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  1. This cowboy deserves all his time in prison, and more! No doubt, when he gets out he'll be living it up, at the expense of his victims, on all the funds he's stashed away
  2. Does anyone know how to get hold of the complete auction results i.e. the exact property addresses on offer along with any sold prices?
  3. There's an EA chain in the south of England called Haarts that uses the same b******t type marketing. Maybe an ex employee has moved back home and believes this stuff will actually sell properties.
  4. How refreshing it is to see there's at least one EA who understands property has to be keenly priced to attract interest and genuine offers. Are you an agency principal? What areas do you cover?
  5. Thanks for making my day! Its unbelievable that someone thinks they get £325 for this tool shed.
  6. Thanks for letting me know who Helen Carson. I tend not to read the property sections of newspapers as the predictions tend to be so way of the mark.
  7. Congratulations on having your offer accepted.
  8. Thanks for your post. I joined this forum to learn and participate when able to. No inheritance. Most I ever won on the lottery was about £13 several years ago. Long hours and hard graft helped to gather a bit of money along the way.
  9. Thanks for your reply. Yes I think this must be the house. It's a relative who is thinking of making an offer on this, so I haven't actually been to it. I shall pass on your comments that its in decent condition, and then its up to her whether she makes an offer or not.
  10. Belfast Boy Thanks for your help and advice. It's greatly appreciated.
  11. 2buyornot2buy If it's ok, I'll pass on the beans as they tend to fill people up with gas/hot air.
  12. Yes there are certainly a lot of property seminar organizers out there who know how to charge. Most now seem to be talking more, as opposed to actually doing. It would seem the income they earn from seminars is much, much more than they actually earn from buying and selling property, or buy to let.
  13. Hello mmca22gr A house that's got super potential and that's BMV so I'll be getting a real bargain, how could I possibly resist? Yes I got burn't over a short space of time a few years ago. Too much over enthusiasm on my part at the time. Thankfully, I'm a few years older and just a wee bit more cautious now than I was then.
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