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  1. OK I'm sure these may have come from places other than HPC originally...but they all appear within the first 2 pages on a google search on HPC. ZanuLabour Ponzi Brown Liar Loans (excuse lack of colours) Sub-Prime Minister Gordon Brown "Bankrupt of England" Any more?
  2. Not quite as bad a revision as I at first thought " By Timothy R. Homan Feb. 27 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. economy shrank in the fourth quarter at an even faster pace than previously estimated as consumer spending plunged, companies cut inventories and exports sank. Gross domestic product contracted at a 6.2 percent annual pace from October through December, more than economists anticipated and the most since 1982, according to revised figures from the Commerce Department today in Washington. Consumer spending, which comprises about 70 percent of the economy, declined at the fastest pace in a
  3. Apparently they're well capitalised, and not majorly exposed to sub-prime or dodgy investments - so what's going on? Yes they did admit some small (comparitively) losses recently, but does anyone know of anything to justify their shocking share price? Is it simply that they're being dragged down by the others, or are there some skeletons in their "wallet"? COF Market Data Currency US Dollars Share Price $10.24 Change Today -$1.87 (-15%) 52 Week High $56.05 52 Week Low $12.11 Volume 23,399,731 Shares Issued 372.85m Market Cap $3,818.03m Beta 1.68 RiskGrade 568
  4. Guardian - Link Why does a checkout assistant have a £1,230 a month mortgage and a £300,000 house? Its unfortunate that she had an accident but if this is the kind of person who is going to be supported by this scheme then it will make my blood boil! Of course, after a 2 year break from interest payments she'll probably have a £1,500 a month mortgage and a £150,000 house so I'm sure she'll be thanking her lucky stars.
  5. Sorry to hear your news. I was made redundant in August, and fortunately managed to secure an I.T. consultancy role shortly afterwards. However I can see large clouds on the horizon and I wouldn't be surprised to be made redundant again shortly after xmas.
  6. Just to back up what paulokes says - Experian / Equifax provide a score to the lender, the lender then decides what to do with it. Each lender also has access to different amounts of information depending on what they pay for from the reference agencies. Its important to know that each lender has their own sets of rules which will accept / decline / refer to underwriter depending on your circumstances. What may be an automatic decline to one lender may make you a good customer to another. In my experience being on the voters roll is pretty much mandatory to get a credit card, however for l
  7. Thought this was worthwhile posting on here for comment... " We are entering rthe second and more dangerous phase of this financial melt down. As corporations begin to go down the CDS and CDO's written on their debt will blow up. When they do, the holders lose massive amounts of money. They are losing often 90 cents in every dollar. Most of the institutions making these losses are also still highly leveraged. This means a small loss is enough to force them to have to raise more real cash to cover their losses and replace their capital holdings. To raise the cash they have to sell assets, ca
  8. I'm working away during the week at the moment but it seems no matter which hotel I'm staying in, or which pub/restaurant/workplace/cafe I'm visiting - people are discussing the economy, finance, government and even simple survival. The news is often on the TV screens, they're reporting on the financial crisis and people are actually sat watching it. It reminds me of the start of the film 'threads' about an equally? serious subject where everything starts slowly in the background, normal people start to show an interest in things they're usually not bothered about, and then everything snowball
  9. Wasn't one of the reasons this happened because the customers had seen it coming and they'd withdrawn shedloads of deposits in September already?
  10. I'm not in a position to know really, but I'm fairly certain there would have been far less redundancies if it were not for the current slump. That said, maybe it was the kick in the teeth they needed to make it a profitable business again. Or maybe it's just the initial stages of getting the UK business ready to sell off.......
  11. Capital One are in the middle of outsourcing 750 operations and I.T. jobs, this should be complete by the end of the year. I am one of the casualties.
  12. An interesting article in the Evening Post today headlined "IS NOTTINGHAM FLATS BOOM OVER?". The article discusses a decision to abandon a 'luxury development' of flats and change the use to offices instead. I think we've discussed already that there are far too many apartments in the city centre, however there are still loads of developments going up and I wouldn't be surprised to see many more cancelled or amended. IS NOTTINGHAM FLATS BOOM OVER ?
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