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  1. Really? comparing apples with apples Stats? What does your statement encompass - survival rates so much higher for the richer individual or across the board, population wise?
  2. And save on unnecessary/overly invasive procedures. This was touched on briefly in another thread about doctors sometimes doing a 'wait and see' And their was also another thread about how pet insurance has skyrocketed the cost of pet treatment - i guess the same's happened in human treatment in the states
  3. But, but, america is awesome people keep telling: me with low taxes and you just take care of yourself and you can carry guns and shoot people and criminals go to prison for ever, and if you don't work you starve but it's your own fault because you just have to want to be a winner Honestly, the more i read about the states the cr@ppier it looks if you're not an elite
  4. " lured investors with the promise of huge returns of up to 20% a month" FFS
  5. We'll no doubt get the usual suspects on this forum come out and start spouting "why should events be free?/tax is a fair way to raise much needed revenue/it's fair for everyone/why shouldn't they pay/tax is a solution for everything blah, blah The sooner people get it into their thick heads that tax makes everyone poorer except the wastrels that demand it, the better
  6. We'll no doubt get the usual suspects on this forum come out and start spouting why should events be free, tax is a fair way to raise much needed revenue/it's fair for everyone, blah, blah
  7. Still, they get free prescriptions, universities and elderly care, so it all evens out in the end
  8. That's precisely what I was talking about - thing is house values are so out of kilter that the returns, plus risk of asset depreciation make it totally unviable at the moment - as they say, timing is everything, but at the right price, the right property is not a bad pension plan. I know people are going to rip me to pieces for saying that, but it really is a simple case of ROI - the numbers suck at the moment
  9. And remember, your pension counts as taxable income when you collect
  10. isn't this what's happened in the states, where people in desperation have cashed in their 401ks - although I don't blame them, as I don't trust pensions at all If only there was another long term asset where the returns made sense - what could that be? I guess we'll have to wait for a prop crash to find out
  11. cos poor people don´t spunk money away - just ask rupert murdoch - lots of lovely SKY subscriptions - how many stately homes have you seen with SKY dishes?
  12. No the ones still alive Like I said, making people poor is a really sh!t policy - please, explain the upside A dead person while alive wants me to have their stuff, they say so, the government wants money, they make sh!t up to take it, it makes me poorer than I would have been, how is that a good thing, why would you want that?
  13. The person thinks ¨the government has taken my parents hard work to make my life better, sod it Iḿ not doing the same, please give me a council house¨ Making people poor is a really sh!t policy
  14. How is my reply a strawman. You asserted that taxation of inheritance would encourage people to benefit from their own efforts rather than others¨ I simply countered this by saying that taxation is not a good incentive
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