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  1. ive viewed 30 homes in cornwall for rent in the last month and 100% of them are hosues that wont sell...........its very messy.50% of estate agents have lied to me and told me they werent for sale and every house still had the 4 sale board in the garden , behind bushes , behind walls....or whats best - the for rent photos on right move have the for sale sign in )))) Estate agents seem to be losing all rationality .Very odd ..
  2. dont you people find this depressing and worrying though ? where does it end ? the worlds gone f....mad
  3. cornwalls apparantly getting like this but thats according to estate agents i know who say they get as many people to look and make an offer and then they tell them all they need to bid higher as one person already has............nice humans and they then work it until they get a nice higher offer. So thats the business now......Take a family with anxiety trying to find a home and probably in debt as most normal people in the uk are and then squeeze them more and get them competing with other families.Just want you think estate agents couldnt get any lower down the food chain they do.
  4. mch

    Buy To Let

    >I personally don't get the 2 house thing but thats me >I don't think they earn enough to get a repayment on the BTL as it is IO and about 90% me neither , i hate the idea i would be using other people to buy my home but i know a few buy to let couples and they are a certain breed , obsessed with status and how big their car is and alot of its being able to say ' we have tenants ' and ' 2 houses ' or more. Personally i see buy to let as the cancer in the uk and also one of most socially destructive aspects of the country.I think it was buy to let that killed the future of millions who wanted to own homes but pension collapse and alot of other factors come in. I dont think its morally right to own more than one home anyway but i guess i am in the minority.I just dont agree with the ethics of it and what it does to housing prices and how that effects kids and first time buyers. The big problems again Greed and humans who are obsessed with status.Personally i judge those with more than one home and buy to let landlords in general like i judge arms dealers and politicians and estate agents , to me they are the Parasites of humanity and i have good faith all in the next life will be homeless and suffer the same fate they force upon others.
  5. So in essence whats happening is Quantative is being used to protect house prices and lower the value of currency so empowering assets more for those with assets ? my question is where does this end ? with a crash or a sustained con act forever ? or a slow meltdown and ease back into reality ? And my final question regarding the above , so money is 100% better in assets now of pretty much any kind that retains value ? Whats the final outcome of all this ?
  6. Can anyone define what Capitalism is in essence ? Where does Mammon fit in ? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mammon are we areally all living in hell ?
  7. In cornwall where i am based it seems theres such a need for houses to rent that estate agents have taken to getting as many applicants as they can and then asking for people to offer over the asking rental in like an auction style way. Personally i find that very disturbing , i guess it comes down to how to how you view humans , families , houses or homes and what morals as a business you have. Do you sqeeze already tight families , people with depression and anxiety over finding homes more , work them off each other , do you focus 100% on business profit and just inflating rentals or do you have a heart and ask a price and work it first come first serve . I personally long for the day when all estate agents fall and realise that they ahve destroyed any sense of community in this country but i guess most humans are no better , lost in numbers and percieved values of ' their estate ' and which they cant take when they die. Its all Pathetic really when all people want is homes but all homes are being sold and rented or most by leeches and parasites who have less humility and heart than nazi germans . I wonder when it will all crash , soon i hope , i really do.
  8. ok so at what point do people see the pack of cards collapsing ? Greece will default ? it seems most sensible economists say this is 100% guaranteed ? I read this will lead to a major stock market crash again like 2008 which will then put us back where we were only with massive quantative debt this will lead to a further crashing I guess the hope is to get the olympics out of the way first ?
  9. Personally i question the quantative easing process and i am always thinking maybe these people fiddling the books have some way we dont know about to just offset and rebalance behind closes doors. I just wonder if whats going on here isnt a Total change of economic rules , some form of equation that makes no sense to anyone but allows ' quantative easing ' but does not effect or devalue so much ? i know thats like not suppose to be possible but i wonder.I personally think they are upto something we dont see here . I got that feeling when brown called in all the worlds leaders in 2008 for that meeting and then claimed he had saved the finiancial world that he was dishing out a new equation which maintains stability via ' easing ' but which doesnt devalue. I think they invented a way to keep pumping cash in but which wont effect devaluation so much , involving some Very very clever trickery , that was Browns style for years with budgets, I just find it hard to believe they have not thought of the consequences which are SO odvious that i can only think its deliberate self destruction planned or they will alter books and just keep tweaking the algorthm The bank of england and finance people Know for a fact that without a house crash and ' burn back ' of the crop as you do in agirculture we will see no Growth. You cant have growth when everythings peaked out and theres no Room for growth , it wont come from fresh productivity , they know this, its impossible and thats what makes me wonder quite what game they are playing.I find it hard to believe its as simple as ' maintain order until we retire ' mentality as what they are going to do is retire in a civil war zone ? and behind barbed wire ? I think theres more to this than we understand and some other factor which we dont know about . They know every outcome so is this deliberate destruction of the pound and why ? or are they just going to keep altering the books .
  10. mch

    Bedroom Tax

    yeah me to. Bedroom tax ? I did wonder that but thats what Ian duncan smith has called it . I wonder why ? were going to tax you from money we give you but were going to do that by not giving it to you ? so thats a rent cut then ? Bedroom tax cuts ? In the end your either in the club or not i guess. I am just surprised there is not much more mention of this as i feel its going to sink the buy to let ship big time and also create waves into housing and also probably force more people into debt , up rent arrears , force down rents or make homes empty. Happy days ! thats all positive . I have no problem with people with to many rooms being forced to consider the size of their home , especially if they are Mp's or Royals.( did you get that one ? ) In the end its far wiser we make people homeless or force them into hovels than question the unregulated housing market and buy to let capitalism and far wiser we lower the standards of living of those already in the gutter than deal with the Obese wealth problems causing this and Greed which is the root cause. Its far better we return to 1824 standards than evolve and try and address the root causes. The nation MUST remain in denial ! it cant be allowed to think.... The Monarchy / Housing market Must be preserved at all cost after all ! . The 2 jewels in the crown of this great nation of lemmings. But these measures will help a housing crash ? Is that deliberate ? Anyone with any brain can see the only way the uk will grow or expand is by first burning back the crop so to speak so growth can occur and this means allowing housing markets to crash properly ? In order to have growth you need room for growth ? feels like we have a field full of wheat here and are trying to grow it higher when we need to crop it back. Boom and bust is the law of our great manipulated economic order so why did they this time not allow the bust ? ok so they didnt have the great '# Brown quantative easing algorithm ' which allows us to devalue the pound , print money but then file the figures away in the ' later ' cabinet. I wonder where that will end. Am i off topic ? we need a housing crash in order to start up the pipe dream and get good little 16 year olds into working and taking out mortgages. This ' bedroom ' tax will help that no end , i wonder if thats a deliberate mistake. I remember the poll tax and realising that the tories actually thought it would work !!!!!!!!!! thats what we forget , were ruled by Morons and inbreeds with very little intelligence. I still wonder how they got there.
  11. Hi can anyone outline the new bedroom tax , when it comes into effect ? I saw an article that suggested that on a £97 a week rent if you home has one bedroom that the council deel you dont need they will remove £11 from each weeks benefit ? so your £40 or so down from your benefit as you have 2 many rooms ?thats on top of already changing how fair rents are worked out ? from median to some other slimey system that saves everyone but costs those on benefits ? So they have 1. / capped rent allowances 2. / will be then removing more allowance if you have more rooms than you ' need ' 3 ../ will work out fair rents and what each council regards as the average using the new method which lowers fair rents ? I also read this bedroom tax will effect people claiming 3 beds with 2 sons ? who will be forced to share one room or the parent only allowed Housing Benefit for one room for the 2 of them ? and it will go further ? Can anyone just explain just how far and wide this tax goes ?or shall we call it a secondary rent cap ? I get the feeling the government are trying to create a housing crash...............
  12. Estate agents are the ROOT OF ALL EVIL where all this goes/ They are public enemy no 1. I saw places that are on the market 6 monts now and still no tenants. Were in a situation where ' The child ' - the estate agent has a piece of birthday cake and wont share it , he wont lower his expectations and GREEDS his master and money and the mentality i hear from estate agents when i ask them is ' well if we cant rent at that price then it will just saty on the market until it does. They also state that ' in the end people have to live somewhere and we control pricing on the majority of local rents ' and people will just have to pay or be homeless. THATS the real mentality. They wont lower rents until they are almost BANKRUPT and i dream of the day. Estate agents are the most EVIL force in this nation. The social and class divides they are maintaining and making Bigger are by far the most destructive thing happening in our nation and like all destructive force it will Oneday turn back on those who created it. One day the housing market will destroy itself as its Evil.
  13. I wanted to post as i read some info about the bedroom tax and various other issues we all seem to be confronted with. I claim housing benefit , work fulltime ! still i am in debt...still cant afford to live. I feel most days like i cant go on like this. Whats going on ? I feel the people at the bottom of the scrap heap are being used in order to correct issues which should be correct from top down. So we have housing huge benefits issues in this nation due to price of rents inflated by unregulated estateb agents and greedy humans and also by banks and lending , second home mentality and just a nationwide souless heartless want to make money by getting other humans to pay Your mortgage. These Rents could be capped , they could be regulated ? instead of lowering benefits ????? as they are in all other eu nations i heard ? and yet they are not. I think i am right in saying all other eu nations have regulation on private sector house price charges ? in germany they all have to charge the same for 2 bed , 3 bed ? or to that effect ? I now see why Slippery millionaire dave and clegg didnt want to get to close to the eu , i wonder where housing rental regulation factors in all that. I feel i am being used as a regulation device , they cut benefits , force me to move to a shed somewhere , that forces landlords to lower rents maybe in time ? is that how f...kd up the mentality is of these Parasites in power ? That way the government force down rents maybe by making it so we cant affford them and that in turn depresses the market and lowers housing benefit bills maybe but am i the only one feels this is a vote winning exercise on some level and social engineering and also using those already at breaking point to manage the inflation of housing rather than by regulating THOSE WHO CREATE THE INFLATION. Its like people on housing benefit are blamed for the inflation ? did no one notice this ? Its never blamed on GREED , ESTATE AGENTS , SECOND HOME OWNERS , THE DEMISE OF PENSION FUNDS , THE DEMISE OF STOCK PROFITS . Why does the government not cap or regulate private rents so landlords simply cannot charge what they do. A big issue in cornwall where i live is ' THE PARASITES '. They call themselves Estate agents , they are SUB HUMAN When house sales fell they all jumped on renting and then progressively raised rents to make more profits , they also brought in much more strict rental agreements centred around Insurance company policies and the net result is like a double smack round the face , it just never ends and i truely believe the Estate Agents of this nation are more destructive than terrorists as its an internal form of social destruction they are enginnering here via their own GREED and LUST FOR MONEY above all else. They have no heart. I am convinced as has already been said that the estate agents locally here maintain a cartel .They all show ' asking prices ' but never declare of have to show what things actually rent or sell for.The net result is a percieved maintaining of prices whilst behind closed doors thats not the case. Anyway i am drifting but all these cuts and caps on benefit etc instead of caps on whats asked ? thats very clever isnt it. Use the people who dont vote for you to please those that do .Its odvious a large % of second home owners and landlords are conservative and anti benefit whilst causing the whole mess in the first place. My solution ? Ban second homes and buy to let , Cap all rents so all 3 bed houses nationwide are 1 price etc and Regulate rent prices as in europe . Estate agent for me are the real evil of this nation , brainless , souless , heartless destructive people much like many bankers They all worship mamon and kneel at the alter of Greed and i look forward to oned ay seeing these people get their Karma back. It will happen Whats being done to those in poverty and on benefits and those struggling will come back oneday to haunt those with to many homes and to much and those who Feed of other humans like Leeches. Unless house rents are capped and unless the house price market is regulated we will eventually see civil war or such a social breakdown that all those with houses will be behind barbed wire as happened in south africa and all those struggling will then be in the position of power. I see MAJOR PROBLEMS to come , i really do.
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