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  1. The question I have is, why do banks NEED to lend to each other? Why don't they lend their own money? Who is lending to who and why?
  2. I don't think they are that great for the lower rate tax payer. You get taxed on the dividends and you don't get that returned in your ISA. For the higher rate tax payer they make more sense. I don't know why you'd want to invest in European stocks as opposed to FTSE multinationals, I have several ISA's invested in Japan, Gold and commodities based funds (listed on the FTSE) as I see great potential in these areas. Look to energy stocks, particularly Shell (RDSA) as the current stock price represents buying barrels of oil at less than $5, given known reserves.
  3. Yes, just watch the price of oil deflate baby! over 100 a barrel in the spring i bet, get shares in RDSA NOW!!!
  4. No I meant the advert was a mistake - should it be 13.36% surely? I have no idea what the legal maximum interest rate is.
  5. I think its 13.36% in fact (edited for balls up)
  6. oops, posted in a new thread http://news.bbc.co.uk/player/nol/newsid_62...bw=bb&mp=wm
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/player/nol/newsid_62...bw=bb&mp=wm
  8. I do. As interest rates rise, mortgage repayments rise, business costs rise as the cost of servicing debt rises. People have less money to spend, businesses close, people lose jobs, only the Queen can get a loan. High interest rates = less money being borrowed = less money in circulation = recession. Interest rates are the cause, everything else is a symptom, including HPI, IMO.
  9. I thought stagflation. But I think its "different this time". I think prices will crash as: 1) HPI slows to 0-3%pa through initial credit tightening, (BTL's get out) 2) Through the damage already done by excessive money supply and future energy costs, inflation will soar, fuelling CPI and thus interest rates will follow over the next few years (MEWers, Lie to buys, and those who never thought rates would hit 8% get out) So I'd usually go for an inflation based crash, but I think the average householder would be destroyed by base rates over 7% (oh, and the increase in the petrol, gas and leccy bills for themselves and passed on in goods prices) and forced to sell, flood the market and drive down prices. So I think a real terms crash is ahead, amplified by inflation. Just what is that base rate trigger? The glut of btl flats will be the first hit. As for when, errrrr, 2008 before the figures start to show the crash has already started, look out for the dead cat bounce! Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter of discontent ahead! All pure speculation
  10. Amen. The workplace is a market like any other, if you're undervalued then prove it by going elsewhere for better money. Your employer should always take this p*ss with payrises for the sake of the business (I mean director's salary), if you're worth it, call their bluff. Luckily, and I mean luckily, my employer likes to employ happy people, so when I have complained (within reason) I've got the extra few % I wanted. All the other employees just seem to post their complaints on the internet. Go tell them you're worth more, you have excellent reasons and you have nothing to lose. They might even try to avoid the conflict next year.
  11. Who knows? I think the greatest shock will be when the public realise the MPC can raise rates by 0.25%, 0.5%, 0.75%, 1%, 2%, 5% or even 10% We are just TOO used to these 0.25% increments.
  12. I NEARLY bought two years ago, and may have made a "profit" by now, but of course, a profit is only a profit when you sell. I wasn't buying for profit, and my 1150pcm mortgage payments would have been fixed for two years at 4.5%. I'm glad i'm not coming off my fixed deal now with all that "profit"
  13. lol. IF you want to lose everything you have. IF you don't know there are other investments than property. IF you want to make me rich by buying my poor advice. IF you believe property prices only go UP. IF you are baffled by the terms: M4, asset inflation and interest rates You're a tw*t. Sign up for my exclusive, executive, expensive property excrement pack below......
  14. I dont care if HIPS are thrown out or not. If they are thrown out, at least the "experts" won't have anything to blame the coming crash on. Plus, I think HIPS will slow down sales somewhat, which will just lengthen the crash, as the market wont be tested as much, and we wont see the drop in asking prices happen so quickly. Kill HIPS!!!
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