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  1. Who says we don't get value from stormont, I'm cancelling sky and netflix, this is all the entertainment I need. Allegedly.
  2. Yes but we shouldn't have to go looking for it or have to take the word of, to put it mildly... colourful characters with as yet no hard evidence. I'd like to see proper investigative journalism and this story broken by BBC, UTV, RTE, Irishnews, Telegraph, Newsletter etc. not the likes of Jamie Bryson. If what has been written on certain blogs turns out to be accurate there must have been a huge swathe of people (political and media) in the know yet not one of them said a single thing. That's worrying regardless of the reason why.
  3. Indeed, you have to wonder how far down the list Jamie Bryson and Mick Wallace were when someone was trying to get this public. It must have been offered to anyone and everyone in journalism. Makes you wonder how these super injunctions work and how they would get implemented so quickly.
  4. I'm stocking up on popcorn for this one. One thing I wonder is that £7m is way too much to set aside for one person. i) It's way above the figure at which even a well paid person would need be persuaded to use their influence. If you were open to accepting such funds in the first place. ii) It's way above the figure that even a well paid person could make use of without attracting suspicion. If your salary is "A" and your business interests are "B" and you are in the public eye you can't full use of 50-100 times A+B.
  5. Thanks wrg to unregistered bidders, isn't that asking for trouble? It may just have been some payment issue with that guy but if he's not registered there's more incentive for him to falsely bid up a property owned by an acquaintance. Also, shouldn't there be a registration deposit that you lose if you bid, win then pull out?
  6. Are the results of that Osbourne King 14th June auction available online anywhere? Thanks.
  7. 760 Jobs at FGW gone http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-19582758 Quick, get Arlene Foster out for more photo ops - that should save the day.
  8. Judging by the style, location and shed behind looks like a self build gotten into difficulty. There's a good chance the surrounding land is owned by the house owner or family, could be all bluster to keep the auction price down (I presume its a repo and they hope a family member can buy it and come to an arrangement). Things work differently out in the sticks, the implied threat may be idle but even so I'd expect serious hassle over access/boundaries/easements and unfriendly neighbours to put it lightly. If it's anything like similar tales I've heard locally the bank is just playing hard a
  9. It's time we stood up for these people, bless em.
  10. Does anyone know how long Sammy is able to hold Nama off for? What effect will this have on the prices and rents for industrial units? I'm in the market for an industrial unit in the mid-ulster area (something ~3000sqf). No one seems to be selling, except stuff in Antrim that's about 5x overpriced. Rents seem to be static @£3-4 sqf despite lots of empty units long term, this is for basic industrial workshops - crazy money in my opinion. I'm hoping for realism to kick in soon but I think I'll just have to rent for 5 years and wait for the market to adjust to the incredible oversupply in th
  11. Can't agree more. I did the disneyland paris thing with my kids 2 years ago, it was awful tbh. According to my youngest the best part was "doing drawings in the hotel room". Plenty of fun to be had very cheaply locally like forests, parks, beaches.... everything else in NI may be fubar but there's still plenty of daytrips to be had for cheap or even nowt. I highly recommend Armagh Planetarium and W5 if you have kids. Alternatively wear them out round glenariff forest and the like. But the most highly prized day out remains the local park. Go figure.
  12. Logic dictates that there should be a Nama2 set up for Nama, they can buy all the bad loans from Nama1. Hey Pesto Nama is profitable and everything becomes OK.
  13. I'm talking more of the homegrown SMEs not the multinationals. There's an entire "golf club" culture whereby InvestNI money is distributed to already healthy companies, I'm not saying they should invest in losers, rather that their overall spend should be drastically reduced. Use the money saved to cut base costs for all small businesses.... in that way let the market sort the losers from the winners. Typical example would be a firm I do work for, they are highly profitable and well run. Every year they get 50k or more in R&D grants from Invest NI. Whats wrong with that? Well if the 5
  14. Agree. For starters it should be means tested, the vase majority of Invest NI money given away is negotiated with a fleet of Mercs and BMWs parked outside. If a company is doing well and has a new idea, give them an R&D tax break, wish them well and be done. No need to subsidise an upgrade to a new 7-series. Second, it should be low interest loans not blank cheques. Possible exceptions for cutting edge r&d. Lastly their budget should be decimated, Ive been at invest NI funded events where they have models on £400/day handing out beer - its standard practice apparently. Money saved
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