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  1. After reading this http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/international/nr-landlords.htm Its clear that tenants with Non-Residential Landlords (overseas landlords) are responsible for holding and paying to HMRC quarterly the basic tax rate from the rent. Something I was unaware of. I have been living in a rental property for 6 months now. £1500 Monthly rent paid directly into landlords bank account each month, who I believe is a NRL. I don't know the landlords address/residency however, his contact number has an Irish country code so from that its pretty clear he lives in Ireland. I'm at work so haven't checked the tenancy agreement for any official residency, if it exists in that document? Based on what I currently know, I'm assuming that I should not be paying him the gross amount of £1500 but the net £1200 and £300 withheld each month by me to pay to HMRC quarterly as Tax? The property was let via an estate agent, who provided all documentation and admin, including the total amount of monthly rent and how it should be paid directly into his bank account. If the estate agent was aware that the landlord was NRL, why did they instruct me to pay 1500 a month directly to him? Shouldn't they have instructed me to pay the total amount with tax included? Since I've been made aware of this I have no idea where I stand?
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