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  1. This is not bad news at all - if any of you actually took the time to read the report you will see the profits dropped because more money was being invested in expansion and developing new profits. It has nothing to do with a weak economy - the sales revenue was considerably up in fact. Amazon is a long term stock and the problem with the majority of investors is they are short sighted.
  2. Exactly! Just think of all the admin costs which go along with it - plus the risk the borrower may not pay it as you say. It is just ignorant people who see the headline APR and think it is unfair...
  3. (As this was my first post it took some time to be authorized and displayed and is already on page 2 - so I am just bumping it to hopefully get a response - I hope that is OK!)
  4. Hi everyone, I am a long time lurker and was just wondering if anyone has read the following book: Safe As Houses? A Historical Analysis of Property Prices ...or if anyone has any books in particular they would recommend which revolve around the housing bubbles (particularly in the UK). Thanks in advance!
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