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  1. Hi Tika Thanks very much for this great information. I'm keen to go out to BA this winter and have a look around as well as a holiday. Can I ask if you took out mortgages on those 3 properties or did you just do cash for them? Also have you had any luck renting them out? thanks cbs7
  2. oes anyone know how Leeds or National Counties Building Societies are going to pay this rate of return? What I mean is they don't know what the RPI is going to be in any given month or year, so how on earth can they promise to pay above the RPI or are they going to issues mortgages that track the RPI + 3%. My concern is that these building societies are going to take the money and attempt to outperform the RPI say by leveraged commodity investments. Does anyone on the inside know how these will work in terms of providing a profit for the BS? I think this sort of return should be good over the next few years but I wonder what risks the building societies will be taking to give back these returns.
  3. friday, I assume you mean you think the members might actually have to stump up cash that wasn't even deposited with the building society to repay any outstanding liabilities? I don't think this would be the case, as the building society is a legal entity that exists separate from each individual member. Think of a Ltd company or Plc which went under owing huge amounts of money - the shareholders would lose their investment in the company but would not be required to pay out personally for the liabilities, unless specific fraud had occured - e.g. a large shareholder siphoning off money. If you were a depositor at a building society in theory you would also be compensated for the first 35k you personally lose (assuming the government can actually cough up the cash)...
  4. I think it's a great idea. I have been getting a bit uneasy about having so many things online given the stresses in the financial system. I need to login to my accounts and record the balances as you suggest. Many thanks for sharing
  5. What a great post - thanks very much for that Friday
  6. I just received my notifcation of the recent Cheffin auction results. Very interesting that out of 13 lots, 2 were withdrawn but only 3 out of the remaining 11 sold! http://www.cheffins.co.uk/catalogue/proper...ty-auction-14-0 I think the crash is underway now. I went along to one of Cheffin's auctions in the summer last year just out of interest and the room was packed out with almost everything selling
  7. Can I only buy a gilt through my stockbroker? My concern around this is that I then introduce the risk of my broker going broke when precisely I'm looking to avoid this risk! Is there a way of buying Gilts directly from the Treasury? Thanks!
  8. Thanks Cgnao! That is amazing that 11% is considered a strang solvency ratio. Do you know if these figures are available anywhere easily for all banks and institutions, or would I need to go and look at annual reports for each bank or building society? BTW, I know you are big on gold which I have and am continuing to accumulate. I do have some sizeable amounts cash which I need to hold (e.g. tax to be paid), so what banks would you say are the mostly likely to remain in business when the s**t really hits the fan? I think I read somewhere Lloyds are considered the most credit worthy UK bank
  9. Hi A simple question I hope! Do UK Building Societies use fractional reserve banking when lending out new mortgages? I've been looking for relatively safe places to park cash for a while, and the Northern Rock debacle has made me think about the problem with a bit more focus. I was wondering whether it would be safer to keep cash in a building society than a bank, but then to some extent it would seem riskier as building societies are more exposed to the mortgage market for their profits than some banks. Does anyone know where realtively reliable UK credit ratings for banks can be found? Cheers
  10. have a look over at www.greenenergyinvestors.com which is Bubb's forum. I expect you should be able to find some info over there,or if not your question will probably get a better reply
  11. MBNA do a credit card in the name of your ltd co http://www.mbna.com/europe/business/index.html However you will very likely have to sign a personal guarantee that you will be personally liable for any debts your company cannot pay. You can pay the card with Direct Debit but of course you can cancel this if for some reason you wanted to withhold payment.
  12. Yep you can buy any shares on a registered stock exchange, so in theory you could probably also trade US Gold tracking shares / ETFs and other international shares
  13. I got a reply back today "for the information you require, please obtain Practice Guide 7 available to download free of charge from our website at www.landregistry.gov.uk click on the tab for forms and publications and select leaflets." The document is here http://www.landregistry.gov.uk/assets/libr...nts/lrpg007.pdf Not had a chance to read it properly yet. I've skimmed it and it seems a bit vague implying that price data isn't recorded if there if it is considered inaccurate in some way... I'm sure the conspiracy theorists will have a lot to say about that one!!
  14. I've submitted the enquiry below on the www.landregistry.go.uk website "Dear Sir / Madam I would like to enquire if there are any circumstances under which property house sales and prices paid are not recorded in the Land Regsitry data for sales after 2000? Are property purchases by Limited Companies available on the public record?" It says I should get a response back within 5 working days, so I'll let you know how it goes. cbs7
  15. Hargreaves Lansdown have SIPPs where you can buy funds at 0% dealing costs. You could then buy into the M&G Gold General Trust fund. They also have no annual charges. Their share dealing costs are higher though, and I suppose you could open a SIPP with a different cheaper provider as well if you wanted to do individual share dealing. As for physical gold, I'm also looking for a SIPP that would allow this, but haven't found one yet.
  16. I found this over on SP http://www.singingpig.co.uk/forums/thread/120178.aspx Is anyone here aware of whether it's possible to avoid having sales prices showing up on the Land Registry?
  17. Hi guys I'm doing some research on my local area, and I'm wondering if anyone here would know where I could get hold of postcode maps for the UK? I'd also like to get hold of an address database (not names) so that I can see how many houses there are in a particular street, without having to physically go myself and check. Is the electoral roll something that is accessible to the public. Alternatively is it something the local council might sell? Cheers cbs7
  18. is that 6% just for that period or 6% for a year (or longer?). Can't see anything about it on their website. I've also got about £1 left with them, but don't see it's worth moving the money just for 1 month and a half
  19. Hi there, been off the forum for a while, but did my first US trade today. You actually have to change sterling in your account into USD via their forex trading to get USD into your account. It's an additional 2.50USD though their US share trading is ridiculously cheap compared to a UK broker. It's also a bit slow getting funds into the account as you have to do it via BACS. It a very powerful platform though perhaps a little too much for someone with less experience like me. You do get used to it eventually though! Not sure whether I could wholly recommend it unless you don't mind learning how to trade at least semi-professionally!
  20. First State Global Resources CF Junior Oils
  21. sounds interesting, what's the name of the bank and fund? Is there a term you are tied in for?
  22. no idea about property values in Gibraltar, but I've visited quite often and know the Spanish side of the area, which is deliberately run down and neglected by the Spanish government to make living in Gibraltar as unattractive as possible. Plus the 2-3 hour queues that the Spanish make you wait to get off the rock back into Spain while every single car is checked going through the checkpoint - again deliberate policy. It's a strange place, full of half-Spanish/British expats and Moroccans flogging 200 cigarettes tax-free for a fiver.
  23. Hi DB Just for info, the double taxation agreement doesn't mean that you won't have to pay tax in the UK, it's just that any tax you do pay in Morocco will be offset against your liability to UK tax. Any income from overseas is liable for tax in UK if you are UK resident, so if it is 0% there, it just means you will end up paying the difference in the UK unfortunately That is of course unless you aren't UK resident or don't declare...
  24. Hi Elizabeth, I'm also a bit of a beginner with Technical Analysis. You might find the following link useful http://www.investopedia.com/articles/technical/04/033104.asp There is a point that charts are only useful in retrospect, but my understanding is that you use techincal indicators to improve the PROBABILTY of making a correct trade. There aren't any guarantees when trading, but using technical analysis reduces your risk by giving you higher probability successful trades. You will be bound to be wrong at some stage, but you set a stop loss at the level which you believe indicates that your prediction was wrong. I'm a fairly new investor here, but it's what I've gleaned from my studies
  25. Hi Interactive Brokers are US based, but if you set up a UK GBP account, you only have to send them funds (in GBP) by BACS to their UK bank account, so there are no extra charges or conversions. I've just applied myself and although the application is long, it's pretty efficient (all online) and you can email scanned proffs of IDs, so less hassle than sending them off in the post. I'll let you know how it goes, but the commission charges should be much cheaper than with my UK broker. Bear in mind they expect you to trade a minimum equivalent $10 in commissions, else they will charge you the difference
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