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  1. Oh dear that touched a raw nerve. I live in France, but I am not blinkered to some of the failings of France, at no point have I referred to the UK, with the exception that the vote for Brexit is a disaster, for all sides. The site is about house prices falling, that is true, and in France regretfully house prices do not seem to hold value. But this is a damned better situation than prevails in the UK, where it is a free for all with the youngest/poorest in society being left to drown. A dreadful greedy country. What is embarrassing is your arrogance, which only an agentimmo could possibl
  2. "Hoping quite a few British immigrants on the Riveira decide to head back to Blighty too" Oh agentimmo what a reflection upon your racist and unpleasant attitude. Something that should be consigned to history. I can say quite frankly you represent the worse kind of soul, an utter disgrace. On other matters Brexit is a dreadful outcome, not only for the UK but for Europe as a whole, the fallout is going to be dramatic, the roller-coaster has just started. Final thought, if I may, I have seen my two sons educated in France, some of their stories when they came home from school were not enri
  3. We are staying in Lot for a couple of months, house hunting. Every time we look we get put off by the volume of property on the market. It is overwhelming, yet the prices are holding. We were last in the area in March. Virtually all the same houses are on the market, all at the same price! I keep thinking one day, one day soon the dam wall is going to burst as this is unsustainable.This is the big problem, how to square the circle, why buy something today, when tomorrow it could be cheaper, in this case 10's of thousands cheaper. Yes, I agree, if we make an offer, having searched through t
  4. I have met Mr. Flogit and what a horrible little man he is. I have used the services of Mr. Flogits company, twice, in both cases the properties sold via other agencies. Mr. Flogits agents valuations of my property were in the first case some 200000€ over what the property was actually worth and in the second case we told the agent what price we wanted to sell the property for, so they could not inflate the price. I have visited properties with representatives of Mr. Flogits company. Some could not speak French - to French clients, some did not know about basic building construction and some
  5. Well its just not surprising, the country is so depressing. We have been here 13 years and all we see is depression. It is so sad, but the country is to anti-business. Creativity is surpressed, dull is the word that comes to mind when I think of France. This year I have travelled extensively in Europe, many of the countries I have visited are finacially in a worse state, yet they are more dynamic, progressive and creative. I fear for the future, without a dramatic change France is going to crumble, well in fact it is crumbling. Each time we visit our local large town a new shop has closed or
  6. Frankly anyone buying a house in France whilst this government are in power must be mad. Unemployment up, taxes up, sales down, crime levels soaring, thats my impression of France in 2014. The Brits have this rose tinted view of life in France, I meet many when I travel back to the UK on the ferries who still think they in the days of empire. I know of quite a few who have had their fingers burnt here. Loosing money, becoming isolated, depressed. Those programmes on the tele encouraging everyone to find a place in the sun have certainly got a lot to answer for. Better to rent in France and w
  7. Thats Bretons, not French! They are really very sensitive about their identity. Once on a trip 'down south' I was talking with a French lady, who asked where I lived in France, when I told her, she said, oh the Bretons, their like the weather there, cold, grey and miserable. I found myself agreeing with her.
  8. And further to redwine's post, here's a real nugget I just picked up on http://www.lesechos.fr/entreprises-secteurs/service-distribution/actu/0203158920220-les-notaires-ne-garantissent-pas-le-maintien-de-l-emploi-en-2014-633649.php In 2009, we sold our house in Cotes 'd Armor and purchased a much smaller/cheaper house, (so cheap that it would cost more to rent it than buy over just 5 years) we have been looking to buy a second house in France since then! Each year that passes we watch as the housing market slowly slips off the edge of the cliff. Transactions are dramatically down, in my opi
  9. We looked at a trip to Cordes sur Ciel, but then decided a trip over to Athens, Santorini and Sifnos was a better option. Staying in good hotels, with meals provided. The end result was we saved over 1000€ against a comparable booking in France and had a fantastic time reflecting on the wonders of the ancient Greek world. France has just become too expensive, the hotels are expensive and most do not offer breakfast, unless you pay through the nose, travel on the roads is a nightmare in season, with the cost of the tolls being just crazy. And of course not forgetting the dismal customer servi
  10. The only real drawback I can see to renting your way around Europe or the world is that you have no roots, so what happens about things like healthcare, tax, or do you keep an address with perhaps family back in your home country that can be used for such mundane (but utterly essential) things?
  11. Well thank God for the Resto Du Coeur then! It is totally unacceptable that people should find themselves in such a position and being the weakest in our society I would hope that my taxes go to providing rapid emergency intervention followed by a route plan as a permanent solution for these poor souls. Time and time again I read stories, or hear of people who are in similar positions, it really is quite unjustifiable that people who have fallen on such hard times should be left to the wolfs. The mark of a society is how it treats the most vulnerable in that society.
  12. But why has the local rag considered it acceptable to bring nationality into the issue. That is unacceptable as they have lived here for sometime now. These people may have been very naive, but letting them suffer and starve is plainly inhumane. Such articles are sadly not rare, they go a long way to explain why so many want to leave France, including those born in France.
  13. Wow this topic is as dead as the French housing market
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