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  1. chevin

    Smug Homeowner Repents!

    it's one thing thinking house proces will continue to rise, but quite another to MEW. Just what the heck were you thinking?
  2. i agree in theory but in practice the 'country' is usually so badly organised, that it is extremely wasteful of funds. Public funded endeavours are massively wasteful compared to private ones. I think a bit of ball squeezing could go down well in all public endeavours. Part of the ball squeezing is budget cuts.
  3. chevin

    Injin And Scepticus...

    I think they are both right. I see Injin nibbling at the macro level and scepticus at the micro level. Injin thinks the system will fall because it's built on sand, scepticus thinks; whether sand or not; it will continue for longer than the basics seem to permit. For example; religion could well be wrong but it ain't worth screaming that it should be discarded. Whether wrong or not it has given a purpose to people for a long time and ain't going anywhere soon.
  4. the day that a savings account is considered risky is the day capitalism will collapse forever.
  5. so you're happy to let the gamblers fail and take down savings accounts with it?
  6. chevin

    Good Work Fp!

    warning that people could lose alot of money - his timing wasn't wrong. the way this thing is going; there is still alot of people who may appear okay now (and FP theoretically wrong) that will still go under when the £ collapses, interest rates rise and HPI collapses. His reasons were right, his timing was right, only the duration was wrong.
  7. chevin

    Dubai - They Built Two Palms

    one they build to get the money in, then the dubai authorities make them build one to meet their social housing need
  8. chevin

    The Banks Win

    or you help solve the real problem. We are all different. Some need the 'stick', some need the 'carrot'. And guess what? The rest need a quadzillion combinations of the two. That you only acknowledge the 'stick' proportion shows up your flippant thinking. Until you recognise all the others you will never get close to fixing society.
  9. chevin

    The Banks Win

    ever considered taking up counselling? What a dumb ass comment. Absolutely no use what so ever. Things just aren't as simply as you would like!
  10. chevin

    The Banks Win

    and for people on the breadline? any sympathy?
  11. the problem is; as soon as it comes within the scope of health and safety, a judgement has to be made. And one that is likely to massively err on the side of caution. Whilst it is designated an natural issue, then judgements don't have to be made beyond the bloomin obvious. create a job to find problems and boy will problems be found!
  12. chevin

    Why Should Houses Be Affordable?

    if you decide that housing should not be speculated upon, then pretty soon you realise that very little should be for speculation. Everything that can be speculated on demands a margin and it's that margin that houses all the greed. The sooner we try a system that removes the margin the better. For all our sakes.
  13. and you would have been prepared to test out the protection scheme? I think you would find it would have had little effect ..... Don't worry Porca your protection scheme only takes 10 years to resolve
  14. did you see the bbc business news this morning? Utterly embarrassing. Apparently due to the mild weather we spent alot of money on halloween, making October a good month for retail. Well that all sounds sustainable ............ every day to be mild and every day to be renamed to halloween ........... sorted
  15. translation: trying to get inflation - avoiding deflation trying to raise asset prices - trying to give toxic assests a useable value asset prices doesn't only mean houses. if banks are insolvent because of toxic assets and we don't won't the whole financial system to collapse, then a reasonable course of action is to try and make them less toxic. That it temporarily supprts house price should be viewed merely as a temporary and slightly irritating bull trap.

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