9:30 for a table for 2 and all the restaurants at the top of town looked full (Loch Fyne, Prezzo, Brasserie Blanc, Rimjhim Indian & Porterhouse Steakhouse). Did a spot of shopping in Southampton on the Saturday and it was absolutely heaving - people everywhere. The High Street and West Quay were rammed with huge queues at the tills at the larger stores. Seems that down south people still have plenty of money to spend.
  9. So basically it's taken him five years to figure out there will be no recovery in the foreseeable future. And how much are we paying him? He says "there are good reasons to suggest we are travelling in the right direction" but unsurprisingly fails to mention what they are.
  10. Wow 650 editorial staff must mean a whopping payroll. Guardian newspaper operation: 2010 £ 37.8m loss 2011 £ 38.3m loss 2012 £ £44.2m loss Ouch. They are blaming it on investment in digital publishing... jeez I thought the dot.com bubble was 15 years ago. Are we now in the midst of an App bubble? The Guardian Media Group should just dump the newspaper with those losses. And talking of losses they've lost nearly a quarter of their readership in the last 12 months. That's a big chunk. Sources below... http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2012/jul/17/guardian-observer-report-losses-44
  11. Indeed it does, but eating breakfast is then even more important.
  12. Perhaps, along with calculator watches and wearing your trousers high enough so as not to reveal your cartoon themed boxer shorts, going to the pub simply isn't 'cool' any more?
  13. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Surprised nobody has said this yet - unless I missed it. Skipping breakfast is likely to cause you to put ON weight because it kick starts your metabolism for the day. (For the same reason simply not eating is not an effective way of dieting). http://www.guardianeatright.co.uk/news/article.cfm?article_id=1178 I used to skip breakfast too by the way!
  14. Petrol bill? The first step to reducing your petrol bill should be to get a diesel. You should be looking at a car that will give you 50mpg minimum. Incidentally, anyone driving a car that only does 25mpg (whether it's a 4 litre Range Rover, or they just like accelerating hard up hills in their Audi) is effectively paying £3 a litre. They are just too stupid (or loaded) to care.
  15. Good point about giving up the brand name, it must have been the company's main asset. But surely they are nothing more than a very poor hosting service and a very poor search engine who are £2 billion in debt. If my maths is correct, they need to earn a £500 profit from every single small and medium enterprise in the UK (all 4.5 million of them) just to break even.
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