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  1. Anyone see this in evening standard yesterday Simon English: What casinos have to teach us about home ownership http://www.standard.co.uk/business/markets/simon-english-what-casinos-have-to-teach-us-about-home-ownership-8576299.html
  2. http://www.standard.co.uk/business/markets/simon-english-what-casinos-have-to-teach-us-about-home-ownership-8576299.html article by Simon English he seems to have got it.
  3. in North London, Islington N5 +1mile with SSTC 985 , excluding SSTC 553. therefore 46% are SSTC.
  4. I was looking at a property on Haringey ladder through Paul Simon last March. They were asking 485, I offered 420 which they rejected. I didn't increase my offer because I wasn't that interested in property, it is on land reg now having sold for 445k. Unless you are really desperate for that property I would start at around 15% reduction. Green lanes seems peaceful but is rumoured to be drugs capital of Europe, there were shootings in the area, due to rival drug gangs.
  5. i noticed some HPCers are buying now-maybe this is the contrarian indicator we should look for, when all the HPCers are throwing in the towel and buying the market will crash. After selling my property we put in an offer on a property and got gazumped twice in last 2 months after having offers accepted of 10% below asking price(in Nrth London). I would like to say that this market cannot go higher but i thought that in 2002 and was very wrong. As we are mainly cash if i see somewhere we like we will buy otherwise will rent and hope prices don't go even higher.
  6. I got gazumped just over a week ago. we were buying from a developer who accepted a 10% reduction on his initial asking price at beginning of Nov. have now had to decide whether to pull out of sale of my place-have finally decided to proceed with my sale. has cost me valuation fee, solicitors costs etc, not to mention emotional stress!!
  7. we had similar situation, decided to open lots of accounts with different non linked banks and put £85 k in each. -problem is that some banks only let you transfer £25k a day electronically, you can transfer more by CHAPs(?) but have to pay £35 every time you make a transfer. -can transfer any amount by cheque but takes ages to clear. -it is worth putting in savings accounts for interest. -another problem is transferring it all back,and getting all money transferred back into correct account for when you want to complete. would be interested to know if there are any other solutions to thi
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