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  1. This country is like an overgrown forest, its maxed out and a forest fire is needed to clear the way for new growth, ie hit the restart button and allow nature to take its course otherwise we will just about bumble along, my feeling is some thing will happen which triggers this process, could be anything from a euro break down to a war etc etc.
  2. they cant stay 0.5 forever lol, i wonder when they will put them up???? spring 2013 perhaps ? they should never of come down that far, about 2.5 % should of been low enough........
  3. spot on......batten down the hatches and concrete the f_____s in lol
  4. lol, 1/4 of a million!!!! triple lol..........people hav def lost site of the value of money, in the real world thats 90k tops
  5. perhaps they put back last years vat rise when doin there sums by mistake lol.........................
  6. i make you correct there. its like when you see the local council worker going along with a leaf blower machine blowing stuff which is actually going back in the road. if you took away the jobs which have been created the country would fall apart in weeks, and take away the service sector which i believe is some thing like 80 percent of retail we def have a massive problem, so we have an economy which is built on the back of spend spend spend ( lakeside/ bluewater etc etc ) higher taxes, less credit available, more and more people having a reduced income, dont look so good does it...................we could actually see these out of town shopping centres close down long term
  7. i agree with what you have said totally , my feeling and has been for a number of years , is that 2013 or poss as late as 2014 onwards we will see the real problems surface, think what we are seeing now is just the start.....
  8. 99p stores are excellent value. id like one in my town...................different if they are building right next door to your property, coz whether its a shop of block of flats that would cause a problem with its value.
  9. i reckon the llluminate & new world order are proper laughing at what is goin on seein as they created it lol................. 100 year bonds , madness
  10. hello im new to this site. good to know there are people who share the same views as me on the economy etc. im in the process of deciding whether to sell my house, i think there will be a correction in prices but when is the right time to bail out ????. i wont bore you, but this next bit is fairly funny in a way . back in october 2002, i had a conversation with a person in the banking world, and i said the uk would be in a recesssion by end of 2008, and he actually laughed out loud so much he spilt his tea an had to mop it up, i could see it coming and when ever i said it to anyone they laughed. ill keep watching posts for more info.....
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