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  1. All the contractors were going to leave my place on mass the end of the month as they were going to be opted in bet their glad its been delayed as I bet they would struggle to get another gig for a while in the current climate. They all work from home as it is and its us permi's have to do all the crap jobs on less money
  2. Hope this doesn't happen soon then whilst its shut down to be repaired! http://www.express.co.uk/news/nature/520672/Winter-weather-2014-UK-forecast-cold-snow-November
  3. Living near Barrow house prices wont rise back to that level for some time as there isn't much work apart from hairdressers!
  4. Watching it now the bbc ramping the property market
  5. A work collegue has just tried to place an order from DW Sports online and got the message "Existing orders from our online store will continue to be despatched as normal, however we are not accepting new orders at this time." Are they about to go pop ?
  6. Only 20% to Close Within Five Years ?? many Northern Towns about 50% + of shops are closed now and the ones left are Estate Agents or Charity shops. My local nearest biggest town Barrow-In-Furness is one such example and a mate went to what footy at Rochdale recently and he said it was worse which must be bad.
  7. If you have money in a private scheme and the company looks like its wobbling a bit and might go pop is it worth transfering the assets into another scheme or is it protected by the government in some way? I ask as a company I used to work for have shrunk massively and in the last pension report I saw the hole was getting bigger
  8. Thought banks etc used change management for such changes these days and have a backout plan!! We have had to start using it and its a pain in the ar** having to fill paper in before changing stuff and company I work IT isnt critical
  9. Struggled with payments again last night myself and all my other collegues who are with Natwest didnt get our salary in our accounts where all other staff with non Natwest accounts did
  10. Who is the older guy. Obviously a plant not a job seeker
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2093256/Eurosceptic-MPs-urge-Athens-resist-economic-domination-Berlin-calls-EU-gauleiter-run-Greeces-economy.html?ito=feeds-newsxml Daily Mail dont like suggestion of EU take over
  12. I worked on an industrial estate with a big truck park on it there was a greasy spoon for the truck drivers to eat in was family run food was great massive portions and dirt cheap! stopped in a few others whilst driving round the country for work if you dont mind it a bit rough food is good and really cheap
  13. Even if this happened there would be a skew to the larger citys I think. Im North West too(Cumbria) It often seems Manchester/Liverpool get a better deal than the more rural parts such as Cumbria
  14. Arnt we now reliant on the French for Aircraft carriers ?
  15. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15867847 ""In my conversations with analysts, traders and officials I'm finding more and more of them are talking about the end game for the euro. Not the end, necessarily, but a moment of truth very soon that will either force a big leap forward, or a wrenching break-up," said BBC economics editor Stephanie Flanders." Will the end game be with us before xmas ?
  16. Ken Livingstons talking crap on BBC News channel!!
  17. West Ham game off tommorrow!! England Holland may be off Wednesday
  18. Get the Apache Strike helecopters back from Afganistan!!
  19. Im wondering where the chavs and their Staffys will be today who usually hang about outside the job centre
  20. The building in work in also houses a job centre and benefits call centre, pickets outside the front door got to get passed them to get in. ANy one else been effected by the strikes ?
  21. the types who have retired early with a nice sailing boat get on my wick I know people who retired mid 50's and expect free bus passes and everything for nothing not paid taxes for years
  22. News Night on soon sounds depressing we will never retire!!
  23. Ive not been here for ages and lost touch with a lot of the goings on. Which countrys/economys still have any money ? Looks to me the whole world needs to deflate or inflate as every one is broke(UK Europe, US, Japan,China soverign funds etc) to get things on an even keil. Is this correct or is someone holding a lot of power to come back in and dominate the world economy ?
  24. I wonder what would happen if a major football team went pop ? I support my local non league side feel part of it not like these big corporate non entities which are Premier league clubs
  25. Theres a reason Morecambe is dead rough!! Not a place you would want to live in
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