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  1. The vast majority of houses in Belfast are in working class areas to be fair. East Belfast house price rises and as an up coming area is a strange phenomenon to me, but again that could just be my background..
  2. I'd agree with that, having lived in the suburbs in Finaghy it sometimes took me the guts of 40 minutes to get into city centre by car. Life is a compromise and if I were single in my 30s with no family I'd prefer to be closer to Belfast but certainly would be looking at commuter towns or suburbs with good transport links to the city centre. Renting for life was not an option for me but each to their own
  3. BT9 and BT10 houses form my own experience are ridiculous overpriced, I nodded on about 10 oner the past year and a half and every single one of them had multiple bidders, very high demand from youngish professionals like myself. It's not a generational thing I know but people will pay a premium for a mixed area with good schools. Location is paramount in all cities but Belfast especially so given the segregation. I sold my house in Finaghy last year for a decent profit and just spent the last 8 months with the in-laws before buying our forever home with a commute to Belfast. The p
  4. I wired my whole house with Cat 6 and ran network points to nearly every room, some people will think that's OTT but i'm trying to future proof and not rely on a WIFI signal. I've received costs for electrical upgrade and it was approx. £35 per double socket downstairs and slightly more for upstairs., outside socket £55. £2k in total for upgrades but well worth it in my opinion.
  5. In the new build we've bought the garden is a decent size, room for 3 cars, loft space not great granted but space for MHRV and suitcases etc.. no management fees, great insulation and a community of young professionals with families from a mixed background.
  6. I'm also sale agreed, was planning on waiting on Brexit but that could be years and I want to move on in life and not sit and wait for something to happen. It helps this is our forever home I guess.
  7. Not much help but I'm currently engaging with our electrician so should have costs for additional sockets etc.. within the next week or two. Are you wiring your house with network points? Cat5/6?
  8. Converting 33kv to 11kv for domestic use. Certainly wouldn't put me off buying a house. Doesn't look like it's on the property otherwise you can get a wayleaves payment for it
  9. No sorry I'm not looking in BT9 anymore, after a year of constantly looking in that area your looking to get a decent semi for that price range.
  10. Good as in my very young children will be growing up in a decent area with kids around the same age. Not to mention most of the parents will be around our age which again for me is a posirive. You can fit 3 cars in the driveway in the house we are looking at which is at the front of the development, granted the semis would be a tighter squeeze.
  11. Most new builds come with a 10 year structural guarantee and 2 years 'snag' fixes. Two women in my office have bought a new build within the last couple of years and have had a very good after sale service for small things that needed fixed. I'm seriously contemplating a 4 bedroom new build myself, but I know a few of the suppliers and the builder has a good rep which gives me confidence and reassurance. The new development I'm interested in is full of young families too which is good. The downside being I know I'm overpaying but with 2 young kids I don't want to be in limbo any
  12. New builds - Pros - Better insulated, higher spec finish (generally), bigger driveways, Cons - Smaller living areas, depreciate faster, smaller garden, closer to neighbours. If you know the builder and they have a good reputation it certainly wouldn't put me off buying one. In saying that the cost for some of the upgrades on their standard spec is quite high.
  13. If that's the case they are on a hiding to nothing, I wouldn't expect a sudden mass influx into the Port in the decade after the Open. Yes it's a superb golf course and nice coast line but not much else going for it in terms of infrastructure, access and generally not aesthetically pleasing. In saying that if I lived an hour away I'd be there regularly enough for day trips but given that Donegal wouldn't be too far i'd much prefer a holiday home there. Each to their own I suppose.
  14. Super thanks Zamo, definitely useful as a reference point.
  15. Where are you looking to buy? I've said before I think there is a real lack of decent houses coming on the market in recent months, not sure if this due to the seasonal nature of buying / selling or some or economic factor at play.
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