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  1. It's literally round the corner from the A1 so it's great for commuting but not too close so you can hear the traffic driving along the A1. To be honest I might end up renting if I can't get a house for what I want to pay for it. Lol I liked the response of offering 30% lower in a few years
  2. Thanks for the responses everybody...really appreciate it! I think I will wait a week or so before I increase the offer as I don't want them to think I'm desperate to buy which I'm not...I would like to buy now as I'm getting married in the summer but if we can't find the one we are looking for then we'll rent till we find the best one for our price...
  3. Hello, I've been a lurker on this forum for quite a while now and have been getting tips for a good few months. I'm a FTB with my partner and we have been looking at a few houses and found one that we have marked as a potential in Birtley. We have had two viewings of the place and its currently on sale for 285k. Having done my research I can see it went on sale for 325k back in Oct 2009 with one agent, and then it was on sale with another agent in April 2011 for 295k (thanks to zoopla). According to property bee its been with a new agent since December last year 2011 for the price off 285k. I also found out that it has only ever had one owner and was bought for 220k back in September 2003 so I thought I'd be cheeky and offer 20% below the asking price of 228k only to be told by the EA that it was an insulting offer and they will refuse to put it through...having told her about her legal obligation she responded 'fine, I'll put it through but I'll strongly tell them to reject it as its an insulting offer'. Call back occured a few minutes later saying the vendor found the offer insulting and have rejected the offer. Due to stamp duty reasons I dont fancy paying more than 250k for a house so wondered what you reckon I should bid next? I was expecting the offer to be rejected but wasnt expecting the EA to be so rude and unprofessional. Was my first offer really too low and insulting? Here's the Link to the house Thanks for any advise i can get from you all.
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