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  1. I tend to stay out of politics when trying to predict anything and think it’s a good mantra for the forum. as far as predictions go, they are just that, I couldn’t have predicted the present rise in a month of sundays.
  2. In response to the topic question, my answer is no. This time last year I would have said absolutely.
  3. The 2008 issue was different from now, major banks went under and as a result they’re all in a much stronger situation to weather the storm now. Falls yes, for all the reasons you’ve mentioned but a shit show to dwarf 2008, don’t think so.
  4. Don’t think we’ll see 70% loss on any property in North Coast. Wishful thinking. Didn't see 70% loss post 2008-2012 in this region.
  5. Any predictions for a slow down in the North Coast market?
  6. Not that long ago... https://www.philiptweedie.com/extract/PORTSTEWART_26190_DOC_00.pdf
  7. No sign of corona damping down HPI on the North Coast. From 2018 https://www.facebook.com/philiptweedie/posts/53-coleraine-road-portstewartbt55-7hp-offers-around-185000this-spacious-3-bedroo/2212524538775597/ to now... https://www.propertypal.com/53-coleraine-road-portstewart/650148
  8. Not sure if this would represent the average purchase? Perhaps a small portion of the market? I’ve just been looking at established and new developments and cross-referencing these sold properties with houses then appearing for let. Was surprised by the numbers.
  9. What are the thoughts on the North Coast Market, are we going to see a Corona effect here? There seems to be a lot of activity. Is it just the BTLers purchasing?
  10. Agree totally with you, it's horses for courses. I bought at a time that everyone told me was wrong. It wasn't. It was a wise move and never regretted it. It could be argued that buying at the wrong time only costs you money if you sell at an equally incorrect time. But that's not a debate I wish to start. Just suggesting having read the emotional struggles of the OP, that if they wish they complete the purchase, close their laptop and relax...
  11. Buy it, live in it, enjoy it and live life.
  12. Not sure, I was pretty sure it had gone SA in 12. - May however have fallen through given the state of lending at that time. I did remember seeing the other semi for sale at a later date.
  13. Unbelievable on so many levels.
  14. I know, short memories... It was over 6yrs however - most prob been Sept 11 as the weather was great! Remember watching the Iceberg youtube video and just laughing to myself.
  15. Des and his group did own the other two houses. The initial plan for the 'iceberg' development was for 6 semi detached properties. The other two properties were disposed of after the astronomic prices of the first two were serially reduced. We viewed 47a many years ago when it was still for sale but reduced to a 'less silly' price. Wasn't that impressed.
  16. Still a buck to be made in South Belfast for the developers. From £297,500 http://www.simonbrien.com/properties/buying/ECS36305/84-balmoral-avenue-bt9-6ny-ecs36305/?min_price=100&max_price=500000 to £695,000 https://www.propertynews.com/Property/Belfast/ECSECS45113/84-Balmoral-Avenue/
  17. South Belfast is considered a desirable area and will always seem to command a premium, whether deserved or not. Knightsbridge is a stones throw from Stranmillis and will have almost guaranteed admission. To be honest if you'd bought in 12/13 people would have thought you were crazy or an EA talking up the market. There seems to be buyer optimism from somewhere at the minute that is leading to optimistic pricing - but places seem to be selling. I think in the next two years the economic reality of Brexit will see a cooling of the market and some price correction. Just my opinion though.
  18. Would you keep us all posted if this pans out as you've planned. Hope for your sake it does.
  19. Two properties you've listed just illustrate what you've said you didn't like about Stranmillis. One is a HMO and the other is a family home. Both on the same street. Very few areas in the South and East that don't have either flats or houses to rent alongside established family homes. BT7 wise Stay above bridge. Rosetta good.
  20. TR website still has the current offer feature as of this evening... It is removed however as soon as S.A. Maybe fewer properties are under offer.
  21. Kings Hall New Builds? - Harberton already listed with Brien from 495 - 725. 13 out of 19 already sale agreed. May indicate that there is unfilled demand in the area and healthy demand?
  22. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/177934-bt9/
  23. Yes, good rates but disadvantage of FRD is that it all operates from one account - whilst other providers will allow you to link several of their accounts. This could be more advantageous to someone such as ravedave who has savings and will want to maximise the longer term tax free benefits of these accounts.
  24. I can personally recommend an Offset, First rate direct or Barclays seem quite good - Barclays currently offering 1.99% +BBR lifetime. You can link up to 7 accounts with some banks, ISAs, saving accounts etc so as your capital repayment amount comes down you can delink accounts and keep the tax free savings allowance.
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