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  1. "Property prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau."
  2. You didn't read it till the end: Offered at a guide price £80,000 below home report value, this is an exceptional bargain not to be missed
  3. Its all depends on what size of ladder do you need. link
  4. Step up with your right foot on the property ladder.
  5. The value of homes close to the main site of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games increased by over £60,000 on average since London’s winning bid was announced - an increase of 30 per cent. Now the Games are over, the Olympic Park is set to re-open in 2013 and more than 8,000 homes will hit the market. So is it worth buying one? link
  6. Who wants more people to be educated in Compound Interest? How bubble will be created?
  7. One in four mortgages taken before the credit crunch could be in trouble? Well, these will not finish well.
  8. Regulations, licence, past convictions... Who cares? Employ PM son, pay small penalty and you can get away with anything.
  9. 3,400 benefit fraudsters in 2012 Every little helps.
  10. France urges EU to scrutinize South Korean car imports France called on the European Commission on Aug. 3 to monitor imports of South Korean-made cars, taking the first step towards triggering a safeguard clause in a free-trade deal that could lead to duties being reimposed. Since the trade pact came into force in July 2011, France has seen imports of South Korean cars surge 24% while its own carmakers have lost domestic market share to the likes of Hyundai and affiliate Kia, leaving them saddled with massive overcapacity. France's biggest carmaker, PSA Peugeot Citroen announced plans to close a plant near Paris and cut 8,000 jobs, leaving outspoken Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg battling to limit the damage and avoid further closures.
  11. Can you really get 3.2% interest rates mortgages with 10% deposit?
  12. London Pleasure Gardens in administration The operator of an arts and culture site close to the ExCel Olympics venue has gone into administration. London Pleasure Gardens (LPG) had received £3.3m in funding from Newham Council to run the 20-acre site. Administrators Deloitte said the site on Pontoon Dock had fewer visitors than expected, attracting fewer than 7,000 visitors per day. A council spokesman said it would get the money back and make a success of the site with a different operator.
  13. Visitors To The Olympics 2012 Will Bring In Millions
  14. Yes, big government contract with bonus. Everybody will pay for some greedy landlords.
  15. Win - Win for everyone. For the economy - will create new jobs, For HPC - slash prices.
  16. If the experience of Sydney, Australia, is any guide, the Olympics may spread the plague wider here. The 2000 Sydney Olympics was the single event most responsible for the bed bug blight currently plaguing urban centres across Europe and North America. The explosion of the global bed bug population began around the time of the Sydney Games … By the end of the games, about 98 per cent of the hotels in Sydney had at least one infected room, and because it wasn’t detected early enough, it spread to other rooms in the hotels, and people transmitted them from location to location.
  17. How will these risks affect the London rent and property prices after olympics?
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